Chafing and rashes in infants.

Chafing and rashes in infants

kid was sweating, and his delicate skin covered with small pink spots.All fixable!To cure these rashes and diaper rash in infants helps proper care - the most reliable means of treatment of children's prickly heat.

• Miliaria in children and its symptoms

Miliaria children in any case is always manifested the same symptoms: there are small rash in children as red tochechek, sometimes filled with a clear liquid.Especially thick skin rash baby in the places where it is least ventilated, rarely is direct access from the air.Most Active diaper rash in infants in the groin or buttocks, popliteal or elbow folds, armpits kids, but also on the neck, the top of the child's chest and waist.

Tiny pink rash on reddened skin appear suddenly in children (often after sleep or walk).This is the first and most basic symptom of prickly heat in children.As a rule, very prickly heat in the newborn does not bother him: the kid behaves still active, he did not have a fever, and there is no any discomfort.However, it is necessary to cure prickly heat, otherwise irritated skin baby can become inflamed.

sudamen infant
treatment of prickly heat in the newborn does not require complicated medication to relieve the child from prickly heat enough of the daily hygiene.Usually, after a couple of days rash and diaper rash in infants disappear without a trace.If, however, your efforts were not successful, and prickly heat in the newborn does not pass, or on the contrary, only amplified, be sure to consult your pediatrician.The doctor will determine the true nature of the disease and will be able to prescribe treatment.

• Reasons for prickly heat in babies

tiny man lived 9 months in the water.Now his body gradually gets used to the new environment, only debug their work.Therefore, all of the small organism is not yet functioning fully.This applies to the work of the sweat glands kids.

As soon as the child becomes hot, his body begins to actively develop special secret ("sweat" liquid), trying to prevent overheating.But if something interferes with normal perspiration (for example, my mother dressed too warm or cover the baby's skin with a thick layer of cream), the secret is stored in the sweat glands.As a result, the skin looks irritated newborn: acquiring a bright pink color on it there are small reddish rash.

reasons prickly heat in children - is the result of overheating of the child's body, the result of its enhanced heat resistance.In such circumstances, the sweat produced by the child in such quantities that simply do not have time to evaporate, so the clogged gland, and then become inflamed, which manifests the appearance of small scars.

reasons prickly heat in children can be due to colds and other illnesses.When the baby is sick, the body temperature rises and the baby is sweating profusely.Most often she "lives" on areas of the body that are poorly ventilated.Sudamen in children is visible behind ears, in the neck, elbow babies in the folds of his delicate skin on the legs, chest and back of the upper part of them.Diaper rash in infants often appear on the buttocks under the diapers.Reddish spots prickly heat over time, not getting bigger, the colors do not change quickly disappear with proper care.

Manifestations prickly heat in most cases does not cause any discomfort kiddies itself: inflamed skin does not bother and do not itch, pain in a child is not observed.However, this does not mean that the problem can be ignored and ride, expecting a rash "resolve" itself: prickly heat if left untreated in children, it blisters can become infected and cause serious health problems, then they will get a clear liquid with a yellowishwhite shade and avoid medical intervention in this case will not succeed.

• Reliable protection of the child from the prickly heat

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chafing and rashes in infants often appear on the skin in children in the summer.Because in these hot days pipsqueak sweat more than usual.Treatment for prickly heat in the newborn is not difficult, but it is much easier to prevent.Of course, to protect the newborn from the heat completely, you can not.But in your power to take care of regularly and closely monitor the state of his delicate skin.If you do not forget about the main elementary rules of care for the baby, then the delicate skin of the crumbs will never those unwanted pink rash and diaper rash.

Fight moisture.Clothing for babies purchase of natural materials.In such things, his skin can breathe freely.Excellent breathable, for example, cotton fabric.Bedding should also be made of natural materials.Chintz very soft and pleasant to the body, calico - a material more durable and dense, more suitable in winter.

Watch the temperature of the room. in the nursery should not be hot.The ideal temperature for the baby - plus 20 About S. Always try to dress your baby according to the weather.Going for a walk, it is better instead of one warm jacket to wear two thinner, then, if the child becomes hot, it will be possible to remove one.Do not coddle the kid at home, keep it ventilated leather.

Choose body cream for the season. to cosmetic skin care is better absorbed, the substance should be easier.Creams with oily base should be reserved for the cold winter days.In the summer, the best time to give preference to water-based creams.They allow the skin to breathe.For hygiene, use baby oil, it softens the skin of the baby, not covering it in this film.Love and care to help mothers crumbs quickly recover and protect against such problems in the future.

Need Help. two to three days right care enough to save the baby from prickly heat, and it can go faster.But if you notice that the rash intensified, there were bottles of white and yellow contents inside, so prickly heat in the newborn was infected - a doctor immediately!Together you faster and more reliably cope with the disease.Do not over tighten and do not rely only on themselves!

• Treatment of prickly heat in the newborn

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Already at the very first appearance of symptoms - small pink tochechek diaper rash in infants should be immediately begin treatment child prickly heat, to carry out "liquidation" events of rash.Irritated skin - a perfect target for harmful microorganisms.Therefore, treatment of prickly heat should not be delayed.

  • offer some proven effective ways to treat prickly heat in the newborn.2-3 days - and the baby is completely healthy.Primarily these include: maintenance of temperature, regular hygiene, the use of pharmaceutical agents, and air baths for the "dry" skin.
  • Experts say that babies who are fed mother's breast milk, getting rid of prickly heat is much faster.Therefore, we recommend breastfeeding to mother's milk to strengthen his immune system.
  • Use powder irritated areas do not need to grease the reddened skin cream crumbs further "scoring" the pores.Powder is very good help, and treatment of children's prickly heat will pass quickly.First, apply a little into his palm, then spread your fingers between the reddened places.Thus, you can put as much powder as needed.Bust - is not good.
  • well ventilated baby's skin - a wonderful doctor at the air prickly heat.Do not rush to dress the baby immediately after bathing.Let the moisture dries a few minutes.If possible, let the crumbs stay naked.
  • regularly bathe the baby in the medical grass: Mix equal parts of chamomile flowers and brew series and 6 tablespoons.spoonfuls of dry mix in 1 liter of water.Leave to infuse the broth well.Then strain through cheesecloth.And while bathing, add a little water.Harmful microbes these medicinal herbs are very afraid.It is important that the broth was fresh.
  • Also, instead of medicinal herbs can be used to treat children's prickly heat weak solution of potassium permanganate (it should be pre-diluted in a glass of water to a pale pink color).But keep in mind that potassium permanganate produces a side effect - it is a little dry the skin.Therefore abuse such baths is not recommended.
  • for prickly heat treatment, it is recommended to bathe the baby several times daily if the hot days, it is necessary to bathe up to four times.Use with the soap (and children in particular) is recommended only occasionally, so as not to wash the skin with a protective layer of fat baby.You can add water to great effect also decoctions of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, succession, linden, walnut leaves.After bathing, gently pat the baby's skin, and leave naked baby for a few minutes - let the moisture evaporates completely, and the skin will dry up.Acceptable use baby oil to lubricate the affected areas sudamen.It is also possible to use zinc cream or cream-based panthenol.But about the beneficial properties of baby powder mentioned - do not neglect this advice.
  • If prickly heat in the newborn scratched and gives him discomfort, try to remove the discomfort of skin lotions soda.To prepare the solution for such lotions, stir in a cup of water 1 teaspoon soda, soak it in a cotton or gauze, wring it out and place it on the site of the lesion rash.When the fabric is dry, repeat the procedure again.Soda relieve inflammation.
  • Remember during treatment with the need to choose the right clothes for the baby: it must be ventilated properly, "breathe", absorb sweat and lead to overheating.Synthetics are not possess those qualities, so the choice of this fabric is inappropriate - give preference to cotton.Dress your baby too warmly - is harmful, it is not necessary to allow overheating is better to walk to grab a jacket more, not pull it directly on the baby.
  • As for swaddling: each of the mothers individually decide how much it is necessary to her child.One thing is clear - it is possible and it is necessary to dispense with changing mat in the summer heat, more than on hot days air baths are a must.Quite tiny babies (2x-3x monthly), it is desirable to leave the naked several times a day for 3-5 minutes, of course, at home, in the room.But starting from 3-months to 4 are allowed air baths and on the street (at least half an hour naked - recommended time).However, it happens to watch closely to avoid wind and drafts in the open air, so as not to chill baby.
  • Do not forget to ventilate regularly and to monitor the air temperature in the room where the newborn: The optimum temperature is about 18-20 S.

And a little more about how to cure prickly heat and which are skin rashchildren: