Technology eye makeup: Types, circuit characteristics and application rules

Daily Makeover

Eye Makeupbrings out their natural beauty and add a little glamor , give depth and severity of view .The focus turns especially expressive if his lips at the same time apply lipstick natural color and toned skin , because of its shortcomings detract from the eye .



  • Types of eye makeup
  • Equipment applying eye makeup
  • The classical scheme of eye makeup
  • Video

Types of eye makeup

Option 1: Day Makeover

The main task - to create a fresh, natural makeup, almost imperceptible in daylight.

Before you apply makeup on the eyes, lower eyelid zatoniruyte proofreader .The eye contour is better not to provide or use a dull tone , and only along the base of the upper eyelashes.


Happy preferred shade of light , natural shades .1-2 layers of mascara is enough to make your lashes volume and color , and they will look natural .

Ink black color is more suitable for the evening , and the day will look more natural graphite or brown .The lower lashes can not paint or use them lighter shades .

Option 2. The evening eye makeup

Here you will find all the products of the cosmetic industry .It is safe to use bright shade , contour eye of various shades , black or color ink .

Option 3: The spring and summer makeup

In the warm season of makeup is best to minimize , but you can use bright juicy colors , allow yourself to " liberty " even in daytime makeup .

For hot days it is better to choose a waterproof mascara.Good replacement - permanent dyeing or eyelash .

Option 4: Winter and autumn makeup

The cold season is associated with cozy shades of coffee and chocolate , gold, fallen leaves , silver first snow.Use these colors in eye makeup .

Option 5. The age makeup

Technology eye makeup for mature women requires compliance with a few rules:

  • instead of the bright, dark colors better to use pastel noble;
  • pearlescent shade are good only for the line under the brow, the rest of the eyelid is best to cover the opaque;
  • necessarily toning the lower eyelid, correcting wrinkles and signs of fatigue;
  • thick recycled plowing eye lashes make eyes look more youthful.So do not forget to apply mascara volume .


Equipment applying eye makeup

Mascara make eyelashes longer and much bulkier, if it applied in three layers:

  • 1 layer - a good paint over each cilium.
  • 2 layer - ink cover only the tips.
  • 3 layer - walk again brush the entire length of the eyelashes.
twisting eyelashes Photo

Before applying each subsequent layer, wait until the previous one has dried!

Be sure to paint over everything, even the smallest of cilia, it adds depth to the look.

The circuit allows visually correct shape of the eyes, to change their position in the face.

Optically increase the distance between the eyes helps the selection of external parts of the circuit .Embellishment internal corners adjust wide-set eyes .

Eyeliner upper eyelid visually lifts his eyes relative to other facial features.Isolation of the lower eyelid to backfire .

The contour of the lower and upper eyelid , the line that connects the outside of the outer corner of the eye , called the " boat " .This technique makeup visually lengthens round eyes .

How to apply makeup on a small and narrow eyes?Helping to increase their circuit caused a short distance from the upper and lower lashes.The lines must not be connected - it allows visually-eyed.

The inner loop of the mucous of the upper or lower eyelid made ​​dark pencil Kaya adds contrast.Kaya light colors optically increases eyes .

It is important to outline color was close color eyelashes - then the image is a more natural.In bright evening make-up , the circuit is selected based on the color of shadows.

Lightly shaded lines look much more natural .Sharp arrows effectively, but not suitable for everyone .For example, with deep-set eyes or impending upper eyelid arrow contraindicated.

Shadows help correct the shape of the eyes, visual change their landing.

Methods of application of Shadows:

  • lighting;
  • Visually brings increases .This method is good for deep-set eyes .Light shade caused by bends eyebrows , as if to lift them, increase the eye.

  • shading;
  • Reduces , removes , gives softness look bulging eyes .Dark shadows , emphasizing the outer corners of the eyes , making them almond .Dimming on the border rolling centuries to hide the swelling of the eyes, restore their youth.


The classical scheme of eye makeup

Equipment applying highlighter Photo

Before proceeding to the color of the make-up should be toned corrector area under the eyes, eyelids powder to better lay cosmetics .Further highlights eye contour.You can use different schemes applying shadows , we consider the classic :

Horizontal circuit

  1. Apply highlighter shade or very light color under the brow and near the bridge.
  2. In the remaining part of the upper eyelid, use shade pitch.
  3. Scroll to the outer corner of the eyes the darkest color.
  4. Rolling folds century as Draw dark shadows.

Vertical scheme

  1. Apply highlighter to the area near the bridge.
  2. Spend an imaginary line from the inner corner of the eye prior to the eyebrows and on the outside corner to the place where the eyebrow ends - this zone is imposing shadows .Vertical scheme applying eye makeup involves the distribution of shadows in the form of a feathered strokes from the roots of the lashes to brow .
  3. The plot of the century, iris cover basic shades (light) color.
  4. Closer to the inner corner of the eye , place a shade lighter than the core, and in the direction of the outer corner add two vertical smear dark and very dark tones.

When using any scheme applying makeup , carefully shaded shadows , achieving smooth transitions of color !

Over shadows can draw arrows.

Use these simple techniques of makeup, conquer men at a glance!