How to use correctors for the face, which has a palette of correctors , where to buy , prices, and reviews of different manufacturers

Proof Face

immaculate skin tone face every day - every woman wants.And cosmetic industry creates different "jars" and "tubes" filled with the magic that instantly makes skin gorgeous.This corrector for face and how to use correctors face read below.

Unlike concealers that are also designed for retouching skin flaws, proofreaders are offered in various colors.Depending on the application, selected the type and color of the cosmetic miracle.Herein lies the main rule is to use correctors for a person to create a perfect skin tone.



1. corrector for the face and the rules of its selection
2. main rules to use correctors face
Concealers and proofreaders: what is the difference and how to apply, video

Corrector forface and the rules of its selection

main palette correctors face includes green, pink and yellow tones .In addition, the corrector for the face is blue, purple and orange color scheme.

As for the type, you can buy correctors face a pencil, stick and paletok.

latter usually contain two shades of concealer and a base.This is a very convenient and economical in terms of finances.

order to choose the appropriate means, it is possible for a person corrector read reviews, look through the pages of Internet publications.

Concealer pencil photo

At this point, you can see the leaders among the brands opinion "experienced", to learn about the characteristics of each, their composition and so on.

Now that you have an idea, what corrector and what they are , it's time to learn how to use correctors for the person and, therefore, which one to buy.

Rule № 1. Do not overdo it! Remember that after the equalizer you'll use a cream foundation and / or powder.Therefore, do not apply a thick layer of concealer.

If the defect to be too obvious to hide - a dark spot, deep scars, significant irregularities skin tone, choose a concealer dense texture .

Typically, this concealer is available in the form of stick.When applied, it should be good to go on the skin and hide the shortage without re-applying it.

regarding how to use the equalizer to face this type - just put it strokes on the problem area .In addition, shade fingers and complete correction of skin tones by applying the powder.

Rule № 2. color. As mentioned above, for each defect is appropriate palette of correctors for the face.If you need to "sketch" red spots and pimples - your choice corrector green.

It neutralizes redness, and therefore effectively cope with the correction of these defects.Apply it on a clean face point manipulation.

Face Palette Concealer Photo

If there are scars on the skin post-acne, then you need to start with the application base - a clear gel that fills all irregularities and makes the skin texture smooth.In this case, correction is applied after 10 minutes.

If your goal - hide the circles under his eyes , then we need a special concealer to the skin under the eyes.It has a delicate and subtle texture.Depending on the color of "circles", chosen color corrector.

To hide the blue areas under the eyes, choose shades orange, apricot tones .Retouch brown spots - pink tone corrector fit. Purple circles disguise proofreaders yellow tones.

If you want to hide the yellow or brown spots, freckles - will suit concealer shades of blue and purple.


main rules to use correctors face

Concealer for facial Photo

1. Apply concealer properly selected only locally and only in one layer ;

2. Apply only to clean skin or 10 minutes after the base;

3. After applying the corrector on the defect, sure to blend it with your fingers .Some makeup artists recommend to do it with a brush.But the majority are inclined to believe that it is better to do it with your fingers clean.

Especially this method is shown in the drawing dense textures correctors.And all because, under the influence of heat finger concealer applied perfectly.

Thus, the right choice of color palette and use corrector guarantee flawless skin tone and long-lasting make-up .

you now and always irresistible!


Concealers and proofreaders: what is the difference and how to apply, video