Vacuum cleaning person who reviewed the , vacuum massage face.Who can carry out the vacuum cleaning of the face , and who does not ?

[Vacuum cleaning of the face]

One type of hardware cleaning person is considered to be a vacuum .It's kind of an alternative to the traditional manual cleaning , which is intended for the care of problem skin and fat combined type.Vacuum cleaning person has proved the positive side in the presence of various cosmetic defects.It is widely used to remove pus formation , clogged pores , sebaceous plugs .However, facial cleansing with the help of vacuum has its own characteristics , including indications and contraindications.



1.Vacuum massage of the face: especially procedures
2.Vacuum cleaning person: it is possible or not?
3.To summarize,
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Apparatus for vacuum cleaning of the face can be compared to a certain vacuum that can pull a variety of pollution .Facial cleansing is carried out by a special drainage tube , which is connected to the device , a vacuum is created .Due to this, during the procedure improves blood circulation as a result of the vacuum , along with lymphatic drainage massage .

When compared with other devices used for cleaning , vacuum massage for face doing its job virtually painless .Therefore , the procedure does not lead to injury of the skin and other unpleasant consequences.

Vacuum cleaning person

Stages of vacuum cleaning person

  • First stepPrior to carrying out cleaning , it is - a light skin cleansing .It is conducted to remove any contaminants and cosmetics .To do this, use a professional cleaning cosmetics .
  • Second stagecharacterized by steaming skin.It is performed with steam.Application of steam helps to open the pores and therefore facilitates the exit surface contamination .
  • Third step- Desincrustation that runs on the principle of electrophoresis.Deep cleansing is done by a small DC power .This slight pain in the form of tingling .
  • Fourth stage- It actually has a vacuum cleaning of the face .The duration of this stage is not more than 15 minutes.A complete procedure comprising all the steps , takes 40 to 50 minutes.The minimum number of sessions - 3-4 times a month.
  • Fifth stage- Masking to narrow pores and soothe the skin.For maximum effect , and an infrared lamp is used .

After the procedure, experts recommend using a professional moisturizers.Undesirablein the first days after cleaning use cosmetics clog pores.Not recommendedconduct peeling, even with a mild detergent solution .Otherwise it leads to skin injury and exacerbate the situation .

In order to secure longer effect , it is necessary to select the proper use and cosmetics, based on the type and age of the skin .The selection and use of cosmetics should be guided by the rule: cleansing, toning , moisturizing, nutrition, which should take place not only in the morning and evening.

Vacuum cleaning person: it is possible or not?

Vacuum cleaning person

Vacuum facial massage will be beneficial for women with combination or oily skin types.Primarily it is preferably carried out in the presence of acne is not inflammatory acne gated particularly "black spots" .When you use the vacuum is improving circulation, tone and color, then narrowing , reduced swelling , normalization of the sebaceous glands .

Vacuum cleaning person , gaining positive responses from women of all ages .However, the more it is popular with women of middle -aged and older .This is due to the fact thatthe impact of vacuum on the skin triggers the production of collagen and elastin.Use the procedure to eliminate small wrinkles and face after will look fresh and really well maintained .

Therefore, the person holding the vacuum cleaning is recommended not only in the presence of oily skin and a tendency to various cosmetic defects .Beauticians are advised to seek the help of vacuum massage with the appearance of first wrinkles , a hint of skin aging .With the help of a vacuum can prevent premature aging and prolong youthfulness of the skin.

Vacuum facial prohibited the presence of inflammation in the skin is not clear character, in particular various dermatitis caused by pathogenic bacteria .It is forbidden to conduct the procedure in the pustular formations inflamed type of pink acne , vasodilatation , increased sensitivity of the skin , its thinness and dryness.Rosacea - one of the reasons for prohibiting the holding of vacuum cleaning .Any manipulation of the person is not carried out at the common ailments .For example, colds , fever .

To summarize,

Vacuum cleaning person - modern and alternative method of cleansing the skin of various cosmetic defects.It is used as an independent method , and quite often it is carried out in combination with the traditional manual cleaning.Face Cleansing vacuum promotes the return of the health of the skin, improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands and can smooth out wrinkles .

Alas,vacuum cleaning has a number of contraindications.Therefore, before the procedure is desirable prior consultation at the cosmetician .In addition, a good specialist , no matter how many times will pass the session , always recall the basic rules of procedure.

Vacuum cleaning person