What is infant formula?

What is infant formula

If a child , for whatever reason , is bottle-fed , it is crucial to the choice of adapted infant formula to treat responsibly.Because of its quality directly affects the health of your toddler .Do you know what makes up infant formula , which you feed your crumbs ?Presence of any ingredients in the composition of infant formula is justified and useful, and any component in any case should not include baby food up to a year ?If not - it's time to fix it.

First of all, not to be mistaken on the question, how to choose the mixture of the child, it is best to consult your pediatrician, who will recommend a mixture or composition, given the state of health of the baby.However, to completely remove the responsibility from themselves clearly not to be as "blind faith" to the doctors often fails, as evidenced by the many cases of medical negligence, carelessness and indifference banal - doctors are people too, and they err, and have all the vices of ordinary people, despitein the "Hippocratic Oath".Life and health of your crumbs, especially in your hands.

• How to choose a mixture of a child?

baby foodManufacturers of baby food for decades trying to develop a mixture of approximate composition to the mother's breast milk.But to achieve this is impossible.Because breast milk is essentially unique, it is perfectly balanced all the necessary nutrients for the baby, as well as a set of protective "mechanisms", preventive and immunological plan can protect the health of the child and produce its own protective properties immunity kid.But to make even just "food" analogue of very difficult, not to mention the additional properties of the product.Therefore, choose a mixture of baby perfect, it is simply impossible.

Initially, the artificial baby food to one year were made from cow's milk powder .However, with the development of modern technologies have begun to produce infant formula from birth , that the composition of the most adapted to the breast milk of women .

There are a variety of types of mixes for kids infants , with all sorts of additives , vitamins and other substances , but they are in another article where we explain how to select the formula.Now, look at what exactly is included or should be part of an infant formula .

• Infant formula: composition

Casein and whey protein- These are the main proteins of goat or cow's milk .In fact, they are the basis of building materials for the body and the baby catalyst various biochemical processes .And infant formula from birth to 6 months, preferably contain syvorotnye proteins and baby food for older children 6 months - casein.

Taurine- So-called free amino acid that is required for a full growing body of a child's central nervous system and vision.

Lactose (milk sugar)- The substance is very important in infant nutrition to a year.The fact that lactose contributes to a better assimilation of the child's body iron and calcium , essential for healthy living and the development of crumbs .In addition, it improves digestion, provides energy to the body of a child , and creates favorable conditions to develop useful microflora .

DEKSTRINMALTOZA- The so-called natural carbohydrate that promotes the growth of bifidobacteria in the intestine.

Linoleic acid- A fatty acid, vital for the formation of the human brain and retina .In conventional products it is contained in the composition of sunflower , coconut , soy and corn oils .

Probiotics- Lately included in the infant formula of almost any manufacturer .It strains of microorganisms that are responsible for stimulating the growth and reproduction of beneficial intestinal microflora than increase the protective properties of the child's body .In addition, they tend to suppress unhealthy intestinal microflora.

Prebiotic fibers- These substances regulate the entire digestive system , and together with the probiotic in the body contribute to the development of beneficial microflora and enhance immune protective properties .

STARCH AND GUM- These agents included in the composition of infant formula for feeding babies who vomit frequently .Their main function - thickening of the stomach contents .

In addition, the composition of the infant formula include zinc, manganese, iodine, copper and selenium - minerals required for the normal development of the child.Depending on the age of the child or the appointment of baby food up to a year , the composition of infant formula can be enriched with vitamins and trace elements.It should be noted that the content of these substances in the mixture is much higher than in human milk , because they are far from a mixture of less digestible.

• infant formula or the new generation how to choose infant formula?

infant formula compositionRepeat unique - it is this "global" challenge facing manufacturers of artificial infant formula .The main difficulty lies in the fact that infant formula is filled with special active ingredients contained in the breast milk of women who make it so useful to the baby.In part, this problem is gradually turns to address.

The composition of infant formula must comply with the peculiarities of the digestive system and metabolism babies up to a year.To do this, they are trying to include specific components that should help the body develop properly crumbs, improve systems and organs, and to fight infections.How to choose a baby formula useful for kids and what they should contain?By modern blends useful substances include such components as prebiotics, probiotics, lactulose, nikleotidy, fatty acids, which comprise the following, these infant formulas from birth to one year:

Prebiotics.About them they mentioned they help increase enteric beneficial bacteria toddler .To achieve this effect in the infant formula include oligosaccharides ( so called special type of carbohydrate) .Actually thanks to them , children's digestive system starts to better cope with their responsibilities.How to choose a baby formula with oligosaccharides ?This component is included in infant formulas such as, for example ,Nutrilon 2, 3(Manufactured by Nutricia),Nestozhen 1, 2(Manufactured by Nestle),Agusha Gold(Production of "Wimm-Bill-Dann")Frisolak 1, 2(Manufactured Frieslandfoods), and others.

Lactulose.Baby, are prone to a variety of intestinal difficulties , doctors often recommend a mixture for supply to a year where the oligosaccharides are some other substance , namely lactulose .It can be found in the composition of products such asTheme 2(Production of "Unimilk") andSemper Bifidus(Manufactured Semper), and others.

Probiotics.They too are mentioned in particular are live microorganisms (namely bifidobacteria and lactobacilli ) that live in the intestines of any person.They help digestion, to the fight against intestinal infections and allergies , strengthen the immune system .How to choose a baby formula with probiotics ?Such baby food up to a year are fresh ( for example,NAS 2(By Nestle),Hipp 2 lactobacilli(Manufactured HiRR)Nutrilak Bifi(Production of "Nutritek") and fermented milk (for example, NAS fermented (production Nestle),Nutrilak KM(From "Nutritek")Agusha 1, 2 sour milk(Production of "Wimm-Bill-Dann").

NUCLEOTIDES.Nucleotides are called complex biological substances, it takes an important part in many processes of development and functioning of the body.In particular, they are involved in supplying energy to human cells and metabolism, as it serve as building blocks for RNA and DNA, act on the immune system.According to some studies, children who received mixtures containing nucleotides, better developed and gained weight, less experienced bowel problems.Where to look for nucleotides, which foods contain them?Nucleotides consist of the following infant formula:Enfamil 1, 2(Manufactured by Mead Johnson),Nutrilon 1, 2(Manufactured by Nutricia),Nutrilak nucleotides and prebiotics0-6 months., 0-12 months.

FATTY ACIDS.In this issue, to be more precise , the most important is the one type of fatty acid with an impressive title LCPUFA - ielong chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.In principle, take place without the correct metabolism simply can not .How to choose a mixture of a child to include these fatty acids ?They can be found in the special products for children under one year :NAS 1, 2(Manufactured by Nestle),Frisolak 1, 2(Manufactured Frieslandfoods)Nutrilon Gold(From Nutricia) and so forth.

Actually, it is and all that can boast of modern foods for toddlers infants .On the one hand - it is a little , and certainly not competitive compared to mother's milk , but on the other - it is a real breakthrough for the bottle- babies who, because of various reasons are unable to breast-feeding .

• What to fear, or how to choose the right mixture of the child?

Babe after six months , or bottle- they are fed their mother's milk , it is necessary to begin to introduce solid foods .This is a wide palette of components that make up the power supply , monitor who need even more care.The value of many components of children's food in question, in view of their hazard for small children.In some of these components , we want to draw your attention .Are they harmful, how , and what is their risk ?


Many moms have probably heard that the baby food up to a year should not in any case contain gluten.What is wrong with this vegetable protein, which is found in most cereals?The substance, in the body of some poor kids in principle split, which can trigger the development of diseases such as "tselikatsiya" (gluten enteropathy).This disease, which is accompanied by malabsorption of nutrients in the intestines, often due to hereditary predisposition, but because is rare and is considered to be a specific feature.

But this is not the full picture .Since gluten - " insidious " substance interfering absorption through the gut of many nutrients , and without a specific disease.The adult body can cope with his presence , with greater or lesser success (if not zealous with " gluten meal ") .But the baby food up to a year , gluten-free is highly undesirable !If we talk specifically about the cereal , that is, cereals for children, semolina , rye , millet , oats, and barley, is better excluded from the diet of the baby.

Serenity for the first gluten-free porridge should be introduced , namely : rice , buckwheat and corn .And only when the body crumbs completely get used to them , that is, after a year , it is possible for a variety of gourmet menus young added to the diet of porridge from other cereals.


Gliodin - substance in the shell of cereals, which provokes necrosis of the intestinal villi.These villi are necessary for the absorption of nutrients, and in fact they are responsible for the nutrition of the body.The threatening lack of supply of nutrients to the body baby, one more time to explain, I think, is not necessary.Over time, your body's crumbs become more "indifferent" to the effects of gliodina, and sometimes can be quite safe to give such cereals as barley, Pshenko, semolina and oatmeal, to diversify the diet and replenish the body with nutrients.

  • Fitina

the composition of infant formulaPhytin extremely undesirable substance for young children - a substance the body prevents the absorption of calcium , iron and vitamin D. The problem is that the phytin phosphorus content - again, a substance that binds calcium, not allowing them to be absorbed .

The lack of minerals and vitamins , as you know, can lead to serious childhood diseases .Scarce is poorly developed , and in the future may " buy " rickets .Of course , we are talking about the frequent use of the power , which contains a substance not recommended , and on limiting their use from birth to a certain age.

Phytin , by the way , is found in all bakery products and bread as well.However, the danger is not, in principle , as phytin in yeast dough loses its binding properties .When compared to other cereals , the minimum content of phytin in the rice porridge .


For younger kids sugar can be very dangerous product.As it turned out, this substance stimulates the child's body in the lack of B vitamins, which are essential for proper digestion and assimilation of their children uglevodosoderzhaschih body products.In addition, the sugar changes the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the blood of the children, increasing the level of one of them (namely calcium) and reducing the content of another.This violation leads to digestibility of calcium are not in the proper amount, this trace element, or washed out of the body in the urine or begins to form deposits in soft tissues.

Poor absorption of calcium is able to trigger the development of rickets in children or adversely affect the formation of teeth and bone tissue in general .It is therefore important to choose infant formula , mashed potatoes and porridge without sugar , or to give preference to products containing substitutes .


The debate about the dangers and benefits of soy are conducted for a long time .But , whatever the arguments "for" and "against" were not provided one thing is for sure : baby food should not in any case contain genetically modified soy !You can experiment on their health arbitrarily , but jeopardize future generations should not be unequivocally !

With regard to natural soy , then give a healthy baby soy food is also not necessary - it is purely a health food, and assign it to the baby should only be a pediatrician, and no one else .

In any case, we recommend a mixture of soy?Infant formula, which includes soy, recommended if the baby has intolerance to cow's milk proteins if diagnosed galactosemia (a disease associated with a lack of enzymes that break down galactose to glucose).Besides soy mixture kiddies need to lactase deficiency (a disease which is caused by the complete absence or lack of a baby in the gut enzymes that break down lactose).Choose the right mixture of the child in this case, only a doctor can help!


This component is unfortunately very popular for the production of infant food up to a year, primarily because it contains palmitic acid, available in breast milk.However, palmitic acid molecule of breast milk in their structure differs substantially from the structure of the substance derived from palm oil.This acid consisting of palm oil, baby falling to the intestine, associated with the calcium forming insoluble soaps thereof, which is quite dangerous to the baby's condition, since it leads to the formation in the intestine is harder stool, constipation and colic.Therefore we recommend to monitor the composition and to buy infant formula without palm oil, you do not want problems with digestion and the health of your crumbs.

That after such " food experiments" normalize digestion crumbs have to resort to drugs , at best, a natural product carminative action.Use the money you can , for example, on the basis of an extract oil and fennel fruit , can prevent development of spasms , increases peristalsis , promotes discharge of stool and gas , prevents the development of colic .

Among other things , the presence of palm oil is able to block calcium absorption , thereby causing a deficiency of this valuable mineral in the body.So you need to choose the dairy and other infant formula without palm oil .

• When and how baby food banned?

Semolina for kids - this is extremely undesirable products, despite the fact that their parents once "rose semolina."Use semolina composition surely indisputable: it contains fiber, starch, protein, vitamins and minerals.Despite this, you can give her children after only one year old, when your stomach and intestines will be ready to digest the crumbs semolina.The same applies to oatmeal and millet.At the same time, feed semolina children up to 3 years can only be limited, that is, sometimes!If you switch to the menu of the child after a year of weekly semolina, nothing terrible will happen, but on the contrary - only the benefits of this will be.

Such cereals like barley and wheat, is always considered absolutely "no children" cereals.This "bias" due to the fact that the heat treatment of these products requires a lot of time to put it simply, they are digested slowly and for a long time, while expending a lot of energy, especially when it comes to the child's body.Therefore, the latest recommendations of the Institute of Nutrition, there is an indication that the millet porridge in the diet of children is best to use only after a year and a half years, and barley porridge - just over two years of age.


In matters of how to pick a mixture of a child how to choose the lure for the baby without consequences for his health , the experiments are not welcome .If you decide to treat your baby some particularly useful food before you go to the store , look to your pediatrician and discuss with him the idea : he can tell for sure what best fits your chubby little boy .