The most popular surgical methods of correction and homemade facial contours.

Correction of facial contours

Not only the wrinkles may give the true age of the woman, and also to add to it a couple of extra years.Not less important role is played here, and an oval face.It's no secret that the most reliable markers of age are rounded cheeks, raised cheekbones and clear oval face.It was an oval face, we lose in the first place, resulting in the lower part of the face become blurred.Can we turn back the clock and return to its former shape of the face?It turns out - yes!There are several ways, which will be discussed further.



1. correction of facial contours surgically
2. correction of facial contours surgical methods
non-surgical face lift, video

All methods that can help tighten oval face can be dividedinto two large groups:

  • surgical
  • not surgical - exercises for an oval face

correction of facial contours surgically

These methods are very efficient, but at the same time safe.Each has its pros and cons, which we'll talk.

suborbital implants .With implants can increase or change the shape of cheekbones, chin to create the necessary contours and facial contours.The latest development in this area - the implants under the eyes that hide the "sunken eyes".Such implants like two crescent, make them of bioinert materials .The apparent "advantage" is that after the introduction of facial scars remains - an incision is made on the mucous membranes of the lower eyelids, or mouth.

«Cons» : Many experts believe that these implants are displaced and often lead to the fact that proliferating fibrous tissue.

botunicheskogo toxin injection Photo

injections of botulinum toxin. Previously, this method applies only to remove wrinkles.However, today it is actively used to tighten oval face.This method helps in raising corners of the lips, it can significantly smoothed the folds around the nose, chin, lips, and shape of the face becomes clearer.

«Cons»: that the operation was successful, the doctor should have the highest qualifications, know by heart anatomy, principles of interaction of muscles and to be able to calculate the required dose injection. This procedure is risky and fraught with unfavorable outcome - skyrocketing, lowered or asymmetrical eyebrows, ptosis of the upper eyelid, double vision, lack of closure of the lower eyelid, asymmetric smiles and articulation disorders.

Filament lift .Manufacturers filaments assure that this method is safe and lift quite complicated. In their opinion the yarn is very easy to introduce and reinforce special needles.Due to the specific structure of the threads evenly tighten the tissue and are able to disperse.

correction of facial contours in a way is the location of the threads under the skin - they entered deeply and are assigned to the bony structure.

«Cons» : in any case, there is a possibility that the filaments are not uniformly tensioned, and the skin in the attachment will be involved.

Endotiny .This method is based on the surgical procedure and resembles plastic surgery, during which the tissue "prisobirayutsya" special surgical threads.Today endotiny used instead of threads - so called plate of biodegradable material and glycolic acid. They have three or five teeth, and which "must be mounted" tissue.As experts say, the rejection of this material does not happen ever and has just six months later, completely absorbed.This time is quite enough to the skin "entrenched" in the new position and formed the connective tissue.

«Cons»: this procedure is very expensive. In addition, often after surgery, patients may feel out endotiny, but after a while it goes.


correction of facial contours surgical methods

exercises for an oval face photo

Before resorting to drastic methods and tighten oval face with a surgeon, can and must try to imagine exercises facial contours.If they carry on a regular basis, then after a short time will be seen tremendous results.

tones muscles .Ideally, this exercise is carried out in the morning.Take a deep breath, type in the mouth air and keep him, pouting, and they should be tightly closed.Apply hands to her cheeks, so that fingers were on the ears.Push down on the cheek, and the cheeks should resist hand.After five seconds, relax.And then repeat the exercise 10 times.

tightens the chin .Round sponge with the letter "o".The language should be the most tightly pressed against the cheek to such an extent that the tension could be felt at the base.Now in a circular motion move the tongue on the cheek - 20 times in one and the same - on the second.

strengthens muscles .The mouth should be open as much as possible and pull the lips in the form of the letter "o".Top lip should cling to the teeth.Forefinger touch to the bottom of the eye sockets, but do not need to press too.Next is to smile, the corners of the mouth and cycling to go back to its original position.If you feel pressure under the fingers, so the exercises are performed correctly.Repeat it 30 times should be.

make the face thinner. Roll the lips to the teeth and open mouth.Hands swipe across the face side.Follow until you get tired.

We hope that these tips will help you pull a face and you do not need surgical correction.Good luck, and be beautiful!


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