False hair

All of the false hair

false hair are applied in cases where it is necessary to radically change her hair short or medium length hair.Grow hair for a couple of days is not possible, therefore, false hair is the only way out.Typically, a woman decides to resort to this type of change in your hairstyle before the celebrations.It is not surprising, because the long hair gathered in a luxurious hair, looked amazing, but do not carry such practical functions like short hairstyles.

However, false hair have their own advantages and disadvantages.First, let's talk about the benefits.The main advantage of false hair is a rapid change in hairstyle, with the possibility to extend short hair is fundamental.Hairstyles with false hair can be done alone, and in fact, any, without the intervention of a professional hairdresser.This hairstyle is done in minutes with minimum effort.False hair can give away high temperatures without fear of damage, can not be said about natural hair.

Now you can go to the disadvantages of wearing toupees.The main disadvantage of the use of these hairstyles hair is the abundance of different pins, pins and other paraphernalia, which significantly increases the weight of the hair, causing a small but constant discomfort.Scope of wearing these hairstyles narrowed to special occasions.

In addition, false hair is natural hair, so enchanted man you can react in different ways to detect native, short hair.

The main disadvantage of the overhead locks - they can not swim, exercise, sleep, that is, you have to remove them permanently.

However, using toupees can get used to more, until you grow a long hair.In addition, diarrhea overhead strands of a few days, you will be able to decide whether or not to grow hair.

worth noting that the false hair can quickly change their color without using paint that can harm your family hair.As you can see, overhead strands have a lot of advantages and disadvantages, and what position to choose the point of view with respect to this method of increasing the length of the hair - you choose.