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Paul, Pauline - is an independent name, a shortened form of the Russian-speaking Latin and Greek named Apollinaris, a derivative of the male name Apollinaris.The origin of the name is associated with one of the gods of Greek mythology - Apollo - god of the sun, patron of the arts, ie,Pollinarium - dedicated to Apollo.Value Name Polina - small (from the Latin), a pregnant (from the Greek).



1. The value of the name Pauline
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4. Pauline Pauline: Compatibility name



Name Pauline quite rare, both today and previously.While it never fully took out of use.Maybe that's why it does not seem old-fashioned and unusual.The relative rarity of allowing it to be quite noticeable.

Polina, Polya - hardly anyone today would call as my daughter.It does not matter so little to so many people today sacrifice and unselfish, how is she?The value of the name Pauline deeply reflected in the character of the girl and accompanies her whole life.

Among children Polina stands out its responsiveness, flexible, welcoming.Where misfortune is always there Polenka supports, comforts, soothes, empathizes.She never envied in joy and sincere rejoice together.She's a great friend.Sometimes others have the impression that it is full of love for all: the people, his own and others, animals, all living things.In general, it is, but Paul often looks impregnable and proud, inflated with a special arrogance, "a claim."She often idealizes people than leading them into confusion and puts in an awkward situation, because expressing his opinion, Pauline unwittingly impose their ideals, their outlook on life.Often there is too straightforward, he says what he thinks, forgetting to soften his words.

Despite the apparent positivity she is very insecure, sometimes nervous and excitable, especially when defends his position - Fields can not argue strongly, while taking anything for granted, too, is in no hurry.It is hardly sentimental, besides she often pretends to be indifferent.Equilibrium Pauline very precarious and often varies on the severity, and even mock severity, to fun and joie de vivre.Poly Life can be like a battlefield, and golf games.At the young Pauline rather weak mind, so her health depends on the mental balance.

Polina Griffis At school she was the favorite of teachers, their first assistant, she is incredibly discreet with classmates, never hurt anyone.Pauline unusually neat girl.

Adult Pauline has excellent taste, loves to dress up, but it is incredibly economical, prefer to get yourself outfit than spend in the store.In the cases of Pauline reliable, thorough, and it is often used around trying to put the blame on her own worries.Pauline overly subjective, often takes all the.Very self-critical with yourself, and even prone to self-blame.

She is intelligent, and not miss the opportunity to remind of it to others.Part of the plant itself unusual hobbies, collecting can be carried away, some technical fields, or become an avid sports cheerleaders.In his youth, a kind of sprightly girl Polina, is not lost youthfulness and over the years, and so loves the youth in old age and goes to their favorite.This grandmother a real gift for the grandchildren.

value named Pauline imposes on it a certain selflessness, she as a child can enjoy some trinkets.Pauline extremely harmless, to the extent that would seek to justify the husband who openly flirts with her girlfriend.However, not infinite, vseproschaemost her character could quickly dry up if this abuse.Nevertheless, we should not deceive ourselves, Pauline has a fairly difficult character, can therefore lives rich, interesting life.

interests of the family for Poly always on the order above his own.Professional success, career, business ambition - hardly interested in Pauline.She did not feel the need to work, even though it is quite human activity.It does not seek to have a prestigious profession, but can be a good publicity agent or a journalist.Hard work and patience can bear fruit, but the authorities often forgets about her needs, ruthlessly exploiting.

Polina will try to find a job closer to home, with the possibility to absent himself and see what the children do.Hardly wait until the end of the day, and hurry home.Her whole life is spent in just such endless trouble.Pauline - excellent mother.Regulars parents 'meetings, activist parents' committees, they are sure to stay informed of their children.However, they are lucky in marriage is not always, especially in the first.His future partner Pauline idealizes so that it becomes a real problem this meet.


Sexuality named Pauline

caring Polina will last for several generations.By nature, she is very nice and takes the position of obedience and subordination in bed, but does not tolerate rudeness.She is able to transform family relations into a cozy oasis, but it concerns the psychological comfort and homeliness.With specific regard to sex, it is difficult to excite and often a mask of indifference, she is not taking off, pushing the spouse to love affairs on the side.And Paul refers to this quite tolerable.

Partner difficult to figure out what she likes and how to approach it.Sexually, it certainly led, tender and affectionate, but carve out of it a spark to provoke passion almost unreal.A certain weakness of character, of course, is decorated with feminine Pauline.Extramarital novels alien to her, in her life, there is no place lovers and betrayals.


Orthodox name day Pauline

  • 1. January: 18 (5)

Poly is the patron saint of nun Apollinaris, a virgin who, dressed in men's clothing, prayers worked wonders.


Pauline: Compatibility name

their happiness Pauline could build a man named:

Alexander, Dennis, Yefim, Vitali, Yuri, Constantine.

incredibly difficult and even impossible to happen Pauline with a man whose name:

Anatoli, Igor, Vadim.