Flawless makeup for gray eyes and gray-blue eyes


gray eyes at women meet quite often, but from that of the owner of the droplets does not lose.On the contrary, they have plenty of opportunities to become even more beautiful by using the makeup for gray eyes.After all, in the nature of a pure gray color eye iris rarely, mostly gray eyes are the "chameleons", and, if desired, can be beneficial to shade them, making a shade of eyes blue or green.Besides the ladies with gray eyes are all the colors and shadows podvodok, without limitation, except unit options that can spoil the whole make-up.The task of a beautiful makeup for gray eyes - emphasize their crystal clarity, brilliance, individual shade the eyes and highlight the dignity of their owner



  1. Council 1. What color is best to use makeup gray eyes?
  2. Tip 2. How to change the shade of gray eyes, choose the right makeup
  3. Tip 3. Techniques and technology implementation makeup for gray eyes
  4. Video

Council 1. What color is best to use makeup gray eyes?

quite rightly believed that makeup gray eyes, you can choose any colors, tones and technical methods of make-up.

However, there are some recommendations that should be taken into account, depending on the hair color, type of appearance and skin tone:

  • owner of a skin with a golden, warm shade better to do makeup for gray eyes, using a sand, caramel and golden color palette;
  • if your task is to allocate the color of your skin & gt ;, then give preference to eye make-up in blue, purple and gray colors, and if you want to experiment, then dilute the boring everyday make-up shades of green, pink and turquoise;
  • if your skin is fairly pale, the beautiful makeup for gray eyes involves the use of purple and green shades and shadows podvodok;
  • to focus on pale skin, doing makeup for blue-gray eyes, help, cream, caramel beige, pink, light brown, and purple color;and the use of blue shadows accentuate the natural blue of the eye, provided that your eyes are blue-gray;
  • for the gray-eyed blonde girl perfect pastel shades of sand and caramel, provided that the color of the skin warm enough - a view will open and warm;
  • dark-haired ladies can also be used to make-up gray eyes almost the entire range of colors, not carried away with the purple, plum and hints of yellow shades that can make yourself look not only heavy, but painful;but on the upper eyelid combining bright green and blue shadows, you can get quite a lucrative and interesting reception beautiful makeup for gray eyes.


Tip 2. How to change the shade of gray eyes, choose the right makeup


gray eyes can easily change their color depending on the light, the color of your clothes and even the time of day!And yet, of course, help them in this can properly made makeup for gray eyes, a video performance that will make it perfect.So, to correct gray eyes closer to the green, you can use a light purple, purple, pink and brown and pale green matte shadow and various combinations of these colors.Useful as green or brown mascara and eyeliner pencil or a similar shade.

"Shift" color gray eyes toward the blue and faithfully perform the makeup for gray-blue eyes help pastel shades: beige, ocher and bronze tones, use blue eyeliner.Chocolate and bright blue shade will help your eyes find pleasant the blue, and jet-black or dark blue ink will give a look of mystery and depth;

- emphasize the natural gray color of eyes to help shade of gray in all its glory - from light gray shades to almost black and graphite, and makeup for gray eyes, made with silver, pearlescent sheen and shadows with "metallic" makes your eyesperfect gray.


Tip 3. Techniques and technology implementation makeup for gray eyes


Today on the Internet you can find a lot of videos of makeup for gray eyes for any occasion.

dwell on the most demanded of them and try to put these ideas into practice:

  • to perform daily make-up of gray-blue eyes have to use gray or sky-blue shade on the upper eyelid, combined with bezhevatymi and golden hues on the ground.The corners of the eyes and eyebrows are allocated plots under bright pearl or silver shades, and the outer corner of the eye cause dark shadows.It is necessary to use a liner brown, blue or turquoise and gray and black colored pencil are suitable only for evening makeup.At the end you need to apply to the eyelashes and blue or brown mascara, carefully separating the cilia from one another.
  • Option makeup "Smoky Aes" for blue-gray and gray-green eyes will be very handy for an evening out.To do this, cut around the eye pencil in black or dark colors Koricheva, carefully shaded his brush.The inner corner of the eye and podbrovnogo land covered by bright shades of pearl, and the external finish applied dark gray or black shadow to the same transition between light and dark areas of the most eroded and feathered.Eyelashes are covered dark ink in several layers, but they should not look glued.
  • to make a beautiful makeup for gray eyes to the dark time of day, you can do the usual make-up day, but more intensively apply shadows deepen the color used to highlight the small corners of his eyes glitter.

Thus, using the play of colors and shades, gray-eyed beauty can appear absolutely in any way and at different variants of make-up, their eyes will be unique and eye shade can be chosen depending on desire and mood, a woman changing beyond recognition.