I am pregnant?

how to determine pregnancy

The first day of delay , the second, third . ... How to determine whether the pregnancy is , whether there is a reason to rejoice or worry ?Included in your plans a pregnancy or not, worrying , wondering about the reasons for the delay menstruation still not worth it , it is better to find out as quickly as possible .And we will tell you how you can learn about pregnancy , what are the first signs of pregnancy and how to confirm .



1. The first signs of pregnancy
2. How can I find out about the pregnancy before the delay
3. What is this if not pregnant?
4. How to determine pregnancy?
5. How to determine the pharmacy pregnancy test?

  • When to do a pregnancy test?
  • Test strips
  • Tablet tests
  • Jet Tests
  • Electronic tests
  • How to choose a pregnancy test?
  • Can a pregnancy test be wrong?

6. How to define pregnancy without tests, by measuring the BT?
7. Determination of pregnancy laboratory tests
8. How can I find out about the pregnancy by ultrasound?

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The first signs of pregnancy

There are a number of characteristic features that can confirm or deny your suspicions.Along with the absence of menstruation, such features can be morning sickness, excessive sleepiness, swelling of the mammary glands.All these are signs of pregnancy in the first week.Some women are determined by the appearance of pregnancy hypersensitivity, pain or severity of chest and pigmentation around the nipple area.In addition, often amplified irritability, put out you can start before the usual things.A characteristic feature of pregnancy is increased appetite and the appearance of the so-called "taste perversion" when you, for example, want to seize pickle jam, so much so that already drools at the thought.If this still frequent trips to the toilet, day and night, you feel a frequent urge to urinate - you can be sure almost 100% that you in the position.


How can I find out about the pregnancy before the delay

How can I learn about pregnancyUnfortunately, in the early stage of a woman's feelings are often very unpleasant .Even before the arrival of menstruation on time you can feel the cramps , pain, accompanied by implantation bleeding.This way one of the most accurate and earliest " signs " of pregnancy , advancing even before it can identify the tests or the woman finds the delay menstruation or any ailments associated with pregnancy .

Such a small amount of bleeding associated with the planting, the implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall of the uterus, about 6-10 days after conception.Monthly thereafter no longer occur.However, it does not occur in every woman, or you may go unnoticed, as it is not just bleeding - discharge may be a pinkish color and go just a couple of hours, although there are exceptions - a few days.But pronounced it should not be, otherwise it can be a sign of miscarriage in early pregnancy, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, etc.

And so, summarize.

  • 1. Implantation bleeding;
  • 2. Menstrual delay;
  • 3. swelling or soreness of the chest;
  • 4. Discharge from the nipple colostrum;
  • 5. The feeling of nausea and vomiting in the morning;
  • 6. The change in taste;
  • 7. change in appetite;
  • 8. irritability;
  • 9. fatigue;
  • 10. The increased frequency of urination.

However, all these symptoms of pregnancy in the first week called 100% but certainly not possible , they may be completely unrelated to pregnancy .This indirect signs , and can not be , or on the contrary, indirect evidence available , and there is no pregnancy .


What is this if not pregnant?

At first,this be a symptom of a normal menstrual period.Secondly,impressionability many women worry about the occurrence of pregnancy , often results in nausea and other symptoms of expression for purely psychological reasons.There are several factors that affect the ovulation and therefore provoke a delay menstruation, menstrual cycle fails :

  • 1. stress;
  • 2. Transfer;
  • 3. Travel;
  • 4. diseases;
  • 5. medication;
  • 6. exercise and overload;
  • 7. dramatic weight change (for example, after a strict diet).


How to determine pregnancy?

how to use a pregnancy testTo determine the pregnancy there are far better ways than the recognition of signs .But even in the early stages , they can not give a 100% result.These include:

  • 1. pharmaceutical tests;
  • 2. Measurement of BT (basal body temperature);
  • 3. laboratory tests;
  • 4. ultrasound.


How to determine the pharmacy pregnancy test?

Today in the pharmacy you can buy various types of tests, both in the method of use, and reliability of the determination of the results :

  • 1. The test strips (strip test);
  • 2. The test device (tablet tests);
  • 3. jet tests;
  • 4. electronic tests.


When to do a pregnancy test?

Pharmacy tests are justified to use when menstrual delay of 1-2 days.On the question of " when to do a pregnancy test ," you can answer the tests designed for early detection of the presence of pregnancy , and most of them define it on the first day of delay .The tests are very simple to use, available in cost and quite authentic.The accuracy of the result will be significantly higher if the conduct of research 2-3.

The basis of the tests, despite their outward differences, is a reaction reveals a specific hormone that is produced by the body during pregnancy - chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).This hormone, together with its breakdown products are distinguished by the body in the urine.Reacting them enters chemical reagent contained in the plate or strip test.Explore the best morning portion of urine and always after washing.The morning urine contains the maximum amount of the hormone hCG, and this study will provide the most accurate results.


Test strips

when doing a pregnancy testStrips , among other studies , are most popular, least expensive and most simple of the tests .

How to use a pregnancy test:

  • 1. Rinse and clean container to collect morning urine.
  • 2. Lower the paper test strip into the urine up to a certain point and hold it for 10-20 seconds.
  • 3. Now put the strip on a dry level surface .Evaluate the result will be a few minutes.
  • 4. One red line formed on the test means that you are not pregnant .Two red stripes - it's time to accept congratulations , you are pregnant !

Disadvantages strip test:

  • 1. If the test strip in the urine underexpose or overexpose, the result can be misleading;
  • 2. The carrier reagent in the strip test is a paper that is not always possible to maintain the exact concentration , and thus leads to an erroneous , incorrect result.
  • 3. Paper strips require a corresponding storage .Stay test in high humidity may affect its qualitative, to further the accuracy of its responses.


Tablet tests

These determinants of early pregnancy are more expensive but also more comfortable to use.Test cassette - the second generation test , although they are using the same test strips in the plastic plate only .

How to use a pregnancy test:

Test tape immersed in the liquid is not needed for the investigation of only one drop of urine.On the front side of the tablet , there are two test window .The first bit of urine dripping pipette supplied with the test.The second window - the reference in it after a few minutes you will see the result .

Pros and cons of the test cassette:

  • 1. The quality and sensitivity of tablet tests are the same as in the test strip , but the cost may exceed the cost of every 5-10 conventional strips.
  • 2. If you know about your pregnancy , but you want to keep this moment, leave the memory test , test , purchase a tablet - it is convenient to store and quite beautiful.


Jet Tests

They are called third-generation tests.Their apparatus is more complicated but more reliable as to the construction, and with respect to results.Inside jet test is a fibrous rod composed of tubules.On this rod urine very quickly rises to the right part of the test - the reagent.With this structure, permanently attached to the hCG test part, if he is present in the urine.This allows you to not worry about whether you are overdone test or on the contrary, underexposed, and also to make a study when it is convenient.

To determine whether pregnancy simply substituted foster end of the test under the urine stream .And it can be done at any time of the day .You'll see in a few minutes - one or two bands .Ink tests much more expensive than tablets , and this is probably their only drawback.

The benefits of inkjet tests:

  • 1. Collect the urine is not necessary;
  • 2. They can be used at any time during the day, not only in the morning;
  • 3. They are easy to use;
  • 4. The high sensitivity.


Electronic tests

how to determine pregnancyThe only significant difference from the rest of the electronic test , is the inscription «pregnant», appears if you are pregnant or inscription «not pregnant», if the pregnancy is not.The convenience of electronic test is no need to break the eyes and doubt as you saw strips .Externally, the test is very cute , so is perfect for storage , also taking into account the highest value among all the tests, throw them in a few minutes - just squandering .Although it is up to you.


How to choose a pregnancy test?

When buying a test note on its sensitivity.It is measured in mIU / ml - international units per milliliter.Test with nasal sensitivity 10 mIU / ml of hCG in the hormone recognizes a much lower concentration than 20 mIU / ml, and therefore is able to determine pregnancy at an early period .Ultrasensitive tests can identify it in 7-10 days after conception , less sensitive - only the first day of a missed period .Most of the tests available in pharmacies are sensitive, usually 20-25 mIU / ml.

When purchasing be sure to check the expiry date of the test.Overdue reagent may be misleading and give a wrong result .

If the test study yielded positive results , be sure to go and see a gynecologist .You need to make sure to confirm that the pregnancy is normal, because the test is exactly the same and can respond to an ectopic pregnancy .


Can a pregnancy test be wrong?

In the early stages , nor any study can not give a 100% result.However, pregnancy tests have high reliability and the percentage of verifiable cases - 95-98 % .Nevertheless, the question of " whether a pregnancy test be wrong ' answer is clear : yes, can , both in relation to the existence, and as to the absence of pregnancy.

False negative test result happens when:

  • 1. The test study was conducted too early, at a very low level of the hormone of pregnancy;
  • 2. The rules instructions are not complied with, and the test carried out with errors;
  • 3. you have an excessive fluid intake, which dilute the urine and reduce the concentration of hCG;
  • 4. Test expired.

False positive test result happens when:

  • 1. There are dysfunctional ovarian disease;
  • 2. pregnancy hormone produced tumors - tumor.


How to determine pregnancy without test, by measuring TDB?

how to determine pregnancy without testsThe definition of pregnancy by measuring basal temperature sufficiently reliable method , but it is very troublesome and difficult enough .Firstly , you must know well their own menstrual cycle, temperature graph conduct regularly.Secondly, the research process is rather long , and therefore justified only when a doctor's visit is not rational , the opportunity to examine , at the gynecologist is not present, or in cases where the pregnancy is a highly anticipated, but the monthly trips to the doctor, do not justify themselves .

From the next day, in the morning rather delayed menstruation, the basal temperature can be measured.You must enter a normal medical thermometer into the rectum, it should be done is not deep - 2 cm. Is enough.To measure the temperature needed for 5-7 minutes and necessarily immediately after a night's sleep without getting up from bed.Stable temperature rise of 37 ° C, suggesting a possible pregnancy.However, even during pregnancy can occur lower temperatures, it is often the case with the threat of abortion - spontaneous abortion.

How to define pregnancy without tests:

  • 1. The fact that the pregnancy, you can be sure, if the temperature is over37 ° CIt is stored for 3 days longer than your body characteristic of the corpus luteum phase (ie the phase in the interval after ovulation and before menstruation, which is characterized by high temperatures).For example, if usually it lasts 12 days, and suddenly became - 16, the probability of pregnancy is high.The first phase, especially when irregular cycle, the duration is quite different, but the phase luteum typically very stable and averages 12-14 days.The need to observe the entire cycle - no, you have to follow it for the second phase of the cycle.
  • 2. high probability of pregnancy, gives the appearance ofthird level higher temperatures.The schedule usually consists of two phases: the first phase is the low temperature , and after ovulation , upon the occurrence of a second temperature rises sharply - this is the phase of the corpus luteum .When pregnancy is the appearance of an additional jump ( after the second phase ) temperature rise, then it becomes a three-phase timetable .
  • 3. Seeing morehigh temperature for 18 days in a rowIt indicates pregnancy.


Pregnancy laboratory tests

how to determine beremennost2

Assay for hCG.

There is another early diagnosis of pregnancy - laboratory blood test HCG .This method is more reliable than urine , moreover, it significantly delays the timing determination to earlier .The woman's ovaries under the influence of human chorionic gonadotropin - a protein complex synthesized by certain cells of the embryo and later the placenta - going production of hormones , which are necessary for normal pregnancy : progesterone , estradiol and estriol .

To determine the presence of pregnancy for such a blood test , you can have a 6-7 days after conception .Ideally, the test result after donating ready within 5 hours.

Assay trophoblastic beta-globulin.

A more complex, but more reliable method of detection of pregnancy based on the measurement of hormone levels in the female body laboratory method.In this case, we investigate venous blood levels of the hormone on a specific - trophoblastic beta-globulin.This analysis not only provides the most reliable information, but also to determine the expected duration of a possible pregnancy.Laboratory method will take some time to confirm the findings, and it is expedient to carry out even before a missed period, after 10 days of conception.


How can I find out about the pregnancy by ultrasound?

the first signs of pregnancy by ultrasoundUS- One of the most accurate methods , we can say the most accurate way to determine pregnancy .However, it is advisable to carry out ultrasound not earlier than 3 weeks after conception .

Methods of ultrasound can be different:

  • 1. transabdominal issledovanie- Through the anterior abdominal wall;
  • 2. transvaginal study- The introduction of the sensor into the vagina.

Undoubtedly, transvaginal ultrasound , more reliable .In the short term it is able to show the fertilized egg in the uterus , a diameter of about 5 mm.In addition to the definition of pregnancy , ultrasound helps to ensure that the pregnancy is not ectopic this .

It is worth noting negative point of this , at first glance, a perfect study.Among physicians there is an opinion (though not having sufficient evidence ) that in the early stages , in particular up to 9 weeks , ultrasound , can provoke an abortion .Like it or not , but they are clearly not abused worth .

And so you can boast of positive results of all the tests ?Then - congratulations !After discharge from the pregnancy phenomenon unique - the gift of God !Judge for yourself , a healthy woman of 12 monthly cycles , ovulation occurs only 10 , but even that does not guarantee pregnancy.You can safely consider yourself lucky !But first - to the doctor .He will have to confirm pregnancy, exclude any infection or prescribe treatment from them, and suggest how to make the pregnancy cloudless , and health of the unborn baby's strong !