Activated carbon acne

How to get rid of acne using activated charcoal?

Activated Carbon from acne - enough known means to combat acne, and most importantly, effective.And this is true.However, there are many all "but" in this method that can hurt not only your appearance, but also throughout the body.It is therefore important to know how to use activated charcoal, so as not to harm the health and get rid of acne.

activated carbon, really helps with acne.And I'll tell you exactly how it happens, how to get rid of acne using activated carbon.However, do not be enticing promotional articles that scored the entire Internet, assuring drink activated charcoal, and promised that all the pimples will go away completely, quickly, easily and without consequences.It is enough to read carefully the instructions for use of the drug, to find out what to assign the activated carbon in any, absolutely, chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases, should the doctor!A rash is persistent, those chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases.Therefore, to begin with, we will discuss the nuances of and contraindications for such treatment.

Why acne treatment with activated charcoal should be prescribed by a doctor?

how to get rid of acne?

Firstly, because acne from scratch does not appear.Their appearance says about the problems in the body.Often the cause of acne is hormonal disruptions human digestive system, gastrointestinal tract.

In the first scenario, in cases of violations of hormonal cause rashes, pimples and blackheads, it is usually a large number of secretion of testosterone - the male sex hormone, both women and men.Therefore, to neutralize the action of male sex hormones and getting rid of acne are often prescribed receiving different dosage of hormonal preparations, which contain the female sex hormone called estrogen.

Imagine being a teenager during the hormonal "boom" began to take uncontrollably activated carbon - and for many, and for a long time (since the oil mess do not spoil, activated carbon is a natural safe way - why not, given the numerous tips and arguments from the Internet?).However, activated carbon - is simply an adsorbent that no matter what substances are excreted, harmful or beneficial.Gradually activated carbon not only displays the toxic substance (a blocked with acne definitely enough), but also useful biologically active substances.In particular formulation displays: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, partly - fats, proteins and carbohydrates.As a result, disrupt metabolism, increase the adolescent hormonal imbalance, but actually a problem with acne is not only not solved, but also worsen even more.

activated carbon in the fight against acne

The second option - the problems of the gastrointestinal tract, because it is well known that the skin and digestive system are inextricably linked.Any of the diseases of the digestive organs necessarily reflected in the skin.In addition, diseases of the stomach and intestines, are often a component of hormonal disorders, that is, combine the two causes of acne.

Anyway and excretion useful, biologically active substances from the body, in particular the digestive enzymes may impair digestion.As a consequence, can begin the process of rotting food in the intestine, it reduces the amount of beneficial microflora, which helps digest food, synthesize certain vitamins and constrains the development of pathogenic microflora aggression, which at any moment can cause the intestinal wall in the inflammatory process.This condition is called dysbiosis.In the case of its development in the abdomen, pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation begins, and, of course, deteriorating skin condition.

All this shows that treatment of acne with the help of activated charcoal should be literate, be applied in a timely manner and does not threaten the overall health.That is why it is desirable that the activated carbon from acne prescribed by the doctor, after an appropriate examination of the patient.

How to get rid of acne by taking activated charcoal?

how to make activated carbon from acne?

Effective treatment of acne is always complex.And if it still stands component activated carbon, it is the treatment of acne can not only improve the skin condition, but also the whole body, ridding it of toxic, poisonous organism, metabolic products.Important factors that must be taken into account when taking activated charcoal, are as follows:

  • 1. activated carbon from acne must necessarily be appointed only a short course and dosage selected individually;
  • 2. after a course of treatment will require rehabilitation treatment, namely, vitamin-mineral complexes, as well as probiotics - drugs containing beneficial micro-organisms - biological natural inhabitants of the intestine to help digestion process;
  • 3. If you receive charcoal and other drugs at the same time, should adhere to certain rules of the drug, at least, keep in mind that between taking the drug and other drugs should undergo at least two hours, or activated charcoal, to interact with medicinalmeans significantly reduce their absorption and therefore the effectiveness of the treatment;
  • 4. nice feature activated carbon is considered that it is impossible to overdose on this drug - it can be used in large enough doses, however, only in the short courses.Dangerous is the only long-term use.

Activated Carbon from acne: the application of the scheme

drink activated charcoal should be wisely!

activated carbon for the treatment of infectious inflammatory diseases take 1 - 2 c.(In other words, on 2 - 4 tablets weighing 0.5 oz.) Per day 3 - 4 times.Maximum course of treatment - two weeks followed by mandatory rate of recovery.

Another way to take the activated carbon of spots - a once daily tablet drinking coal being treated from the weight calculation: take 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight.For example, if the weight of 50 kg, the need to take on 5 tablets.In cases where the weight of a very large and required by them to take more than 7 tablets, it is recommended to start with two tablets, gradually increasing their number to 7 pieces.The course of treatment is also a maximum of two weeks and the subsequent mandatory rehabilitation treatment.

Useful tips

If taken simultaneously activated carbon from acne and some other drugs, drink activated charcoal for 2 hours or 2 hours after their admission.

without consulting a physician activated carbon and any of its agents, is not recommended for pregnant women.Besides the mandatory consent to such treatment the doctor is necessary and people undergoing treatment for any illness.

for receiving activated carbon are strict contraindications.Do not take the drug for ulcerative processes in the stomach and intestines and bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract.He also denied if you are hypersensitive.

During treatment, be sure to watch your diet: it should be complete, contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.To prevent constipation or, conversely, dehydration, drink plenty of fluids while how to conduct the treatment of acne.

Activated carbon - in fact, the universal drug capable of substantially relieve any harmful substances in the body.But along with this, with the same success, activated carbon, and by eliminating nutrients.Therefore, the use of this drug should be treated with caution.In particular, care should be a teenager - it was in adolescence characterized by the body constant failures in metabolic processes of his work, reflecting the state of the skin, including in the form of acne.

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