What darsonval face , reviews, how it is used and for what purposes .Features of its application and contraindications


real age of the woman may issue in the first place the skin on her face.Wrinkles, even the smallest, can significantly add age.And the older a woman gets, the less elastic and tightened her skin.Not surprisingly, the representatives of the beautiful half strive by all possible means to prolong their beauty.There are many ways.One of them - darsonval face.

Darsonval is a device which acts on the fabric via evanescent impulstnogo high voltage and low amperage.In more accessible language, facial darsonval designed for burning pimples shock.This procedure is called darsonvalization.



1. Where applicable darsonval face
2. How to use darsonval face
3. Features of darsonvalya
4. Who should not use darsonvel
How is darsonvalizationvideo

Where applicable darsonval face

Despite the fact that the procedure is carried out using current pro darsonval facial reviews say it is a very safe device.However, with proper and accurate application.

Darsonval face is widely used in cosmetology.With this device you can:

  1. get rid of acne
  2. Eliminate stagnant spots
  3. restore skin tone
  4. dry skin and reduce greasiness
  5. Prevent acne
  6. abirritation
  7. Smooth fine wrinkles

With darsonvalyaEstheticians fight against aging skin.Thus, the procedure helps to improve skin tone, reduce its laxity, wrinkles, narrow pores.

If you regularly take darsonvalization, you will notice positive changes on the whole body - your sleep will improve significantly, increase efficiency, will come back to normal work of the CNS, pass fatigue, strengthened vessels and boost immunity.


How to use darsonval face

Photo rejuvenation

Of course, it is better to carry out the procedure in a special beauty parlor, under the strict supervision and guidance of a specialist.However, possible to use darsonvalya and at home.How does it work?

Before the procedure should be prepared person - a good wash and thoroughly dry the skin with a towel. Thereafter darsonvalization can begin half an hour later - that moisture is completely absorbed and the skin dry as possible.

For as long as your skin dries up, prepare the unit.To do this, soak a cotton wool in alcohol and clean it "active" surface darsonvalya - the one through which impulses are sent.
Then turn darsonval face and start to touch his face.If this should go over the entire surface, lingering on the most damaged or problem areas.You should not bring darsonval too close to the eyes.After the procedure wash and wipe the face with a napkin.After a quarter of an hour, moisten your skin cream.
As you can see, there is nothing complicated to use darsonvalya.But in order to carry out the procedure properly and that it is as effective as possible, it is best to consult with a specialist, ask the beautician showed exactly how to use darsonval face to the future no problems.


Features of darsonvalya

no wrinkles Photo

Many question - where you can buy the device?It is sold in all pharmacies, the price varies and depends on the region of distribution of the company's products, power.As they say about darsonval face reviews, it is better not to use it too often, at least not every day - take a break and let your skin rest.

As for power, it is better to use the house is not too powerful devices.By the way, there are a few tips darsonvalya - the application to

azhdoy of them you can read in the instructions.

Important: darsonval face is not recommended to apply when you use or zinerita Baziron and other drugs based on antibiotics.


Who should not use darsonvel

Despite the usefulness darsonvalization, the procedure has a number of contraindications.Thus, it in no case can not be used for bleeding and fever for people suffering from heart failure and poor blood clotting.Contraindications cancers, epilepsy, pregnancy, rosacea, tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis and arrhythmias.


How is darsonvalization video