Moisturizing mask , serum for the face, a good moisturizer for the face , reviews about the products.How to choose the ideal means to moisten the skin

Moisturizing Face

water - the source of life.So for our skin, moisturizing - a pledge of long-term preservation of health and youth.This process is an integral part of skin care.

should also be remembered that the needs not only moisturizing dry skin.Fat can also experience a shortage of moisture.First of all it depends on various factors, both external - heat, cold, wind, sun and other as well as domestic - lack of vitamins and minerals, a violation of the sweat and sebaceous glands.Aging also contributes to the acceleration of the loss of skin moisture.

That is why we now consider the most effective means for moisturizing the skin.



1. Moisturizing Face Cream
2. moisturizing facial mask
3. Moisturizing Face Serum
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Moisturizing Face Cream

Any moisturizing cream provides a means for daily skin care.On the market today there is a wide variety of products and creams to choose a suitable for yourself is not difficult.To do this accurately determine your skin type, as well as to know some recommendations on how to pick a really good moisturizer for the face.

There are four types of skin: dry, oily, combination and normal.

Dry skin. for young skin is the perfect moisturizer for those with added vitamins and oils.

mature dry skin requires special attention and more intensive moisturizing. For this use lotions which is composed of vitamins A and C, they prevent skin aging, as well as natural oils, elastin, collagen, and extract of placenta.

Oily skin. ideal moisturizer for oily skin moisturizing gels are more details about this can be found in the article "Caring for the skin with the help of gel."But if you prefer a cream, it should not contain any oil, so they will enhance shine and can provoke acne.Also desirably present in a cream of vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory effect and may prevent acne.

Combination skin. Girls combined skin type can use the usual moisturizer for oily skin that does not contain oil.It will moisturize dry patches and matt too greasy.

Normal skin .This type of skin, which, so to speak, no problem.But they can be very easy to make, using the wrong-chosen cream.

For young normal skin should be chosen not too greasy light cream which does not contain active elements.Suitable for mature skin cream with collagen.

Any type of skin can be more sensitive and .In this case should be selected without perfume cream containing soft moisturizers and vitamins.

Personally, my favorite, especially in winter, is a moisturizer for the face, reviews of which I have heard only positive is NIVEA soft - Universal moisturizer for face and body.


moisturizing facial mask

moisturizing mask Photo

moisturizing facial mask is characterized by a difference compared to other moisturizers - it is a so-called rapid hydration to the skin, since only a few minutes to saturate it with moisturea relatively long period.That is, they are convenient because it does not require frequent use (2-3 times a week).

Now we shall understand how the masks should give preference.

Today moisturizing facial mask - a product of the abundance and diversity of which are groaning shelves in any specialty store. For every taste, depending on preference, financial capacity, age and of course on the type of skin.It is best to use cosmetics known or proven companies.Will it be an inexpensive moisturizing mask for the face, the so-called "economy-class", or some high-end brands - the choice is yours.But I think that for mature skin should be chosen expensive funds acclaimed companies as part of their proprietary systems are being developed for years.I can not say that, because there are examples of successful and effective use of inexpensive cosmetics or folk remedies that are actually valid.In general, everything individually.

Cheap masks are usually made based on natural ingredients of plant origin .This may be shea butter, coconut, almond or olive oil.For good wetting their composition may include oat flour, fatty acid, soya, ceramides, hyaluronic acid.They help the skin to hold moisture for a long time.This mask is suitable for any skin, regardless of age.

bad option - folk remedies. At all times they were known for their popular and effective.

For dry skin are ideal for such masks:

honey and milk - 1 tbsp.spoon of honey + 1 tsp. of warm milk mixture is applied on the face, hold 15 minutes;

cucumber - grate the cucumber, add 1 tsp. Of cream and a few drops of lemon juice;

good old olive oil Apply a thin layer to the face and after 20-30 minutes to soak through the remains of a napkin;

mask of oatmeal - steamed oatmeal in milk and put on face for 10-15 minutes.

If skin is oily, you can use the following recipe:

Carrot-apple mask - grated myakotyabloka imorkovi mix, apply on face and keep for 15-20 minutes;

banana mask - mash half a banana and add a couple of tablespoons of cream, put on face for 15-20 minutes;

cottage cheese and honey - beat 1 egg, add 2 tsp. Cottage cheese and 1 tsp. Of honey, apply on face for 15-20 minutes.

for mature and aging skin suitable mask with fruit, eggs, dairy products and honey. They not only moisturize the skin but also rejuvenates it.With regular use, improves blood circulation, smooth fine lines, the skin becomes fresh and elastic.

suitable for normal skin moisturizing mask of sour milk products (buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, etc..).Simply apply the product to the pre-oiled skin.Wash off after 15 minutes.


Moisturizing Face Serum

Hydrating Serum photo

Another means of skin care products, which until recently was considered a purely professional, a serum for the face.Different from creams and masks in that the concentration of active substance in it many times more than that of other agents.Accordingly, the result becomes visible "in his eyes." spectrum action sera big enough: there are anti-aging serum with lifting effect, moisturizing serum for the face, and many others.

As mentioned above, all the serum due to the high concentration of active substances are much more effective than any cream.No exception and moisturizing serum for the face.It is very convenient to use, since in most cases the jar with a dispenser which is easy to take as much money as needed at once.A required - just 1-2 drops. This is another advantage - low consumption.

Apply a thin layer like cream on thoroughly cleansed skin.
But we must not forget that the moisturizing serum for the face does not apply to the funds that we use on a daily basis from year to year.Typically, they are used in courses for 3 - 4 months between them 2 - 3 months break.


three secrets of skin hydration, video