Sleeping child up to a year, features and recommendations.

Sleeping child up to a year

Sleep is very important for a man , especially for a small , but emerging , evolving man.How much sleep should a child , as a baby , three , six, twelve months ?How to organize the right of the child to sleep ?What is generally healthy sleep a child up to a year , features and tricks - all this and more in this article .

  • How much should a child to sleep?

The first thing you need to understand the mom - is that the rules of sleep a child at any age are approximate .This means that if a child's dream to a year less or more, less , or more frequently , forcing him to sleep , like to wake before the time it is not necessary !Standards sleeping child - only a benchmark for mom , so she was able to correctly distribute the regime of the day , and sleep a child.

Sleep is individual for each baby .On a child's dream to a year , as in a dream adult influence a number of different factors: the physical and psychological condition to the daily routine and temperament .If the baby is healthy, feels good, is active and alert during the day , but sleeps with less recommended , parents just do not worry .Of course, if it is conducted on small deviations from accepted norms in pediatrics .

baby sleepAn average value of how much sleep a child needs in accordance with his age.

Sleeping child under one year:

  • • Standards baby sleep 1 - 2 months old - about 18 hours;
  • • Sleep Baby 3 - 4 months should last 17-18 hours;
  • • At the age of 5 - 6 months baby sleep normally it is about 16 hours;
  • • From 7 to 9 months old baby sleep should last about 15 hours a day;
  • • 10 - 12 months baby sleep OK - about 13 hours.

How much sleep should a child after a year:

  • • From year to 1.5 years, the baby sleeps during the day 2 times : 1st sleep lasts 2-2.5 hours , the duration of the second sleep - 1.5 hours , the length of 10-11 hours of sleep a night ;
  • • 1.5 - 2 years of the child must sleep during the day 1 time - 2.5-3 hours, at night - 10-11 hours a day;
  • • At the age of 2 - 3 years old baby naps disposable - lasting 2-2.5 hours , night's sleep - 10-11 hours ;
  • • At the age of 3 - 7 years old baby should be about 2 hours of sleep a day, and about 10 hours a night;
  • • After 7 years of the baby to sleep during the day is not necessarily the child at night to sleep at this age is not less than 8-9 hours a day.

  • Sleeping baby from birth to 3 months

the dream child of up to 3 monthsNewborn babies sleep a lot .Approximately 17 - 18 hours a day during the first few weeks of his life is a dream baby .Sleeping child in the last 2-3 months 15 -17 hours a day.

In this dream child of 2-3 months almost never lasts longer than three or four hours , both day and night.Mom also unable to sleep for many hours in a row .We have to get up at night to feed the baby and perepelenat , and in the afternoon - to play with him .Some babies sleep through the night as early as 8 weeks of age , but usually kids continue to sleep with " breaks " at night to 6 months, and , if not longer .Sleep is necessary to observe the child from birth - it is very important for the normal development of the baby .

• Sleeping child under one year: features and recommendations under the age of 3 months.

First six to eight weeks the baby is not able to stay awake for longer than two hours in a row.If the mother does not put him two hours of wakefulness , the baby will overworked , and well , he will not be able to sleep .What can parents do to help your child acquire the right skills to organize and sleep child :

Learn the signs of fatigue.

Watch the child notice when it becomes sleepy and submit it to the crib .At this time, the baby begins to rub his eyes , tugging at his ear , under the eyes can appear faint dark circles .Soon you fully examine the daily rhythms , sleep and behavior of the child at different times so that will just instinctively know when your pipsqueak ready for bed.

Explain to your child the difference between night and day.

Some babies are "owls", some hints of such features, you may have already noticed during pregnancy.In the first week or a few days you there's nothing you can do about it - he would stay awake at night and sleep during the day.However, as soon as he turns 2 weeks, you need to start to teach your baby to distinguish night from day.How to do it?When a child is active and alert during the day, maintain its activity: play with him, turn on a bright light in his room, do not lower the level of ordinary daily noises (sounds phone, TV, washing machine, etc.).Wake your baby if during feeding it starts to fall asleep.At night, on the contrary, do not play with the baby, going to feed into his room, dim the lights, turn down any noise at night, do not talk too long with the child.Over time your crumb will begin to realize that the day - for games and night - to sleep.

Allow your child to fall asleep on their own.

Sleeping child in 2-3 months should be gradually transformed into an independent - you need to give him a chance to fall asleep himself.Just put the sleepy baby in the crib , and leave himself.Experts advise not to rock , do not feed your baby before bedtime.The children acquire habits that are associated with sleep still in its infancy .If you every night before bed shake your baby all the first eight weeks of his life , so why then later he should not expect the same ?

• Problems with sleep up to three months.

Sleeping child in 2-3 months may be more than you need to be interrupted at night.They may also develop negative associations in connection with sleep.

Newborn babies need to wake up at night for a meal , but the chance that some babies can wake yourself before starting to really need feeding.Avoid this can help diapering your baby , before you place it on a night in bed comfortably wrap the blanket.Make sure the baby is warm enough , but not too hot .Ventilate the room at bedtime.

Avoid unnecessary associations - the baby should not sleep somehow depend on motion sickness , or special feedings to fall asleep.Try putting him to bed before the baby starts to sleep , let him sleep on their own.

  • Sleep child from 3 to 6 months.

Sleep child up to six monthsSleeping baby 4 months , and in principle from three to six months , lasted 15 -17 hours a day , 10 - 11 - the night falls , the rest being accounted for 3-4 day of sleep for 2 hours .

At the beginning of this period, you still have to get up for night feedings 1-2 times , but at 6 months a baby can not eat at night.It is unlikely that he would stay up all night constantly , but in the future it will depend on whether you can raise the skills of the baby sleep in this period .

• Sleeping child under one year: features and recommendations from 3 to 6 months.

You need to clearly establish the child to sleep up to 6 months, night and day, and stick to it.

While your newborn has a pipsqueak , you laid him , guided by signs of sleepiness ( pulls the eye , t eyes , and so on ) .Now , you need to set a specific time for him day and night set aside for sleep.


Good evening bedtime - period 19.00 - 20.30 .At a later time, it is likely to be excessively tired and will be hard to fill .Nap time plan for the same period of time each day.You can start to focus on fatigue and the desire of the child to rest.The main thing is that the baby slept enough.

A discharge of the ritual to sleep.

Age 3-6 months is the time to actively introduce a discharge of the ritual to sleep if you have not done so .This ritual may include : bathing , quiet cooperative games , reading bedtime stories , lullabies .Kiss and wish child " goodnight ."

Whether that involves the ritual , you should execute it every night , in the identical time , in the same order .Babe necessary sequence of actions , and sleep here - is no exception .

Baby awake in the morning.

When the night your baby often sleeps for longer than 10 - 11 hours, better to wake him in the morning.So you can help your child recover to sleep a child up to 6 months.Observe the daily schedule of sleep, and then you will not have a problem with it , and at a later age .

• Trouble sleeping up to 6 months.

During this period, there are two problems - the same frequent nocturnal awakenings , and the possible development of negative associations with sleep ( sleep dependence baby from feedings or motion sickness , as a prerequisite ) .But it may be one more - difficulty falling asleep .

When your baby is difficult to sleep at night, make sure first that bedtime is correct, then there is not too late ( in a state of exhaustion child falls asleep with difficulty) .If not the reason , perhaps , he developed some of the associations connected with sleep.So , it's time to get rid of them .The kid has to learn to fall asleep on their own, but if you do it once will not work - it does not matter .There is still time .

  • Dream baby 6 months - 9 months.

especially sleeping child in 6-9 monthsAt this age, the child's rate of sleep a day, about 14-15 hours , and the kids can sleep in a row, about 7 hours.If your baby is sleeping more than 7 hours , most likely, he wakes up briefly , but he knows how to sleep again - a great feature, mommy has a reason to rejoice .

Probably , your crumb falls asleep a couple of times during the day for 1.5-2 hours in the morning and afternoon hours .Remember : a permanent , stable sleep child day and night , helping to shape the right skills sleep.

How much should a child to sleep at night?

• Sleeping child up to a year, and particularly recommendations 6-9 months.

Hopefully , you have already installed and always follow and stable time and ritual traditions of divergence to bed.But right now, your baby is really starting to fully participate in it .Remember that kids will especially appreciate the steps , so do not change the order and sequence of events.

Observe stable sleep child day and night.

Because of the constant presence of a stable schedule , and you and your crumb will benefit .Try to always and in all circumstances stick to the planned schedule.The child should sleep in the afternoon , eat, play , go to bed at the same time each day.

Separate sleep.

Be sure to give the child to fall asleep on their own.It is important!Put the baby in the crib before he falls asleep , leave him alone in the dream state in his crib .Wean dependence on external factors ( sickness or breast ) , as a prerequisite of sleep .It will be difficult now, but then becomes more difficult .Gradually, you should develop a habit of falling asleep in it himself.

• Sleep problems in 6-9 months.

Even those little kids who have trouble sleeping before was not, can now begin to wake up in the night and have difficulty falling asleep.During this period of sleep disorders are often associated with new discoveries and achievements of the crumbs he learns to sit up, crawl, roll over, and it is possible to get up.So he too excited and so arranged by nature, want to try their own new skills to the full.Often the baby wakes up at night to try again to sit, crawl and stand.Often half asleep pipsqueak sits or stands up, but after the fall and can not go yourself, finally wakes up and starts crying, calling for mom.Now your task - to calm the child and help him back to bed.As a rule, it's enough that he went to sleep on, of course, if it is not too "shout" and did not get upset.

If your child goes to bed after 20.30 and then suddenly wakes up at night , try to lay before him for half an hour .A child , for sure, will sleep tight .

  • Features and rules of sleep a child from 9 months to a year.

trouble sleeping child up to a yearSleeping baby 9 months to a year the night of 10 - 12 hours.Day two more times for 1.5 -2 hours straight .Make sure that this time it is enough - the duration of day and night recreation plays an important role in its development .

• Sleeping child under one year: features and recommendations

Keep a constant steady schedule of daytime sleep .When staggered , it is likely that the baby will be difficult to fall asleep , waking up during the night it will be quite often.

Actually nothing new to recommend at this time we can not: Observe sleep, schedule, ritual, but wean from dependency to sleep.Try to teach your baby to fall asleep independent, using as little as possible of additional funds, whether it's with music, motion sickness, or your presence there.Falling asleep in such circumstances, the kid can surprise them with the absence of waking up in the night, become agitated and crying, demanding to return to their seats.Babe needs stability and consistency for a feeling of security.

• Sleeping baby 9 months - a year: possible problems.

Now the development of the baby is in full swing : the child already knows how to sit , crawl , roll over , stand on the legs and makes finally , his first few steps.Now he trains and hone their skills.With respect to sleep , this means that it can be over- excited and fall asleep with difficulty, or involuntarily awaken at night to continue training .

When a child can not calm down and go to sleep alone , he cries and calls mum.So step up and reassure the kid, help him to settle down , kiss and wished " good night ."

The child is actively developing the mind , and so he can wake up in the night because of the fear of being abandoned, without you he misses and worries that will not return .To calm him , as a rule , just go to it you saw .Do not worry , he will get used to over time , and a sense of security is not to leave it in such situations.

I love you and be patient!

And a little more about what is the mode and sleep a child up to one year: