Hairstyles by type of face: for square, broad face.

The square shape of the face

If the shape of your face is far from perfect (and such is considered an oval shape), it is not necessary to be upset before the time.Of course, you will need to work hard to find the perfect hairstyle for the type of person.But
hairstyle for square face - individual, is original and hides all the imperfections.
Besides your face shape - it's your highlight, so using a haircut or hairstyle your image is not only harmonious, but also beneficial to look at the rest.



1. What hairstyles to choose the girls with a square face shape
2. long hairstyles by face type
3. Do fringe, if the person square
4. Hairstyleswide face
Choose a hairstyle for a square shaped face, video

What hairstyles to choose the girls with a square face shape

If by nature you have got to the square face shape, your pervozadachey becomes to choose the right hairstyle. Its main task - to visually smooth and long face, bringing to an oval shape. You can enter in a search engine query: hairstyle for square face photo, certain network will give you plenty of options among which you are sure to choose one that you need.

When in doubt, and can not determine which form applies to your face, draw a small test. zacheshite hair in a ponytail.Arm yourself with a ruler.First of all, measure how many centimeters you from forehead to chin.Then we measure the distance between the cheekbones. If these two indicators - the same, or nearly the same, you have no doubt, square face.

hallmarks of square shapes are angular chin, identical to the width of the upper and lower parts of the face.And in general, very similar to the outline of the face square.

You can search on the Internet "Hairstyle for square face photo."But in order to opt for one or another should still know and consider a few rules by which the shape of the face and hair will combine well.Hairstyle for a square face should hide all the flaws, emphasize your strengths and competitive side.


long hairstyles by face type

Soft curls are well suited to the square face photo

long hair. This hairstyle for a square face always looks like a winner.Long hair visually lengthen a square face, pulling him. Long hair can hide an angular jaw .Well, if such a hairstyle for a square face will be slightly asymmetrical (because it is too straight and symmetrical lines can cause the opposite effect and make the face more square).But layered hairstyle - just perfect for a square face .The perfect solution for women with square shapes - curly hair - curls or soft ringlets.

average length of hair. This length can also be ideal to hide all the flaws of face shape. hair that reaches the chin, or cascade down a little lower - this is the ideal length for a square face .You can leave the hair straight, you can curl them.You can be sure that you have chosen the ideal hair length for your face shape.

Short hair .Of course, they are not perfectly square face hide flaws, but even among short haircuts, you can choose one that will be perfect for you.It can be laminated, shearing step. tips of the hair be sure to milling.Lay such hair better volume. Avoid short haircuts, because opening the face, she opened all the disadvantages of a square face.


Do fringe, if the person square

If you have a square face shape, you should definitely try to wear bangs. best suited assimetrichnyk bangs.Also, your ideal solution would be parting.Avoid length and density in bangs - they aggravate cheekbones, make a square face wider.


Hairstyles for a broad face

asymmetrical bangs photo

When the shape of the face resemble a square, remember that hair style that you choose should ideally be asymmetrical.This asymmetry perfectly hides the flaws and angular face.
Avoid excessive symmetry, do not try combed her hair back, try not to collect them in a bun or tail - these hairstyles can be opened and further emphasize the shortcomings of face shapes.

Choose those hairstyles that are different pomp and volume.A particularly good solution - create volume at the crown.

Remember that hairstyles are selected according to the type face.We can not be guided only by the fact that you like or that haircut - what has come to your girlfriend, can in no way be combined with the type of your face.Good luck in choosing your perfect hairstyle!


Choose a hairstyle for a square face shape Video