Why baby naps, whether all kiddies need it, and what to do if the child does not sleep during the day?

what to do if the child does not sleep during the day

Daytime sleep a baby needs for normal, healthy development.It has a positive effect on the physiology and mental state of the baby.But what if the child does not sleep during the day?Why is that the effect on the health and development of the crumbs ?And in general, how much should a child to sleep and how sleep duration depends on the age ?Answers to these questions and offer to discuss today .

Why baby naps?

Why ebenku napsThe results of various observational studies, and pediatricians and parents clearly indicate that a good nap helps the child more effective and long-term focus, a beneficial effect on the mental state of the child.Baby sleep calm, inclined to entertain yourself in need of a minimum of outside attention.Such beneficial effect is observed not only naps during infancy, but also the baby naps after year.Among other things, the baby naps deservedly considered the primary means of prevention of behavioral and neurological problems older kids.

It makes no sense to hope that the child had not slept during the day, it is easier to fall asleep at night or sleep for longer at night.Rather, quite the opposite happens : the child perevozbudilsya long time can not sleep at night , and at night sleeps restlessly , due to the result of exhaustion of the nerve cells .

In fact , only in its infancy , you can be sure that the baby is sleeping for as long as he wants.Just to 2 years of the child's psyche seriously complicated , and the duration and quality of sleep may be reduced due to anxiety , excitement, fear and other reasons.In the case of permanent lack of sleep , regardless of its cause , greatly reduced the ability of the child's education has a negative effect on the immune system , as well as on the behavior of - the baby becomes irritable and moody .

All of this poses a major problem parents - the right to organize baby naps , which will provide its normal intellectual and physical development , and in addition, normal life for all family members , which is important.

How much should a child to sleep?

as a child to sleep?The correct answer to the question " how much sleep a child needs " can give only the baby, because it all strictly individually .It is a normal phenomenon and can be a long sleep of the child, and not long-lasting.If you believe that your pipsqueak not hungry , do not wet outdoors it is enough , and the room in which sleep , cool and fresh , then do not worry on that score , and let the child sleep as much as he wants.

According to research by Dr. E.Komarovskogo modern pediatrics accept as the norm , the following average daily need of children during sleep , according to their age .So, how much should a child to sleep :

  • 1 to 3 month old baby to sleep 16-20 hours a day;
  • 2. 6 months - about 14.5 hours of sleep per night;
  • 3. after year - 13.5 hours per day;
  • 4. 2 years - approximately 13 hours on average;
  • 5. 4 years - about 11.5 hours;
  • 6. at 6 years - the daily need of the child during sleep is reduced to 9.5 hours;
  • 7 to 12 years is enough, and 8.5 hours of sleep per night.

Kids younger than 3 years who sleep per night less than 12 hours - a rare phenomenon.Such a child usually compensates for lack of daytime sleep at night , or vice versa .When the sleep duration of your crumbs to the recommended standards is clearly not up , and the baby at the same time is a cheerful , fresh and inquisitive - that means he has several other rules .

Is healthy and well-fed infants are sleeping, as a rule, from feeding to feeding.The older the child the less he sleeps.Typically, the baby begins to first watch a longer time in the afternoon, from about 16-17 hours.Then, the number of such periods of increases and it becomes a two-single naps, naps child after a year, as a rule, one-time and lasts for about 2.5 - 3 hours.3-4 years, some kids refuse to sleep during the day at all, but the majority still keeps the habit of daytime sleep up to 6-7 years inclusive.How much should a child to sleep during the day at this age?Daytime sleep in this case lasts about one hour.

What to do if the child does not sleep during the day?

what to do if the child does not sleep during the day?Quality of sleep your child depends directly on the way of life that he leads - it feeds , how many and where walking is wearing , where sleeping , etc.Hence the answer to the question "what to do if the child does not sleep during the day ," namely, pay attention to nutrition , take the time to play and a walk in the fresh air , regularly carry out wet cleaning in the room , make sure that the baby bed was soft ,clean and dry.

Daytime sleep helps a child's adherence to organize the day.The body gets used to the baby's schedule is, walk, play , sleep at a certain time allotted for this .In the process of developing habits that trigger the body's internal clock , and child in the usual time easier to read bedtime.

You do not need to comply with scrupulous precision mode of the day, not only can not do that.If the baby looks tired, is to put it to bed a little earlier than usual, if you see that he is seriously passionate about the game, for example, or "cartoon" inspect, let it linger a bit, so he went to bed without tantrums and tears.Do not hold the baby in bed, if today he woke up earlier than usual, and do not wake aggressively, if you see that the baby naps very strong.We encourage you to focus more on the behavior of the baby, not the clock.

Categorically denying a child sleep during the day at all mean that the baby is not enough physically tired during the day, or on the contrary, over- excited.What to do if the child does not sleep during the day , in this case : first , increase the duration and intensity of walks that take place in the morning , try at this time to do more sports, active games, take care to bedtime it was quieter pastime(loans painting, he read the book ) .

Not all children older than two years, there is a need to sleep during the day .Much depends on the temperament of the child , such as the nervous system , how he gets tired , like a lot of walking and moving.If you sleep during the day the baby does not want to , but great sleep at night , do not insist on their own and do not try to put it .It is better to replace him read an interesting book , or play into something peaceful .

Never use a crib or sleep as a punishment for some misdeed, to form a negative attitude of the child to sleep.Select your child a stuffed toy, which together with him will "sleep".Her presence will eventually help your child sleep.In general, try going to bed to make certain traditions, perform certain actions before going to bed: eat, wash pens to lie down in bed and listen to the story.That's the habit, and then perform the traditional action itself will affect the baby, prompting him to natural sleep.

You do not always have to just sleepThe optimum temperature for the deep sleep of a baby in his bedroom - a 18-20 °.Overheating provokes frequent waking , thirst.If this does not eliminate the negative factor , like waking foothold as a reflex , and the rest will be less complete.Therefore , do not use heaters in the bedroom , it is better to put the baby warmer.

It is important to remember that your baby - is not wind-up toy , which can be turned off , putting to bed .Even if you have the habit of sleeping during the day, at different ages to ensure that sleep requires different times.Doshkolyatam aged 3-4 years, it takes about half an hour to fall asleep , and 3 -year-old kiddies for this time need a whole hour .So do not worry and be annoyed that your baby tossing and turning for a long time and did not fall asleep .All you have to do in this case - it's quiet , confident perseverance, patience and love .

Is it always necessary naps child after a year?

With one to two years it is better to maintain the presence of daytime sleep mode baby.After two years of age , many babies from an afternoon nap refuse and mothers often see this as a real problem.After all, if the parents are deprived of two or three hours to spare during the day , allowing you to relax or enjoy their affairs .In addition, parental anxiety and irritability caused by the capriciousness of the child in the evening, if he does not sleep during the day .

In addition to all this , many of the parents has a set of "right" settings that must be followed without fail.For example , " kids grow up in a dream ," " a dream - it's great ," " Little kids have to sleep during the day ."

Sometimes you wonder to what only tricks and techniques moms do not resort to force their nimble yearlings lie down during the day in bed !And the " teeth began to speak ," and traded with the baby , promising all sorts of goods, and home swing and shake a baby machine " ukatyvayut " !Some pretend to be sleeping so well , and to convince the child to sleep , go to sleep themselves and the baby , meanwhile, rises and plays softly under my mother's peace glanders .

What not to do if a child does not sleep during the day?

how to lull the baby?As an example , we can give you a couple of situations in life that clearly show what not to do if a child refuses the nap , and what to do if the child does not sleep during the day .

The first case:Convinced that if the baby is 2.5 years did not sleep during the day , it will affect his health is bad , Mom patiently cradled his day in the crib - pendulum for two hours , allowed to take to bed with something " delicious "not let up , threatened punishment and deprivation of walks and toys.

The boy ever did sleep in the afternoon , but he fell asleep two hours ' istyazatelstv "- persuasion and motion sickness , about four o'clock in the afternoon , and about an hour , or even less , I woke up .

At night's sleep at the same time also became a meal , went to bed a child of twelve , or even in the morning, usually with the scandal frequent trips " to drink ", " pee " and so on , and could not sleep for a long time .That is the daily " battles " of sleep led to the boy began to perceive and evening laying bleak .

Case Two:Literally to 3 years of a child refused to sleep during the day , but 5-6 hours of the evening was literally falling asleep on the move, anywhere.He slept a couple of hours , and then again awake .The parents initially did not interfere in the process , as later regretted , because now it was difficult to put the baby to bed in the evening.And earlier stable habitual going to bed at 21.00 persistently moved to 23.00 .Concerned about such a wrong mode of the day , the parents tried to return the child to sleep during the day " business as usual " , as they say, that only exacerbated the problem .

What to do if the child does not sleep during the day?

The first case:In the first case, the solution is the abolition of daytime sleep .Going to bed at night for the child moved to nine in the evening , we began to pass more quietly laying , especially after the sickness , which reminded the boy of the recent "battle" with his mother, to replace other rituals.During quiet time , my mother began to read the baby books , engage in quiet play with him .

Of course, the decision to cancel the sleep during the day, my mother was given is not easy, because she lost a few hours of "freedom" in the afternoon.However, this problem is easily solved by the time that is freed in the evening.Now the baby is sleeping peacefully in the evening until the morning , falling asleep with no problems , and most importantly fast and hard, and Mom is planning to household chores , personal care and other personal lesson on the evening.

Case Two:The parents' concern with regard to the shift of day and night of sleep in this situation is groundless , because the baby sleeps peacefully at night, though later than usual , and as much as the body needs it , sleeps during the day .Of course, this is somewhat inconvenient , but these are temporary inconveniences .Usually within two or three months a " night " sleep has gradually shifted to a later time , going in the end , in the night's sleep.That is, there is a gradual abandonment of daytime sleep at all in favor of a normal , early , good night's sleep.

We draw conclusions

  • • Not all kids older than two years of age need a day dream .Much depends on the temperament of the child , such as the nervous system , how much he gets tired, as many walks and drives in the first half of the day .
  • • If your baby does not want to sleep during the day , but great sleep at night , his parents did not defend better naps in the mode of the day and try not to put the child by force.Read the best return interesting books with your child , or play into something more or less quiet .Kid over 2.5 years , and may well hold their own yourself to something for a while , it is better to teach him this .For example , suppose that draws a nap instead .
  • • In the evening it is better not to make any noisy games , not to television sessions , something rocking emotions that the child is not perevozbudilsya to unnecessary thoughts prevented him from sleep.Closer to the time of going to bed , it is better to arrange the evening bath , read a bedtime story , discuss what happened during the day interesting .
  • • And the last.Regime of day your child will inevitably change as it grows .Parents just need to carefully observe the child to understand when it's time to give up something , and what you can offer your baby instead.

Yet a little sleep on the day of the child: