The ideal hair color for brown, green, gray and blue eyes

Green eyes

In our society, there are many common stereotypes, including those relating to the exterior.All used to be brown-eyed girl with dark or brown hair, blondes definitely blue, the red-haired, green-eyed girls should be.In reality it is not so.

not always gives us the nature of the appearance of what we would like, but the color of the hair in our time to correct a problem.The main thing to do it right and opportunity to use safe forgiving paint to prevent damage to the very structure of the hair.Hair and eye color must be combined.Consider how to choose a particular hair color for different eye colors.



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for brown eyes

Brown eyes in terms of experiments with appearance is considered the most universal.Their owner can choose almost any hair color you like them, except, perhaps ashy blonde.Everyone remembers how in the Soviet era ridiculous looking brightly painted brown-eyed blonde with a shock-burned gidroperita hair.

To avoid this situation, you need to follow some rules.The right choice of hair color for brown eyes depending on their hue.

Rule 1.

If you have dark brown or almost black eyes, you can choose a darker shade of hair.Brightly painted dark-eyed brunette at all times considered the standard of sexuality.Again, it all depends on the time and situation, make-up that will look sexy night in the restaurant during the day on the beach will look ridiculous.

should also remember that the blue-black hair, in any case, the old woman.This can be avoided by choosing a paint color of dark chocolate, dark-complexioned woman, and if, then a better option than you can imagine.If your skin is light, it looked good with hair a little ryzhinkoy.Bright deep red or red color can also be used, it will give a general appearance of intrigue and you will not go unnoticed in the crowd.

Rule 2.

Brown eyes

hazel eyes hazel or greenish shade will look favorably with golden wheat or hair, especially if you give them a brighter shade of using makiyazha.Esli, with brown eyes, you still decidebecome a blonde, is to follow a few rules.Probably possessor dark brown eyes will not go blank blond, you can make the weave or add any color strands.

And another tip, stick to moderate and pastel make-up, otherwise your looks will simply vulgar.


For blue or gray eyes

If a girl light blue or gray eyes, then picking up the color of the hair, it must necessarily take into account the type of skin.

for blue-eyed and fair-skinned women are perfect bright warm colors of hair:

  • wheat,
  • honey,
  • light blond,
  • light chestnut.

bright hair color for blue eyes is the best option, it is even more underline the attractiveness, depth and luster blue eyes.If your natural hair color is closer to dark chestnut or light brown shade, and a little olive complexion, the reddish strands of copper or accentuate skin tone and make the eyes more expressive.

light gray eyes

Owners bright blue almost blue eyes and dark skin types can be easily repainted a brunette or brown-haired woman.Against the background of dark hair color cornflower eyes will especially stand out.It should be remembered that the lighter shades of hair, the less expressive blue eyes will appear.

most difficult to pick a hair color, suitable for light steel-gray eyes, as on the background of bright saturated colors are eye lost, and light warm colors give the views of some detachment and emptiness.The only correct option would be pure ash blond to which you can add coloring a steel-gray strands, or gray pearls.Also suitable light-brown color with a light silvery sheen.

special piquancy and shine silvery eyes give a few strands of extreme shades:

  • purple
  • turquoise blue

combined with any unusual hairstyle and make up a proper fitting gray eyes will look even better.

Another rare is gray-blue eyes that can change color depending on the brightness, time of year, clothing or mood (chameleon).In winter, my eyes are usually made of light gray and featureless, and in spring and summer, as if typed at the colors of the sky and is bright blue, almost cornflower.Such eyes are also better for warm shades of hair.


For green eyes

green eyes

It is believed that the most appropriate hair color for green eyes is a bright copper-red or brown shades, but this is not true.Such hair is certainly suitable green-eyed girl, but only when their eyes were pronounced green color that is extremely rare.

If shade hazel eyes with small patches of light-brown color (like sunbeams jump in these eyes), they are suitable owners of all the warm colors from golden to reddish-brown.If you wish to become a blonde can do it also, but beware of ash or pearly shades, better to take honey, the color of ripe wheat or gold.

Ash or platinum hair blends perfectly with the cool, somewhat transparent, gray-green eyes.If you prefer to be a brunette, in combination with bright makeup will look good or dark brown color of the so-called "Black Tulip" (some with purple tint or aubergine), which will emphasize your eyes and they shine like two green stars.

try, experiment, let your appearance is always attractive and compelling and, most importantly, be happy, loved and happy with themselves.