Badyaga acne spots from acne: reviews, secrets use.


Acne and spots that may remain after them - a very unpleasant and quite common problem, which requires timely decisions.We want to tell you about this wonderful facility as badyaga acne.In order to raise the subject, there are several important reasons.Firstly, badyaga acne really great help.Secondly, such a tool as badyaga acne has only positive reviews.To verify this, just look through the pages of the forums and read what people think of this means people who are able to evaluate its effect on himself.

Badyaga of spots from acne - Affordable and magical means.It should be quite expensive, but it really can work wonders.

Badyaga acne is made on the basis of the simplest sponge organisms that live in fresh and clean waters.Appearance badyagi very much like algae.

To get a therapeutic material badyagu collected from the bottom of the pond.It then lends itself to a thorough cleaning, drying and peremolke to a powder.By the way, this powder is enough specific smell and greenish hue.Despite this, badyaga acne received only positive reviews.


1. badyaga What is and how to use
2. How "works" badyaga acne
3. When not be used badyagu
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badyaga What is and how to use

Based badyagi developed many tools are now available to everyone, they are sold in any drugstore.Among such means - gels, creams, ointments.For sale by badyaga spots from acne also in its pure form - powder in special bags. Net badyaga designed for self-catering.In most cases, it is used as a basis masks. To prepare it, you need a cosmetic clay powder, fresh-water sponge and a little hydrogen peroxide.All these ingredients are mixed in the form of a mask applied to the skin.Do it better in the evening when you are sure you will not have anywhere to go out.But do not worry. Just after applying this mask your skin is warmed up and may be slightly blush.By morning the redness will disappear .And under the sun after the procedure is not recommended.

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After you have finished the procedure, a person should be moistened with a special cream.However, there are contraindications - this recipe should not be used if you have inflammation, because it can further aggravate the situation.Time exposure mask - about half an hour.Apply a thin layer of it. Do not worry if immediately after application you will feel a burning sensation and discomfort - this is quite normal. When the time comes to remove the mask, first with a cotton pad to remove the remnants of her face - gently and carefully.Only then can wash prohladnenko waters.For the first time after applying the mask, the skin can peel off and climb round.It is also normal.Thus badyaga acne fighting imperfections.Already in just a 3-4 times use all unpleasant sensations disappear.If it does not, from the mask will need to be abandoned.

more convenient and sensitive means of application are considered gel, ointment, cream. But their action is not as effective as the action of natural powder.Badyaga acne in forms or applied all over the face or dot.But whatever "badyazhnoe" means you choose, remember - do not allow contact with mucous because it causes irritation.If you were not too careful and means still got you, for example, in the eyes, rinse them with water and consult a doctor immediately.


How "works" badyaga acne

Already after the first application badyagi (no matter in what form you purchase agent), blood circulation in the skin increase.In addition, after application badyagi horny layer of the skin peels off well, under it to stay healthy, young and fresh skin.If you are suffering from pollution and narrowing of pores, acne badyaga - exactly what you need.

So, badyaga acne has exfoliating, cleansing and absorbing effects. tool also nourishes the skin with oxygen, improves blood circulation.


When not be used badyagu

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Badyaga acne - a remedy.Despite the fact that it is a harmless remedy.Before use, check with your doctor.Yes, and in some cases self can bring opposite to the expected result.

badyaga applied in the following cases:

  • traces of acne .After applying badyagi they are not as noticeable, and eventually did pass.
  • skin aging .Badyaga stimulates regenerative fenktsii.
  • Brown spots .Badyaga acne - excellent bleaching agent.
  • Bruises .The product has resolving the action, so the bruises go faster.

contraindications to the use of funds is not too much.However, if at least one of use should be avoided badyagi:

  • inflamed pimples .In this case, the use of fresh-water sponge may aggravate the situation and further promote inflammation, for healthy skin.
  • Special skin .This applies to the thin and sensitive skin, which often irritated, redden and peel.Benefit from badyagi in this case should not wait.
  • hypertrichosis - excessive body hair skin.

Badyaga acne - a very effective tool.However, acne treatment must necessarily be complex, because sometimes the cause rashes lies deep inside. If you are accepted to the treatment, try to observe the dietary rules, hygienic norms, to use tonics, lotions and creams with anti-inflammatory effects. complex can only achieve the desired results.Well, badyaga help you cope with the problems much sooner.


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