Winter skin care , especially .Face masks , ice cream : reviews, range of funds

Winter Cream

Care has many faces.In addition to the correct selection of tools is very important season.

Yes, all cosmetics divided into one that is designed for winter maintenance and one that is necessary in the spring, summer and fall.And now we look at what is the winter cream and how important it is to use.

Each manufacturer offers a winter face cream with any type of skin.This allows you to choose the cream that will exactly comfortable for your skin type.



1. Winter cream and how to select it
2. How to care for your skin in the winter
3. How to use winter cream
4. Best winter home facials
Winter skin care, how to care for a person, a video

Winter cream and how to select it

main difference between winter face cream - denser texture .Even for oily skin types, manufacturers create rich thick cream.A feature of modern production of winter makeup is what created the cream for a different temperature.

worth even pay attention to the brand cosmetics - if, for example, the Finnish mark, its cream are ideal for cold, hard winter.At the same time European manufacturers create a cream for a softer climate.

lot about winter cream reviews tell.This information is very useful when choosing tools for winter maintenance.

reviews Also, winter cream is chosen based on a simple rule: winter day cream should be nutritious and hydrating night. This is the basis of winter skin care.

Why? Because in the cold season, the skin needs intensive nourishment and protection of the afternoon.And at night, when the skin is restored, it needs moisture.Therefore, such cream contains a minimum of water - a day cream, and maximum of nutrients.


How to care for the skin in the winter

good winter skin care involves the same steps as care in any other season: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. exceptions are compositions of these funds, as well as the frequency of the use of masks and peels.

So, winter cream high quality contains nourishing and moisturizing oil .It is the main component, and it should be the first place in the list of ingredients, which you see on the jar.Depending on the type of skin, the cream contains a different oil.

For dry skin - jojoba oil, for oily skin - grape seed oil, for combined - Oil apricot or peach pits.There universal cream.Their main component is cocoa butter.

winter face cream Photo

Besides oil, face cream winter care includes vitamin-rich composition.If it is a cream for mature skin, the cream further comprises coenzymes and pomegranate seed oil , which is a record among rejuvenating oils.

Also, these creams can contain bee products - honey, propolis, beeswax, milk proteins, eggs. These creams should be treated carefully, as they may be allergens to your skin.

a winter face cream contains protective systems , which prevent the evaporation of moisture, soften temperature fluctuations.It is very important for sensitive skin when it has been awarded the need to frequently change the location - the street-space-transport.

As a rule, such creams available designation «anti-redness» .This cream is suitable for its consistency for all skin types.

choosing a winter face cream around doing the kind of cream that contain petrolatum and mineral oils .Yes, these components reliably protect the skin from frostbite and chapping.But they clog the pores, which can cause inflammation.

And since we do not live at the North Pole, leave a cream containing petroleum refining industry products on the shelves.


How to use winter cream

winter face cream Photo

Now that you have properly selected cream, it must be properly applied.Wisdom in this case - no.Put it on the massage lines , half an hour before going outside.

And remember , that day use nourishing cream and night - moisturizing.This is the main feature of the winter skin care.

addition of cream, winter skin care should include masks and scrubs, peels more accurately. Masks and peels are used less frequently than in the summer.They can be both professional prepared independently.

main task of peeling is soft skin renewal .Winter peeling does not contain acids and corrosive particles.Typically, this bran or synthetic granules circular shape.

Masks are designed for winter maintenance softens the skin, relieves irritation and nourish .


Best winter home facials

After a cold air that takes the skin of the face, most of all she craves warmth.So give her a 15 - 20 minute break in the warm mask from honey , for example.

warm honey-citrus facial mask
For 2nd tablespoons of warm honey to add a teaspoon of citrus juice (any) and a tablespoon of bran.Mix well and apply on skin massaging movements.

Avocado Mask Photo

Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes.Rinse with warm water using a sponge and apply the cream.Do this mask for 3 - 4 hours before bedtime.Your skin will respond to you smoothness, elasticity and radiance.

Avocado Mask
«Aligatorava pear" most nutritious fruit among any other.Masks from it restores the skin, nourishes it.

Avocado can be used both independently and adding oil, citrus juice, water.With this fruit for its beauty can safely experiment.

Mask of beans, beans, lentils
Boil one type of legume in the number of coffee cups.Mash with a fork, add the citrus juice and a teaspoon of olive oil.

turn it all into a homogeneous mash and put on your skin.The mask will give comfort to your skin.It is especially good for skin prone to flaking.

also winter "diet" your skin is supplemented fatty cream, yogurt, sour cream.


Winter skin care, how to care for a person, a video