How quickly cure acne on the face?

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Acne - a very common skin disorder that can add a lot of inconvenience.Especially this problem is familiar to young people who are going through puberty.To get rid of acne, you should work hard.Many experts claim that if the time and correctly to begin preventive action, problems can be avoided.We try to understand what includes both prevention and cure acne if they have already appeared.



1. Why appear on the skin rashes
2. How to cure acne on the face of official means
3. How to cure acne on the face of folk remedies
How to get rid of acne,Video

Why appear on the skin rashes

Rashes appear on the skin for several reasons:

  • Hormonal disruptions
  • Malnutrition
  • Problems with the digestive tract

In order to prevent the appearance of acne and other skin troubles, you must adhere to the following simple rules:

  1. diet .We must not forget that acne can appear on the excessive use of "harmful" food.Under the "harmful", we mean food sweet, salty, fatty, alcoholic beverages.Especially refrain from such dishes should be in periods of exacerbation.Prefer fruits and vegetables, dairy products and lean meat.
  2. not allowed the development of constipation .This is a very important condition, because the slagging of the body leads to trudnoobratimym reactions.
  3. quenched .How can I spend more time outdoors, do not ignore water treatment for hardening.
  4. No - chronic diseases .If you have some 'old' disease, better to get rid of them.Visit your doctor, go through the treatment and your problems are much reduced.
  5. to treat skin .This item requires daily cleansing of skin lotions.Should wash morning and evening.It is essential in the care of the steam bath.Do not forget that you can not squeeze pimples.So it can spread the infection to healthy areas.

How to cure acne on the face?This question is relevant to many young people.For information on how to cure acne, says a lot.We have tried to collect all the most effective ways in the same article.We hope it will help you understand how to cure acne fast.

Thus, all methods of treatment can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Treatment medicines
  • Treatment folk remedies


How to cure acne on the face of official means

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Salicylic Acid.It is part of many modern nursing.However, the most effective is considered an ointment based on salicylic acid.It is applied directly to the acne.This tool - a great antiseptic, reduces inflammation and wound healing.Apply the product recommended in the morning and evening.Side effects are very rare, and the only contraindication to the use of kidney failure are

Levomitsitinovaya talker .Inexpensive, proven tool, which you can prepare yourself.For this mash 10 tabletochek levomitsitin, dilute with vpyati grams of salicylic acid solution, add vial of boric acid and ethyl alcohol.A means stored in the refrigerator.Levomitsitin well dries the skin, kills germs.It used twice a day.Before use, the tool should be roused.

Zinerit .The lotion which has proved good in question treat acne.The lotion basis - alcohol, erythromycin and zinc.This tool acts on the skin as an antiseptic, it helps fight bacteria, reduces inflammation and promotes cell regeneration.Perhaps the only drawback of the drug - the possibility of addiction to the antibiotic.Not recommended for use with allergies.

Baziron .Antiseptic the main active component - benzene peroxide.Using triggers the release of atomic oxygen, healing of wounds and reduces sebum production.The treatment period is two weeks, with the applied formulation dot times per day.You can not apply to children under 12 years of age, and people with hypersensitivity and pregnant.


How to cure acne on the face of folk remedies

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If the means of official medicine cause you fear, but you want to learn how to cure acne, you can always resort to "grandma's" recipes.

bodyagi .This is a great natural remedy based on micro-organisms (freshwater sponge), which are found only in clean waters.Means exfoliates dead skin cells, dilates blood vessels and acts resolving.Buy bodyagi powder can be in any pharmacy.Before use, the powder should be diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide to get the consistency of sour cream mixture.Then ready bodyagi rubbed into the skin.After drying agents should wash.Do not be alarmed if your skin turns red - it is quite normal, because after applying to face a rush of blood, a few days the symptoms pass.At intervals of three days made 15 masks, and your skin will improve dramatically.But do not use the fresh-water sponge, if your skin is thin, dry and irritated.

Horseradish .Help heal inflamed acne horseradish infused vinegar.Prepare a tincture can be as follows.Rinse well with horseradish, grate it and send it in a bottle.Add the vinegar and leave to rest for 10 days.Then pass through marlechku.Wipe the inflamed skin, and after 10 minutes then carefully wash


How to get rid of acne, video