Different methods of facelift as tighten skin at home

How to tighten skin

A significant problem encountered with age is sagging facial skin .The defect begins to appear after 30 and gradually progresses.How to stop this unpleasant process , and how to tighten skin on the face ?This question is given by every woman who loves himself and wants to look young and beautiful forever.

This article will provide you with helpful hints in how to tighten the skin.You will be young and attractive , but it will take some time and patience.

If you need a quick and effective result , the only way - is to go to the beauty center and pull the person out there , or even do the surgery .



1.How to tighten the skin in the cabin
2.How to tighten skin at home
3.How to tighten oval face without the intervention of the surgeon, video

How to tighten the skin in the cabin

Experienced professionals will offer you a wide range of hardware methodsFaceliftand, in addition, high-quality peeling, Thermage, various massages and others.

The main methods of how to tighten the skin, resorting professional help are:

• termolifting (improves blood flow to the skin of the face due to the vacuum massage and electric current);

• resurfacing (light rays);

• laser resurfacing (removal of the outer layer of skin cells);

• biorevitalization (injection);

• ultrasound (warming technique);

• Mesotherapy (subcutaneous administration of drugs);

• plastic surgery (removal of excess skin).


How to tighten skin at home

Lifting House photo

For cost savings and additional security will be a good way to try methods that pull the face right at home.They are simple and long-term and proper implementation of them , you are sure to achieve the desired result .

The following are several methods how to tighten the skin of the house.

• Lifting
By lifting means any facelift- And operation , and are available and simple means , as the masks and lotions, that have the effect of lifting.Who begins to use them immediately in the event of the first symptoms of sagging skin , eliminates the problem .

Use creams with lifting effect, but also usemoisturizersTo prevent skin dryness. lifting maskThereby solving the problem of how to tighten the skin.

1. RubpotatoL - 1 pc.

2. Spread the facemoisturizer. white of the eggHold as long as it does not dry up - and you can wash.

3. Whisk until frothy statewhite of the eggand soakrolled oats.

4. OneproteinMix with 1 tablespoonflour(preferably oat or rice ) .Stir , add some essential oil.Keep on the face , smeared with cream, to the absolute drying.Then rinse with plain water .

5. Grindoat flakesMix 1egg whitein equal shares.Add warm liquid honey - 1 tsp. .Hold for one half hour .Rinse and cool the skin with ice on the infusion of chamomile .If honey is causing your irritation , use lemon juice - 1-2 teaspoons .

Clay Face Photo

6. Usecosmetic clayfor the manufacture of masks.For their preparation , add a little warm water to make a mass -like cream.Hold for 15 minutes .

And be sure before applying clay face lubricate it moisturizing creamAnd when the mask of clay will you in the face, do not engage in any facial movements.

Well, if you add the clay essential oil or honey and lemon Soko - 1 h. Spoon.

7. Similarly, usingtherapeutic mud.

8. Mixpersimmon potato starch.

• Darsonval
This is a special machine, which can be expensive to buy for use at home. using the current it has beneficial effects on the skinIt reduces wrinkles and helps get rid of the problem: how to tighten the skin.

• Facial massage
Spend a facial massagetwo or three times a weeka duration of 10 minutes.Iron the forehead toward the hair , cheek - to temples .Hold the ends of the fingers from his lips to the ears.At the end of stroking his jaw towards temples.

• Exercises
Frequent , without gaps performing these exercises result will please you very much .The main thing - do not be lazy , because it only takes 30 minutes a day .Morning and evening do these exercises for about 15 minutes.

Exercises for the face photo

1. Roll the mouth imaginary ball.
2. Tight-lipped, press your fingers on the cheeks and do not let the air, carrying the score to 10.
3. put forward the lower jaw forward , opening his mouth , and download it in different directions.The rate of increase gradually.
4. Remember, as teased in childhood.

So, if you regularly carry out these recommendations, then your face look younger for a couple of decades for sure.The main thing - the desire, the desire for beauty and, of course, patience.

If the latter is not enough, you have to go to a cosmetic clinic and trust the professionals themselves .But before applying radical methods , not better to try a safe and reliable means of how to tighten the skin.


How to tighten oval face without the intervention of the surgeon, video