Effective care for problem skin at home.

Problem Skin

Not everyone was fortunate enough to boast perfect skin.Very often shine and pimples become a cause of uncertainty in much of the fair sex.

As a rule, the skin on which a number of reasons may appear different defects such as acne, oily shine, scars, peeling, age spots, vascular "mesh" is called a problem.



1. Problem facial skin.Reasons
2. Care for problem skin with the help of folk remedies
3. masks for oily skin
How to make soap for oily skin, video

Problem facial skin.Reasons

As you know, all have their own reasons!So in this case, there are a number of reasons, one or other of which can cause various problems on the skin.Here are some of them:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • puberty;
  • bad habits;
  • environmental situation;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • wrong selection of cosmetics.

Skin problems can be both a permanent and temporary nature. for effective remedies must first find out the reason.It is often not sufficient external intervention for the treatment of this problem, moreover, it can further aggravate the situation.Therefore before taking any action, you should consult with your doctor. Meanwhile, we will offer you some uncomplicated ways to care for problem skin at home.


Care for problem skin with the help of folk remedies

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The main advantage of the popular methods of care for problem skin is that even if you picked the wrong procedure (eg do not take into account the age), the worst thatcan follow this - the lack of a positive effect. That is, you can not hurt yourself, and just do not get the desired result.In addition, the store cosmetics for face skin problem is often expensive, and if we are still undecided, then it may be to us specifically, "fly into penny."

There are two most common types of skin problem:

  • dry and sensitive , where even the most minor irritants can cause redness or rash;
  • fatty , which are the main indicators shine, enlarged pores, tendency to acne.

Thus, it is these characteristics is necessary to guide the choice of means to care for problem skin, and also take into account the age.
Everyone knows that the first step in skin care is its purification.More details about this you can learn from our previous article "How to clean your face without the aid of a cosmetologist? Easily!".And now a bit of face masks.


masks for oily skin

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Basic requirements for face mask primarily depend on the skin type and the desired result.

As a rule, if the skin is oily, prone to acne, we want remove shine, to narrow the pores and get rid of acne.

This will help us a few recipes of masks, which are quite easy to prepare at home.

mask on the basis of yeast and lemon juice .10 c.dissolve yeast in sokupolovinki lemon, apply on face and leave for 15 minutes.Rinse with water at room temperature.This mask is good to cleanse pores, relieve inflammation, removes rash.

Banana Mask .It is necessary to mix with ½ banana 1 tbsp.lemon juice.Apply on face and leave for 15 minutes.Rinse with water at room temperature.If you regularly apply a mask, it helps to narrow pores, greasy vanishing and gradual skin whitening.

Carrot mask. necessary to grate one large carrot.The resulting mixture was put on the face and leave for 20-25 minutes.Rinse with water at room temperature.This mask improves the appearance of the skin, cleanses and refreshes it.

If the skin is dry and sensitive, the main challenges facing us - is at its damp, soften, remove peeling or redness .

Here are a few masks that will help us in this.

Creamy mask. Take 1 tsp. Cream, 1 tsp. Of carrot juice, add 1 tsp. Cottage cheese all carefully mixed and applied to the face.After 15 minutes (if present on the skin redness, can increase the time to 30 minutes), rinse with warm water.This mask will calm the skin, relieve irritation and any signs of dryness.

Mask of flaxseed. 1 tbsp.a spoonful of flax seed, pour a glass of water (200 ml.) and simmer until thick.Warm mass put on the face and after 15 minutes rinse with warm water.This mask is perfectly moisturize dry skin.

olive oil. If we want to soften the skin, moisturize it and get rid of peeling, it is enough just to put on a face of olive oil and leave for 30 minutes.Then, wet a cloth remnants.

One of the problems of the so-called traditional medicine is that you must take the time to prepare this or that means.Many people are lazy and prefer cosmetics purchased in stores.This has its advantages (time saving) but also significant drawbacks - very difficult the first time to choose the best drug currently , especially if it is to be a face cream for oily skin.I have often faced with this problem, as she is the owner is not perfect skin.

And what conclusions did: very dangerous experiment with cream! And if you are out of the way of using public money, you can not do without risk, which may not always succeed.But not so bad, because he who seeks will always find!Study yourself, watch yourself, consult with experts. buy cosmetics for problem skin only in pharmacies and learn to pay attention to the label, read the composition of products which buy.After all, our ignorance can be very expensive!


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