General recommendations for the care of the face in the summer .How to care for a person in the summer, if you are 35 , 45 and 50. Summer of face masks

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Skin Care in summer only at first glance may seem easy.It would seem that could be easier than in the morning to put a special sunscreen.However, the sun - not the main enemy, hot weather can sometimes do more harm than the heavenly bodies.The high temperature begins to actively work sebaceous glands, and promotes drying sun formed a protective layer.In the end, it all leads to the desiccation of the skin, its peeling and premature aging.

Because of the heat, any skin begins to shine and as a result begins to "flow" cosmetics.It easily enters the open pores, causing inflammation of acne and blackheads.In the summer of increased risk of age spots.Not a very pleasant effect have chemicals added to the pool.However, sea salt is not the best way affects the condition of the skin and especially on the face.

Therefore there is the legitimate question: how to properly care for your skin in the summer?As such, there is no panacea, but following a few rules, you can avoid some trouble.


1. General Rules skin care summer
- Summer facials after 35
- Summer Skin Care after 45
- Summer Skin Care after 50
2. A few tips - masks for face
Skin Care in summer, video

General Rules skin care

summer Skin Care in summer consists of a series of rules, which - cleansing, moisturizing, nutritionIn some cases, drying and protection.With what elements they will be, it depends on the age.After not a secret that facial after 35 bit, but different from the actions of caring for women more 'beautiful' age.


Summer facials after 35

Skin Care after 35

Cleansing in the morning should be carried out with the help of milk, if the skin is prone to dryness.For oily skin type is recommended to use cleansing foam. Wash water should be at room temperature or a decoction of mint, lemon balm.

Toning the skin is preferably performed by means selected according to the type.However, a good option would be cooked with his own means.It consists of a teaspoon of honey, 4 tablespoons of broth peppermint and 5 drops of tangerine oil.

After all procedures should be applied to the skin cream with an appropriate level of protection from ultraviolet radiation.Well, if it contains vitamins A, E, hyaluronic acid and extracts of fruits, cucumber juice.In the evening, it is recommended to use a night cream containing collagen, gidrokisloty, essential oils.


Summer Skin Care after 45

Skin Care after 45

This figure - not age, but the beginning of a new stage in life.So do not swing at his image in the mirror arm and wait for the unpleasant cosmetic defects.Alas, they are so waiting time can decorate your face.However, to confront them is not only possible, but necessary.

Wash is recommended by a foam that does not contain alcohol. If there are swelling under the eyes, you can make a compress of grated raw potatoes and parsley root.Toning best performed cosmetic products tested.Next should be applied moisturizer.Its members should include hyaluronic acid, responsible for the delay in the natural moisture in the skin and the production of collagen fibers.

In good night cream should be fruit acids, co-enzymes, essential oils, herbal extracts. not be more than the type of vitamins E and A. The latter is responsible for the regeneration of the skin and is able to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, delay the development of existing ones.


Summer Skin Care after 50

facials after 50

In the morning many of us rush to wash, but contrary to prevailing stereotypes of years to do that at this age is not immediately necessary. first massage the skin should be washed his hands in the direction of the chin to the ear lobes, from the nose to the middle of them, and leave the area at the end of the forehead.Only then you can start washing , using melt or filtered water at room temperature.

Why massage?In such a wonderful age sebaceous glands are not able to fully carry out their work.Their task - to develop natural barriers to entering the pathogenic microflora.Therefore, such a barrier should be distributed independently and only then start washing procedure.

also good to wipe the skin with ice cubes from the decoction of chamomile, calendula, lime or sage, mint. use soap - is undesirable.Replace it can be a special cleansing milk. It can not only cleanse the skin, but also moisturize.To moisten the need to use thermal water and creams included in the green tea extract.

Evening care is virtually no different from the morning's activities.However, evening skin needs a competent diet.You can use a special cream or apply homemade mask, consisting of 5 drops of olive oil, flaxseed oil, and avocados.


A few tips - masks for face

Summer skin care

Summer - wonderful time pleasing the presence of fresh fruit and vegetables.They will be useful not only for the diversity of the diet, but also for skin care.With a number of these products can be easily prepared and lightening anti-aging masks.

Alas, appearance of age spots - a frequent phenomenon.Eliminate them by using the people's money.Use should be 1 every 2 days.

  • To prepare the masks need gruel made from fresh grated cucumber, a tablespoon of cottage cheese and a teaspoon of honey.
  • second prepared with the help of a teaspoon of steamed birch leaves, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of white clay, dilute mineral water.
  • mashed potatoes, mashed with the help of milk, mixed with a teaspoon of grated boiled parsley root.The mixture should add 5 drops of mandarin oil or coffee spoon of lemon juice.
facial summer

for rejuvenation and toning the skin in summer you can use the following .For example:

  • Baked apple to pound into mush, add a teaspoon of olive oil and the same quantity of domestic honey.
  • teaspoon of honey mixed with the same amount of heavy cream and milk.The density of the mixture to give, you can add rice flour or white clay until a thick porridge.
  • teaspoon of honey mixed with shredded lemon peel, egg yolk.The mixture should add a few drops of olive or sesame oil.

As you can see, care for the skin in the summer is not so difficult.Just be to choose the right means of caring.As it would be desirable, but the facial skin - not a field for experimentation.Therefore it is necessary to choose cosmetics of good quality and trusted brands.Top

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