Various divination related to your loved one on the charts and paper

divination related to your favorite

Most girls and women want to know how to apply them of their loved one.Especially those who are worried about their future and who gnaw doubt.Guessing on the ratio of a loved one - one way to dispel the accumulated doubts and breathe a sigh of relief.It is different: you can speculate on the cards, sticks and using other available tools.



  1. Guessing 1: The maps
  2. Guessing 2: On paper
  3. Video

Guessing 1: The maps

considered the most common tarot cards.For divination should select special tarot cards.Most often they are attached to the deck already defined values.Perform the ritual can be with a conventional deck, which never used to play, as they will lie.

Option One: divination on conventional maps

process of divination:

  1. shuffle the deck and remove themselves from the "cap" the little finger of his left hand.
  2. Then you need to find the king, turning over stocks.

    Note: color is determined by who happens to divination.For example, a married man - the king of hearts, single - king of diamonds, burning brunette all age groups - king of spades, elderly person or official - King Cross.

  3. put on the table the base map that was selected.
  4. Put two - left and right.They should be randomly selected.
  5. Turn the cards face to himself, again shuffle and make the alignment.
  6. necessary to pull out at random from a deck of cards and put as follows:
    • overhead central cards - two cards (think about);
    • Two diagonally right and left (dreams and plans);
    • two in the legs - the near future;
    • Two bottom obliquely to the right and left - the more distant future.
    • Two right and left of the main card - present.
  7. last action in the tarot cards for love:
    • one card face down to put a base map - which under the heart, and one (not opening) - the main card, which is the heart.
    • Then three cards are reset again to put on top of the main card, again lose three - and then put on top.And so to the end of the deck.In my head - now on the heart - the future.

result of divination:


  • 6 - a date.
  • 7- flirt without serious consequences.
  • 8 - someone of interest to you.
  • 9 - joy, love.
  • 10 - home hearth.
  • Jack - love troubles.
  • lady - a married woman.
  • King - nice blond man.
  • ace - great joy, often - love the news.


  • 6 - Late road.
  • 7- small gift or a small amount of money.
  • 8 - business interest.
  • 9 - receiving money, often returning debts, major gifts, winning the lottery.
  • 10 - a lot of money.
  • Jack - a loyal friend, a colleague who can help solve your problems.
  • Lady - an energetic middle-aged woman.
  • King - a middle-aged, serious and reliable man.
  • Ace - victory over all the difficulties, wealth


  • 6 - empty road.
  • 7- petty cares, quarrels and troubles.
  • 8 - tears, slight malaise, bad mood.
  • 9 _ sadness or illness, next to some card - sexual intimacy.
  • 10 - unexpected results.
  • Jack - empty worries.
  • Lady - razluchnitsa, intrigues.
  • King - official person often - the military.
  • ace - state house.


  • 6 - a fun road.
  • 7- good offer.
  • 8 - a successful meeting.
  • 9 - hearty news.
  • 10 - a successful trip.
  • Jack - good news part of the wedding or the birth of a child.
  • lady - a girl or unmarried woman, a friend.
  • King - a young man, a friend.
  • Ace - happy ending problems.

If the combinations:

  • Four aces together - the fulfillment of desires.
  • Four kings - a great company.
  • Four ladies - talk and gossip.
  • Four Diamonds - big trouble.
  • four decades - a wedding.
  • Four nines - changes in life.
  • four eights - fulfilled a wish.
  • Four Seven - difficulty in relationships with loved ones.
  • four sixes - a long road.
  • Lady beside the king - a married woman or nobovnitsa.
  • King in "legs" ladies - true love.
  • lady among dozens - or offer an explanation of love.Eight
  • about ladies - gossip.
  • Four Seven - trouble.
  • Ace of spades in the sevens - the illness of a relative.
  • Ace of spades in the top ten of diamonds - serious quarrel.
  • King between ace-ten - promotion.
  • lady and the lady at ten of the same suit - the king received a response to their love.

Helpful hints: for divination should take a new deck of cards.Before guessing it should "teach" to him.It is necessary to hold the deck in his hands, mentally asking them for help.Then do the following: 3 times to push it through the legs of the table and say, during activities such words, "How to thread a needle through the fabric will, and my card - through time.And as the water is clean, and the whole truth will be clear to me. "

Option Two: Divination by 4 kings

process of divination:

  1. important to take a deck of 36 cards, which is never used for games.
  2. Choose from her 4 kings.
  3. For every king must make a friend of a man, and then mix them, turn face down and put on the table.
  4. Under the kings must put four up cards (map below each).Next you need to lay out in the same manner in rows, the remaining cards in the deck face up.
  5. During laying cards regardless of suit should collect them kings of the vertical row, the underlying (first ace, then six and then on the rise).In that case, if a card is not guessing at this, you can not continue to collect.
  6. Once was posted the fifth row of cards came ace, which must be put on the Kings.
  7. lying above the card from the deck can also be passed on to kings.
  8. Then the remaining cards are laid out, as far as possible that are passed on to the stack, located at Kings.
  9. remaining after laying should shuffle the cards and put 4 more times.After the fifth
  10. calculations kings should open.

result of divination:

If you got picked on any king all the cards to the ladies, this means that the young man loves to make come true, or at least concerns with sympathy.

Helpful hints: considered that the conduct of this type of divination can be no more than once a week, and certainly not in church feasts, fasts.At this time, guessing will not show the correct result.

Option Three: Divination by name

process of divination:

  1. Take a deck of cards, shuffle it a few times and put on as many stacks as the letters in the name of the person you planned.For example, six.In this case, three fall on top of the card and 3 underneath.
  2. Next, you need to take a stack, which got the last card, and put it on the remaining stack.
  3. is important to continue this process as long as there will be two stacks of cards.
  4. put them side by side and not shuffling, spread two pieces drawing up.
  5. if ingested identical cards of different suits, you must lay aside these couples.
  6. After all pairs have been selected cards, you can see the result of divination.

result of divination:

  • pair of sixes - the person will be a long journey, which may be important for his future career.
  • Peak Six - changes will be bad.
  • pair of sevens - a person to be a very important meeting with an influential person.
  • Availability spade says that the result of the meeting will be not the same as you would expect.
  • Two eight - held a conversation that can have very unpleasant consequences in the future.
  • pair of nines - that person is in love with someone, but not the one who guesses it.
  • Two dozens - stronger than the man is interested.This may be related to a person as the professional field as well as to personal relationships.
  • Pair of jacks - enjoy your people, will present an unpleasant surprise to those who guess.He will deceive someone, or he will become a victim of fraud.
  • Two ladies - are interested in a man loves another woman.
  • pair of kings - the man feels attracted to you, but it does not necessarily mean love - we can talk about friendship.
  • Two aces - the person to whom performed divination, in love with his "fortune-teller" and have a chance to live with him a happy and long life.

Helpful hints: on the sequence of events indicates the order of pairs, so it is important not to confuse them.Top

Guessing 2: On paper

Guessing on the attitude to you loved one, you can carry out the most simple way by drawing sticks and subtraction.However, numerology need help a stranger, why spend it alone will not succeed.There are also options for divination on paper, where aid is not needed.

Option One: divination sticks

process of divination:

  1. should be on a piece of paper to draw a line in the sticks (||||).
  2. At some point, of their own volition assistant says, "Stop!".
  3. After this word should go to the drawing of the next row of sticks.
  4. Assistant again should he say the termination of the series and the beginning of the drawing rod in the new series.
  5. After four rows, each must repeatedly strike on rods 3 (turned to a number or two, or one, or even no more sticks).
  6. is followed to calculate the amount of the remaining sticks in a row and find that:

result of divination:

  • 0000 He loves the one who guesses.
  • 0001 Do not ask him stupid questions.
  • 0002 to present a bouquet of flowers.
  • 0010 He loves the one who guesses.
  • 0011 he was very proud.
  • 0012 should not be frank with him much.
  • 0021 He now wants to see the one who guesses.
  • 0022 Just love it.
  • 0100 is necessary to think about it often.
  • 0101 He had a crush on the person who guesses.
  • 0102 you will meet.
  • 0110 he angry with you.
  • 0111 wants to be friends, but not love.
  • 0120 he will disgrace you.
  • 0121 Open his first mystery.
  • 0122 a date.
  • 0200 He likes your fun.
  • 0201 He likes your gait.
  • 0202 At a meeting, be kinder to him.
  • 0210 Unexpected kiss.
  • 0211 Result guessing wrong, peregadayte.0212
  • him dearly your name
  • 0220 To like - not like you.
  • 0221 Brings your friends.
  • 0222 quarreled.
  • 1000 would be his friend for life.
  • 1001 Will buy a movie ticket.
  • 1002 will be just a friend.
  • 1010 He thinks about you.
  • 1011 Suddenly embrace.
  • 1012 Woo your love.
  • 1020 wants you to be friends.
  • 1021 Do not laugh at him.
  • 1022 you will be his wife.
  • 1100 Unfortunately, he loves another.
  • 1101 when she sees you smiling.
  • 1102 Day and night thinking about you.
  • 1110 At a meeting kisses.
  • 1111 Do not wait for the letter.
  • 1112 At a meeting Be gentle.
  • 1120 meeting with him.
  • 1121 in love with your girlfriend.
  • 1122 he fell in love with you at first sight.
  • 1200 Appreciate you for justice.
  • 1201 he live without you can not.
  • 1202 He likes your feet.
  • 1210 He likes your face.
  • 1211 Do you like his character.
  • 1212 Do not expect a gift.
  • 1220 he will come to visit you.
  • 1221 with you, he is hilarious and sad without you.
  • 1222 you are far from each other.
  • 2000 Do you like him sad.
  • 2001, he had almost forgotten you.
  • 2002 Do you love him, and he - the other.
  • 2010 At the meeting, he explained.
  • 2011 Loves wholeheartedly!
  • 2012 he in love with you.
  • 2021 will bring you to life.
  • 2022 Wait for a letter from him.
  • 2100 He likes your lips.
  • 2101 He likes your figure.
  • 2102 will be the news of the letter.
  • 2110 you parted.
  • 2111 His eyes upset you.
  • 2112 he will ask a question of love.
  • 2120 He does not love you.
  • 2121 wants to be friends.
  • 2122 Do not play on the nerves.
  • 2200 like it.
  • 2201 he terribly jealous.
  • 2202 does not forget to him.
  • 2210 Rendezvous.
  • 2211 wants to leave.
  • 2212 wants you to stay with him.
  • 2220 one of whom think wants to forget.
  • 2221 only wants to be friends.
  • 2222 He often thinks about you.

Helpful hints: this type of divination is more suitable for young devushek.Pri guess it is desirable not so often, the minimum interval between the divination should be 14 days.

Option Two: Divination paper

process of divination:

  1. necessary to have on hand a few blank sheets of paper and a pen or pencil, 1-2 candles and saucer.
  2. Guessing should start at midnight.During the divination should not be bystanders, and it is important to try to keep quiet.
  3. On a sheet of paper, you need to write an interesting question.
  4. If you mean a specific person, then the back of the full write surname, name and patronymic of the person.
  5. then drop on each corner of the sheet with wax lit candles, roll it, put on a dish and set on fire.
  6. When a leaf burn, bring a dish to the wall and carefully examine the shadow - the first association will be the answer to a question.

result of divination:

  • man's face - you think you love that person, but you are cheating yourself.
  • animal - you do not even know how you need this man.You really appreciate it only when there is a threat of loss.
  • House (s), the tower (s) and (or) church (s) - you love and are loved, but always looking for the cause of the conflict - be tolerant and not carp on trifles.
  • Cradle - he (she) occupies an important place in your life.Admit that you can not live without this person.
  • up - even if you have to go through a long period of separation from the man, to the end of your life you'll love really only him.
  • heart - you are so in love that they do not notice around, and it is imprudent.It is not necessary to go into the love of his head - beware!
  • Rings - Be firm, and all you get.
  • Bird (s) - loyal and reliable love.
  • Mountain (s) - you are attracted only to the physical side of a relationship with that person.But it lacks intimacy and warmth, so for more serious relationships change heartthrob.
  • silhouette of a man - do not exaggerate the positive qualities of their (s) beloved (th), and do not make him (her) idol - nothing good will come of it.
  • Anchor - love and trust.Everything will be fine.
  • Glass or bottle - a fun and relaxing hobby develop into a serious relationship.You may not realize that fell strongly and irrevocably.
  • Cross - it is better to forget about this man forever.

Helpful hints: no matter how often desirable to carry out divination related to your loved one to do it is still not worth it.The result is often the same.