Mixed feeding and complementary feeding grudnichka rules.

Mixed feeding and complementary feeding rules grudnichka

Of course, mother's milk - the best food for the baby, but sooner or later it becomes a little.The baby need and other vitamins , minerals, and nutrients.Therefore, the time comes to start mixed feeding infants, introduce solid foods .What does the introduction of complementary foods , when, how, mode , food - and everything else associated with the introduction of complementary foods while breastfeeding , in this article.


1. Feeding a child: to enter or not to enter?
2. When to introduce solid foods at GW?
3. When to introduce solid foods to the child?
4. How to introduce solid foods and how to feed the baby (diagram and explanation)
5. The basic advice on how and what better to finish feeding the baby
6. How to prepare the baby?

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• Feeding a child: to enter or not to enter?

The first year of baby's life for most parents - this time of unrest , anxiety and sleepless nights.But one question , perhaps, is causing so much controversy and doubt that it is difficult to compare with - is food, rather lure children.While pipsqueak happily sucking mother's breast and normal weight adds , everything seems calm and without problems.But it is worth just grow up crumbs , after two or three months , and mom are increasingly beginning to insinuate that it is necessary to introduce solid foods and start mixed feeding grudnichka .This is where all the troubles and begin ...

Lure childIt would seem , well, what is difficult?I bought a jar of baby food in a specialty store and fed the favorite child .But just when to introduce solid foods to the child and what to feed the baby ?How much and how to feed a newborn baby ?When and how to introduce solid foods right?You firmly believe that good at this issue well ?If so, in vain!

The fact that pediatricians can not still even agree on the issue of what is generally called a lure , and not that of the order and the timing of its introduction .Clearly only one thing : the lure of the child is necessary because the body supplies the growing crumbs all important and necessary for life and further development.The introduction of complementary foods while breastfeeding is an intermediate step on the way for a kid growing up.

The rest of the scholarly minds of serious discrepancies.European pediatricians say that you can only call the lure solid food, which are fed with a spoon.Russian doctors referred to lure not only thick, but liquid foods: milk and milk products.Under this approach, the lure is an independent unit that completely replaces gradually breastfeeding.So the lure is different from any nutritional supplements (which include the additives designated pediatricians in dietary purposes, in particular fruits, egg yolk, cheese, butter and vegetable oil), as well as corrective mixtures produced a baby as a supplement to the mother's breast milk.


• When to introduce solid foods at GW?

Most disputes the question when to introduce solid foods to the child.Some experts support the traditional view that it is necessary to begin to introduce solid foods a child in 4 months at the latest .Others argue that to boost familiarity with the new baby food is not necessary, and better with the introduction of complementary foods to wait another month or two, because the body is not ready yet , and it can cause serious problems with the baby's health.

I spend a lot of research of human milk, which showed that in 4-5 months of breastfeeding in the milk begins to gradually decrease the amount of nutrients, but the needs of the growing organism, on the contrary, increase.That's why pediatricians recommend supplementation to enter the child in 4 months, dokarmlivaya crumb different types of juices that are not lure themselves, but help the body prepare for more serious to take food.But the rush to lure thick precisely it is impossible, it can be dangerous, and good reason, in fact, not for this.

when to introduce solid foodsIf a nursing mom is completely healthy , she has enough milk , and doctors are sure that the baby is developing mentally and physically well, the baby is at least 6 months before any extra to breast milk feeding does not need !Especially rigorous in terms of dating with a new baby food needed if the baby has a tendency to allergies.In this case , even the juice is better to postpone for a couple of months, what vegetable puree and cereal.

The main disadvantages of weaning the child in 4 months - a high risk of the baby food allergies , intolerances possible new product is still quite weak digestive organs crumbs , as well as the likelihood of violations of breastfeeding (giving up the breast , reducing the frequency and intensity of sucking ), and production of woman's bodymilk.

However, to delay the introduction of complementary foods while breastfeeding and to acquaint the child with new types of food , too, is not reasonable .In the absence of timely complementary feeding the child , his eating habits and digestion are not properly developed .When the crumb gets its first juice and puree later than 6 months of life , learn to just swallow solid food he will be much more difficult , and bite off pieces of it and chew , and that complicated.Delayed acquisition of these skills is able to cause various disorders in the stomach and intestines.


• So, when to introduce solid foods to the child?

Whose opinion is more argumentative?When to start solid foods?To answer this question unequivocally and categorically, unfortunately, can not be - all the kids are very different and each needs an individual approach.Recognize when to introduce solid foods a child can be on several key criteria: interest in the adult meals, skills confidently sit first teeth.So my mother time to think over the question how to introduce solid foods baby.That is the most sensible thing we can advise my mother - it rely solely on the state of their baby.However, there are some general rules.

Firstly, foods should be introduced only if the baby can sit (of course , to support the back) without problems holds and turns its head , weighs not less than 6 kg per day consumes nearly 900 ml breast milk , but still afterIt is feeding the hungry .

As for the relative contraindications to the introduction of new foods in the diet , then they are all manifestations of a child's allergies, any digestive disorders , and severe , chronic or acute diseases .If there is any doubt about the need feeding , better to consult a pediatrician , after examining the child and evaluating his condition , he will give expert advice on the timing of the start feeding.


• How to introduce solid foods and how to feed the baby?

what to feed babyAs mentioned above, as the first new life baby food in the diet normally include fruit juice.This product usually detkami easily digestible and has no great stress on the stomach and intestines.Tentatively juice should start complementary feeding baby 5 months.In the old days doctors recommended mums literally from the age of 2 weeks include a kids menu, juice drop by drop.Today, nutritionists and pediatricians are increasingly mention the harm to the child's early introduction of complementary foods juices, besides - an opinion confirmed by incontrovertible evidence.

The safest assumed juice made ​​from green apples - that it is better to finish feeding the baby at first.In what dose and how to feed a newborn baby juice : the amount of juice in the first week can not exceed 1-2 teaspoons ;in the absence of any negative effects , in the second week of the volume portion was adjusted to 50 ml .

After 1-2 weeks the baby can propose the following form of juice - a banana or pear .Then (with an interval ) can go juice plum , apricot or peach , and a little later - the juice of black currant and cherry .Offer your child citrus juices species is not recommended in other matters as well as strawberry , raspberry and tomato juice , as they are potential allergens for children.

After the successful introduction of complementary foods juices can move on to fruit and vegetable puree (not very thick).Approximately need to enter this lure a child in 5-6 months (depending on the condition of the baby).Typically, the earliest samples nutritionists recommend fruit purees made from apples, bananas and vegetables - cauliflower and zucchini.Causes of all are the same: good tolerance and hypoallergenic.Assuming that all has gone well, then you can enter (with a mandatory break in two weeks!), Mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, green peas.After 2-3 weeks, it is desirable to vegetable puree completely replace one breastfeeding.

Talking about what to feed the baby , do not forget about the traditional form of feeding a child - liquid porridge .It should begin to enter the lure of the child in 6 months , not earlier.But here all depends on the situation and well-being of the baby.It happens that the porridge for children prescribed much earlier , as the need for diet food.The first cereal meals that can be included in the diet of a baby - only gluten-free cereal that is not in its composition containing gluten (rice and buckwheat ) .

Around the same period , we can offer a kid curd, - not more than 50 grams .a day , or you can overload the kidneys baby products of protein decomposition.Most often the curd is mixed in vegetable puree .With regard to the conditions of administration of cheese , how to feed a newborn baby , they are traditional : careful monitoring of allergic reactions and , in their absence , a gradual increase servings to age norm .

Crumbs Offer egg yolk should not be until they reach 8 months of age , again in order to reduce the possible risk of allergy.The better the finish feeding the child in 7-8 months : starting from this age , it is possible to give yogurt and other dairy products .

With regard detok- " bottle- " , the situation is somewhat different from the lure , excellent earlier timing of the introduction of some dishes ( with a difference of about 2 weeks) , all other requirements are the same (see details lure the child table) .Ultimately , the question always has to solve the feeding parents.It is important that they are maintained to the child nutrition reasonable approach and not really in a hurry with the new sensations for the crumbs .

The lure of the child table:

complementary feeding scheme


• Basic advice on how and what better to finish feeding the baby?

Here are some general tips on nutrition baby , so to speak , the basic rules of mixed feeding grudnichka :

  • 1.At first, Solid foods can be offered only healthy baby.
  • 2.Secondly, Start familiarizing your baby with new products is extremely undesirable in hot weather and during preventive vaccination (at least one week prior to vaccination , and the same after it) .
  • 3.ThirdDo not forget that solid foods should be introduced gradually and be sure to pay attention to changes , particularly the alarming symptoms , which include : changes in stool , rash , peeling and redness of the skin and so on.


• What to feed the baby and how to cook?

how to feed babyUndoubtedly, you are the most responsible for the health care of the crumbs to feed the child are aiming extremely useful and freshly prepared .However, in respect of a child the concept of " proper diet " has a number of significant features.Food for children has its own rules .

Boiled or steamed!In no case do not fry anything , preparing for the baby , even dressing for borscht or soup .Vegetables cooked in a double boiler or in a little water are rich flavor and delicate texture .Moreover , vitamins are retained in this treatment is better .

Without salt and sugar!Flavors and spices for children - strictly forbidden , salt and sugar , by the way , also flavorings .All products are original , these natural ingredients , but in small quantities , so it is better accustom the baby immediately to the natural taste of food .But it is safe to add to soups or purees for babies after six months - so it's a little vegetable oil .And add some salt dishes can only be closer to the year and then slightly and preferably iodized salt .

As for beverages for children, sour jelly and fruit drinks better sweeten with honey or natural grape sugar - assuming the absence of allergy in toddler .

Only rubbed!Usually , by the time of weaning babies they erupt only one tooth or two , that is, he just chewed alone can not, and the stomach is not ready to digest solid food.Therefore, it should always be rubbed until the consistency of mashed potatoes.A little later , in 8-9 months , it can simply mash with a fork .But by a year - cut into small pieces , boiled foods .

The most recent!The food for the baby , it is desirable to cook per once.Do not try to offer the baby food, which he did not finish last time .And it is by itself not cook evening meals for the next day .

To reduce the risk of allergic reactions may help lure a single component, or more simply, mashed only one kind of fruit or vegetables, cereals only one cereal.The increasing complexity of food consistency and differentiation of new food products at the time of administration, allowing the body crumbs easily adapt to the new food.And of course, the introduction of complementary foods should not lead to child abandonment of breast-feeding.After the first year of a baby especially in dire need of mother's milk and therefore deprive him of this unique wholesome food prematurely, just not worth it.


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