Pimples on genitals - a problem that is not silent.The causes of and ways to treat pimples on the genitals

Pimples on genitals

pimples on the genitals - is a delicate issue and a taboo for public discussion.On this subject, adopted only talk to your doctor.But to remain silent, if there are spots on the labia (the girls) or pimples on the penis (for men) is not worth it!

Pimples on genitals - it's not joking!But, despite this, very few people immediately turn to a specialist when it detects lesions in intimate places.This is due to many reasons, the main one being a sensitive issue - someone just shy, and someone - is afraid to hear the disappointing diagnosis.To get rid of the problem, what I did not invent the patients!And trying to squeeze, lotions and treated ... while forgetting the most important thing - you must first figure out why there are spots on the head in men or women in the vagina pimples.After all, they can testify about sexually transmitted diseases, get rid of that alone is impossible.Remember main principle: pimples on the genitals do not need to push, burn, tear! It can cause serious complications.



1. Why pimples on the genitals
2. subcutaneous pimples on the genitals
3. therapeutic measures when a pimple on an intimate place
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Why pimples on the genitals

Arise such acne can for a variety of reasons.These may be external factors, or spots - as a symptom of the disease.

are the most common external factors.

  • Poor hygiene .If you neglect or violate the personal hygiene, sooner or later there will be spots on the genitals.Experts say that should wash twice a day.Use each time soaps, gels or other conditioning agents is not desirable.In modern vehicles contain substances that can disrupt the natural microflora and destroy it.Many women are addicted to syringing.So, to do this procedure without the need for it is not necessary, because you run the risk of his own ruin the microflora.As a consequence - thrush, vaginosis, and so on.Not surprisingly, if you will into the vagina pimples.
  • T in injuries.Very often, small pryshchichki genital occur after shaving.True, they disappear on their own after a few days.To avoid problems, shaving should be in compliance with all rules and caution.Trauma can be obtained and clothing.Be sure to only wear comfortable underwear, so it does not crush, do not rub.This also applies to men.Often, acne on the penis at them - it is the result of friction on the body underwear.
  • supercooled .Do not be surprised if you spend an hour in the cold, cold, or sat on the bench and you jump pimple on sexual lip.The temperature drops very negative impact on health.In this case, acne on the labia are very hard, painful, and often itch.
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Intimate pimples may be evidence of a variety of diseases, including sexually transmitted.

  • Syphilis .Most often syphilitic rashes appear like the vagina pimples or acne on the head men.The disease is transmitted only through sexual contact, but be aware of itself does not give immediately.Eruptions yazvochkoobraznye.When they appear it is necessary to seem venereal diseases.
  • molluscum contagiosum .Viral sexual disease.Pimples on genitals in this case festering.
  • Herpes .If you find a pimple on the lip of a sexual, and it is soft to the touch and looks like a little sore, probably we are talking about herpes lesions.Condition serious and not wait to visit a specialist.
  • Pubic lice .Acne on the genitals are sometimes an indication that you have lice.This was infected itching, burning and constant discomfort.
  • Dermatitis .Sometimes acne on the penis, or pimples on the labia may be a reaction to the poor quality fabric underwear on personal hygiene or allergies.


subcutaneous pimples on the genitals

subcutaneous pimples (they resemble painless bumps that do not itch) are fatty cysts.They - result of the blockage of the sebaceous glands .Sometimes it reaches a very impressive size.Though it is not a disease to treat them should be careful - do not rip off, do not hurt, do not squeeze.If this zhiroviek get an infection, it could turn into a boil.And it is - a serious problem that requires long-term treatment.


therapeutic measures when a pimple on an intimate place

Treatment of acne on intimate places Photo

If in an intimate place will be a rash, see your doctor - urology, gynecology, dermatology, virology or venereal diseases.Specialist necessarily find out the cause and correct the treatment.Particular attention should be paid to acne that:

  • There are more than a week
  • deforming
  • change color
  • Hurt
  • Nagnivayut, itchy and swollen
  • available inside the red or clear liquid

alarm signal may be at increased temperaturebackground of rash, increased limfauzly open, festering wounds.

If there were spots on the genitals, it is not necessary to start their own drink any medicines, even painkillers.You can not smear acne ointments, gels, until you show them to a specialist.Do not cauterize pimples antiseptics (iodine or brilliant green).All these actions can complicate the diagnosis, the doctor will not be able to assess the problem and cure it.


How to cure acne in three days, video