Features of non-verbal communication: gestures, hands and fingers.

gestures of hands and fingers

As you probably know , hand gestures are the brightest available to understand and the most studied body signals .Hand gestures inform us of a bad mood interlocutor of nervousness about the confusion of sympathy ... .

Man , as a rule, he does not even notice what gestures accompanied by his dialogue , and , nevertheless , non-verbal communication such features as hand gestures - a subconscious demonstration of his true feelings.Knowing these features , you can easily expose the selfish goals of your companion , to learn to use them to their advantage , right to conceal from others their own feelings .

And so, what do they say specific hand gestures.



1. Handshakes
2. Scratching, rubbing his hands
3. Crossed arms on his chest
4. wrapped her arms around his shoulders
5. Camouflaged hand gestures
6. Hands in pockets
7. Signs of his fingers clasped fingers
8. The fingers clenched into a fist
9. Signs fingers: spire

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Open palm has long been a gesture of trust.The very same handshake dates back from the ancient times : prehistoric people shaking hands to show that they are not armed and peacefully set .And during the heyday of the Roman Empire , this gesture somewhat modified - shake hands began wrists .Played a common habit to hide a dagger in his sleeve , but the meaning is the same: to show a good location , the lack of a concealed weapon .

Such a gesture hands firmly entrenched in our subconscious .These features are non-verbal communication are an integral part of our modern life we , as well as our ancestors , stretching out their hands to each other as a sign of confidence , or try to hide his hands , when something is hiding .

The vigorous , strong shaking hands in combination with singing , you can easily determine the sincerity of the interlocutor, his desire to continue the dialogue .When his two hands grasping , as a " glove " , also show friendliness.But when you stretch the " inanimate " limp hand - this means that you do not want to contact .

If the handshake hand is cold, it is a signal that the owner frozen or seriously excited.On the nervous experiences testify misted palm.

handshakeWhen the handshake at hand is palm down - this shows the desire of the owner to dominate another person.On the other hand, hand, palm turned up reports that people unconsciously pleaded subordinates agree to be guided in a relationship with someone.Such a gesture common to almost all men, women rarely use it.Character handshake reveals the intentions of another person.Man showing its leading position, its leadership, at the time of the connection of two hands for a handshake, be sure to arrange his hand up the back side.Check how persistent he is in his leadership status is simple: try to turn up your hand.The man disagrees to equality between you, will not allow it to make you feel resistance.You will not be able to convince him to cede the leading role.


Scratching, rubbing his hands

If fraud occurs involuntary desire to hide his hands , scratch your nose, rub your eyes, cover your ear.Especially give the lie inadequate movement left side of the body .Man , surely , is lying when his left hand constantly hanging out of place , for example, describes a circle or any shape in the air absolutely without any meaning.Similarly, " informer " stretching the truth on your host serves his left leg , depicting a figure in the sand or asphalt that draws some lines and other elements that are not related to the topic of conversation .


Crossed arms on his chest

Crossed over his chest , legs crossed like - classic gesture unavailable , closed interlocutor.A sign of confusion and the need for protection is a frequent blinking .Emotions are not allowed to feel free and easy , and the body produces it .To agree on anything with the people is extremely difficult , it is unlikely to even listen to you , or rather hear - he emotions interfere .

" Break the ice " Try taking the open position , showing the palm of copying it open or neutral gestures , speak calmly and kindly .Try to "impose" his "positive gestures " , there is a good chance that he did not notice how to relax .And only having achieved its ease , start talking about what you need.


Wrapped her arms around his shoulders

When the hands are crossed and their hands grip on the shoulder of the opposite hand - in front of you people are trying to control their negative emotions .These hand gestures indicate that he was trying to calm down, pull yourself together , or simply do not blurt out too much.Often the motives of the gesture explains the excitement and experience , it is more self-control, rather than anger or irritability .

The fact that a person is trying to control his emotions and feelings , and also says the following hand gesture : hands are behind his back and the other one holds the wrist of the hand or above the wrist .


Camouflaged hand gestures

excitementCamouflaged are gestures by which a person achieves the necessary level of calm and confidence.When installing protective barriers, as you already know, the hands fastened across the body.However, instead of this situation, many of sustainable active use of various accessories: twirl cufflinks, Teasing strap watches, bracelets, etc., is carried out with one hand on the other.One way or another, but with one hand still appears across the body, and it is clearly talking about the installation of the barrier.These hand gestures will always help you to recognize not quite sure, trying to hide the nervousness of the person.Women notice these gestures are a little more difficult, because they are usually in such cases as a barrier to use their handbags, wallets, etc.To maintain the confidence of women, as a rule, use both hands.

However , in both women and men , this gesture is not always protected.More likely disguised movements can be banal manipulation.It's not always a bad bear motivated.For example, people experiencing nervous and afraid of the reaction of the interlocutor , but assume an artificial self-confidence, sticking out his chest, arms at the same time hidden behind his back .Yes, they are not crossed, but hard to keep a folder of documents , or plucked a piece of paper , bend the paper clip and so on.


Hands in his pockets

With this gesture features of nonverbal communication are manifold .This gesture set of values ​​, it all depends on the combination with other gestures and situations .Interpretation can be as follows:

  • 1. A person just cold .And, therefore , you need to move in a more comfortable environment .Otherwise, soon added the gesture of hands gesturing anger and rejection , the desire to quickly get rid of your society.If the conversation is an important , the outcome is unpredictable.Man rejects all your suggestions , mainly because he was tired of being cold , just " unbind " from you without explanation .Or interlocutor agrees with your arguments will promote your good ideas, but was forced to end
  • 2. In dealing with some women men often put their hands in their pockets , while exposing thumbs .In this case - is an eloquent gesture that the woman he loves , and he's trying to make a good impression on her .This is a gesture of courtship.If the hands are in such a position when communicating with her sex , it is a demonstration of their own independence .Legs wide apart at the same time and the whole appearance said: "I firmly stand on my feet , I am the master of my life ."
  • 3. conversation.In that case, hurry to take advantage of the situation until it is time to change your mind and cancel its decision if was actually disagree with you .
  • 4. Hands in the pockets can be said about the concentration of man.So he thinks about something , his thoughts designs , street plans.Typically, these reflections are accompanied by shaking , people shifting from heel to toes .
  • 5. This gesture can mean boredom.Man with hands in pockets can often be seen on the corporate meetings, social events and charity evenings : and can not leave - gathered important people , misunderstood , and be unbearable - there are no forces to be nice and smile these snobs .
  • 6. Man is not being honest with you.This gesture may mean that he is deceiving you.Actually of the above situations, and so it is clear that the other person with his hands in his pockets is not sincere.He was not interested in what you tell him what's going on, his thoughts are quite different, and it maintains a conversation with you just being polite.But his hands in his pockets and can mean "independent" lie.The interviewer does not want you to notice his nervousness (in fact it may declassify), and therefore hides his hands, so that they do not give out.Before making specific findings, watch and other non-verbal signals.
  • 7. It is also a gesture of reluctance to do anything .For example, when you ask her son take out the trash or clean the apartment - in the end , he will perform the job or not depends on your level of authority.Or, for example , the person in the photo with his hands in his pockets, certainly did not want to be photographed.


Signs of his fingers clasped fingers

finger gripIf during a conversation or negotiation you see that your opponent is sitting at the table , clasping his fingers - this is evidence of his disagreement with what he hears .Even if his face friendly smile , and he occasionally nodding his head as if poddakivaya you , make no mistake, he probably reject your idea .Such signs fingers vary in the degree of disagreement : the higher your opponent is holding the grip fingers , the more difficult it will be to agree with him .

When you watch the finger grip in a standing position , that is, below the belt , keep in mind that its opposition , in this case a different nature and finger marks can carry a different meaning.Man subconsciously protecting the most vulnerable spot of his body .Perhaps he is afraid of you or afraid of the positive outcome of your proposal and did not want to risk it.Will he be able to resist you in this situation - a question.


Fingers clenched fist

Aggressive , ready to attack a person , you can easily find out by clenched fingers.Complete the picture of aggressiveness appropriate expression on his face.It may be clenched teeth , pursed lips , eyebrows , etc. summarizedIn dealing with such a person , be careful , there is not any doubt that he is ready to attack at any moment , sufficient reason can be careless word or even a glance.


Signs fingers: spire

This finger gesture is often possible to observe a person sitting at the table : the hands have a good support , the fingers are joined in a kind of house or spire .This hand gesture peculiar people who feel in a particular situation the confidence and excellence .Combining fingertips , the source informs you that feels confident , relaxed and very pleased with it .

The steeple is of two types - raised and lowered .The first , raised steeple shows complacency , excellence and confidence.Second , lowered means that the person listening to you very carefully , analyzing the information obtained.


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