Make no mistakes

Make no mistakes

Makeover - this is what we see as soon as they raise a woman's eyes.A person can not be concealed, and various flaws makeup will be visible immediately.Therefore, make-up should not contain errors, but does not prevent them can only professionals.Nevertheless, it is possible to know some tips faultless make-up, which will drive the number of faults to a minimum.

First of all, you must determine the basis for the color of your make-up today.In determining the tone of your skin, you must correctly identify and tone the basics.It should not be too bright even if you want to lighten your face.Hence, the tone basis to be darker than the tone of the skin, particularly when the skin pigmentation is suffering from.

blue circles under the eyes - it's such a part of our body, which a woman must-hide.It should be understood that these blue spots - capillaries is acting under a thin layer of skin, so they need to mask correctly, otherwise you will spoil the overall appearance of the makeup.They can not disguise summing eye contour, as does the majority of women, and summing up of the upper eyelid.In this case, the line will not be eroded, exacerbating an already unpleasant situation.

When you paint eyelashes, you put your mind to it, to make them look as much as possible bulky, furry, long.At the same time, women often use a large amount of mascara, trying to highlight their eyelashes, but really should not do this.It should limit itself to the amount applied mascara.Just a few deft movements of the brush - and that will be enough.

not select and blush on the cheeks.Remember that the tone of blush to be just a couple of tones lighter or darker base.In addition, the edges of blush should be carefully aligned, are reduced to nothing.Do not apply blush brilliantly - they spoil the appearance.

During coloring the lips or use a lipstick - it is the most common mistake.Always emphasize the outline with a pencil.In this case, your lips will look much more attractive.