The crisis after birth

The crisis after birth

Almost every parent after the birth of their first child is experiencing a crisis caused by the emergence of a new member of the family and the problems encountered.During pregnancy planning, we often do not think about the fact that we have to go through, raising the child.Daily care of the newborn gradually leads to fatigue, which is sometimes unnecessary.

However, to cope with the crisis is possible, but not without the help of relatives.First of all, we should not feel guilty in front of the baby, because you want to go to a party, to work or take a walk with friends.With the right approach, you'll have to combine and care for infants, and entertainment and leisure.

most important thing at this etape- psychological component of child care.Do not think about what the child needs you every second, because in fact it is not.All the while the child is sleeping quietly, you can spend on yourself and home affairs, and the newborn a lot of sleep.

Do not try to do everything yourself - ask for the help of her husband or parents.In addition, the parents certainly know what help you, because they also had children.It should also define some framework in which you will devote himself entirely a child and then to unload.Constantly repeat themselves, that in six months or a year you will definitely become easier - approach to this time will whip you and please.

Remember that while your baby sleeps, you can spend not only on household chores.Yes, you have to stay home, but do not do it immediately after the baby is asleep.Some of the time you need to spend on, for example, to rest.