Chemical peeling face: price, photos, reviews.

[Chemical face peeling]

acne, black spots, post-acne, wrinkles and some other defects are direct indications for chemical peels.Call chemical face peeling gentle procedure would be wrong.However, such a method of cleansing the skin has several subtypes, each of which chemicals with different impact forces.



1. Chemical peeling Face: what is the essence?
- chemical face peeling surface exposure
- Chemical peeling face medial exposure
- Chemical peeling face profound impact
2. What to do after a chemical peel facial
3. When banned chemical face peeling?
4. How much does a chemical peel facial?
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Chemical peeling Face: what is the essence?

Holding procedure is to control the introduction of the skin of chemicals.Depending on the type of peeling chemicals destroy the cells of a skin layer than in the further lead to their complete regeneration.

... Spend any chemical peels in a similar way: easy cleaning, applying a chemical neutralization, reapplication more contracting acid, removal of the drug, and skin moisturizing ...

chemical face peeling surface exposure

before and after the surface chemical peeling

peeling often carried out using gluconic, glycolic acid and fruit.With it you can remove small cosmetic defects: rosacea, dark spots, post-acne, dark spots lighter. claimed acid activates the production of collagen and elastin, have a lifting effect.Chemical peeling of this kind is often used as a prevention of photoaging and skin aging, acne.

advantage superficial peeling is considered painless. recovery period lasts for one day. After the procedure, there was a slight redness, passing itself after the first day. The number of sessions varies from 5 to 8, the gap between them is 7-10 days.The result will please for 1 year.

Chemical peeling face medial exposure

before and after the mid chemical peeling

for its use of salicylic or trichloroacetic acid. main indications for the use of salicylic acid are considered to be clearly marked wrinkles, lentigo, superficial and medium depth acne.Trichloroacetic acid is used for skin rejuvenation, removal of age spots and acne of varying severity.Chemical cleaning of the face with trichloroacetic acid causes some soreness. Before the procedure applied to the skin of the local effects of painkillers.

medial peeling advantage - the possibility of treatments for women with dark skin. After the session, redness of the skin can hold from 3 to 7 days. Throughout the recovery period is marked peeling of the skin and itching is possible.In spite of this, this type of chemical peels, has only positive reviews.Repeat session only six months. result holds about 1.5-2 years.

Chemical peeling face profound impact

Results after a deep chemical peel

is carried out only in a hospital and under general anesthesia.This is a complex and extremely serious procedure that requires constant monitoring. During the procedure, the skin is applied phenolic acid, causes severe chemical burns.The advantages of such peeling - is the lack of need to repeat the procedure, an absolute guarantee removal of age spots, rosacea symptoms, severe acne scarring.

healing of the skin takes place during the month , during which requires special recovery procedures. results after deep peeling - long-term (about 10 years). However they become visible only after 2-3 months after the complete restoration of the skin.Top

What to do after a chemical peel facial?

post-peeling care

Chemicals destructive effect on the horny and the living cells of the epidermis, so the post-peeling care implies the fulfillment of certain rules.

Not recommended long time to be in the open sun.Failure to do so will lead to pigmentation disorders.

unwanted use of decorative cosmetics. It clogs the pores and thereby increases the risk of inflammation.

poor hygiene contribute to the emergence of infectious diseases of the skin, scars and dermatitis.

Traumatized skin needs moisture, which can give only professional cosmetics. recommended to use cosmetics with a light structure.
necessary to choose a good means of UV protection.Regardless of the peeling layer of protection from ultraviolet radiation should be as high as possible.Top

When prohibited chemical face peeling?

before and after a chemical peel facial

Chemical cleaning of the person regardless of the type has a total number of contraindications. Some contraindications are relative.It is not recommended in the period of high solar activity - late spring, summer and early autumn.

Contraindications to become: during pregnancy and breastfeeding, menstruation, endocrine dysfunction, spider veins, colds, fever, viral infections and skin diseases, injuries and abrasions open type.

not perform the procedure on a thin and prone to sensitive skin, are hypersensitive to drugs, the presence of neoplasms.Before the procedure, a specialist must conduct allergen test, and even what will be the face after a chemical peel photos "before and after" can show himself.Top

How much is a chemical face peeling?

how much is a chemical face peeling

on chemical face peeling the price depends on many factors: pricing policies cosmetic salon, the drugs, the number of sessions. Often the cost is based on the size of the treated area, and may be reduced after repeated appeals to the expert.

budget option considered peeling surface exposure with fruit acids.The middle peels can cost the same amount that you will pay only for one procedure repeated every 6 months instead of eight weekly sessions.Some people in the presence of serious problems may seem low and deep peeling.It all depends on the type of cosmetic defects and their own expectations of the outcome.

In any case, to save on their appearance is not desirable, and especially to apply to questionable beauty salons.If you desire to save still is, often beauty salons hold shares in the form of discounts on services dedicated to a particular holiday.It is worth remembering that even a gentle chemical peel can cause side effects, if you do not follow the recommendations of the cosmetician.

Selection of the peeling depends on the problem to be solved.It exists in three forms: superficial, middle and deep.What result gives chemical face peeling, photos "before and after" we have already seen.For more details about it learn from the video.Top

chemical face peeling - a master class