How to solve the mystery at the bottom of a coffee mug.


After drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee, take the time to send the cup in the sink.Perhaps looking at the wonderful patterns left by coffee grounds, you will unravel the signs of destiny?

And we'll show you the meaning of the secret coffee "symbols" and how to read tea leaves.



1. Preparing the guesswork
2. How to read the tea leaves
3. What is hidden in the coffee grounds
4. How to correctly guess
5. The meaning of symbols and theirinterpretation
6. The numbers in the predictions of the tea leaves (Arabic or Roman)




Preparing for guesswork

  • 1. Prepare organic coffee .To do this, pour in the coffee or Turk melkomolotogo teaspoon of coffee, fill it with half a cup of boiling water and put on a small fire.Several times, remove the rising foam, removing coffee pot from the heat.
  • 2. Pick the correct cup .Select round narrowed to the bottom of the cup, solid color inside.It is desirable that it was white, so it will be easier to consider patterns, coffee would be better contrast and sharper viewing.
  • 3. Focus on the main .Before you read the tea leaves focus on a topic that interests you specify as clearly a question to which you want to know the answer.Then pour in a cup of brewed coffee, let it stand for three to five minutes.
  • divination Coffee

  • 4. Drink correctly .Place a cup in front of him so that the handle is on the right side, do not expand it.Then, carefully, not quickly, drink small sips of coffee.However, not until the end, and so that the bottom of the cup remained about dining spoon of liquid.
  • 5. Mysterious movement .Take a cup in his left hand on the handle and, most recently focusing on the issue, make three circular motion with his hand cup.Be sure to do it in a clockwise direction and so that the sediment is distributed uniformly over the walls and the remains of coffee reached the edges of the cup, but not to spill.
  • 6. Give signs appear. then tilt the cup by myself standing in front of you saucer.Count to seven, and not turning a cup set aside for preparation of tissue.Leave it for a few minutes, grounds must be dry.
  • 7. Solve the mystery character .Turning the cup, carefully look into spots that formed the grounds for its walls.To predict everything is important, and where they are located, and how it is: from the top to the bottom, right to left, left to right or focused on the bottom.


How to read the tea leaves

By drawing on a saucer, often determined by the past, and in the cup of the present and future focused.About future events can be seen on the walls of divorce cups and past - spots on the bottom of it.The farther away the stains grounds from the top edge of the cup, and the closer to the center, the most distant of the events they talk.The figure shows the main lines defining the omens and tell about the fateful events.

How to guess the location of the coffee grounds:


  • 1. the near future, or present;
  • 2. distant future events;
  • 3. unfortunate location marks;
  • 4. questioner (who was drinking coffee, whose fortune telling);
  • 5. drifting of life (people, events, objects, feelings, emotions and so on.) Or significantly moving away from the questioner;
  • 6. approaching, the future, the fact that the speed will be a part of life.


What is hidden in the coffee grounds

most complete picture can give a thorough analysis of not less than five spots grounds.Basis of divination - the association that cause figures, images, characters educated grounds.Every reptile their vision, which is produced over time - not fancy, and life-affirming characters, familiar shapes, objects and stories.But given the long history of guesses, to determine the most vivid and accurate signs and their interpretation.A coffee grounds can not only get answers to their questions, but also to receive omens assess personality read the past and predict the future.


How to guess correctly

divination thicker's look figures on a silver platter .The bottom of balanced people will have dry and drawing - have a clear form.Turn the dish in different directions, to consider divorce better.

Predicting cup, consider the first figure from the edge to the center of the cup, and then the central part and the bottom.The signs at the edge of the cup will indicate that the event does not come to pass soon, closer to the center - it is not far off.Figure at the bottom will tell you that in the heart of man.If the bottom of the pellet swollen and thick - mountain, when the bottom of the cup is open - which means that the mountain far away.

happens that the bottom of the cup is filled with sediment so that it is impossible to consider drawing.Then you need a finger of his right hand (index) could move along the bottom and then turn over vytrusiv extra thick.Now you can carefully examine the divorce, which left the grounds.Numerology is based on the main figure - the largest symbols.The dish can be rotated by this sense of prediction does not lose, and you can see more detail.

Rate horizontal lines, first from left to right, and then vice versa.Short and long straight lines mean happiness.About health and longevity say a lot of straight lines.If the straight or zigzag broken - it symbolizes the adventures and disease, respectively.Long straight - carefree and long life.Direct arcuate shape or a curve - points to the enemy, a man who should be wary if a lot of these lines - you are surrounded with enemies.The wavy horizontal line tells about the long journey.Bias - about the disease, the presence of a plurality of oblique lines indicate that things are bad.On the difficult financial situation will tell a lot of broken lines.If the horizontal line in the middle of the bottom of the cup - is nearing a pleasant trip, and if it is about a centimeter long - talking about changing jobs.

symbols found in a cup of coffee grounds, usually do not require interpretation, they speak for themselves, like real people, whose faces you can see the surrounding objects or things, animals that symbolize the well-known characteristics or traits.


meaning of symbols and their interpretation:

coffee mug

  • 1. big black spot - serious misfortune;
  • 2. many lines, smooth lines - prosperity, carefree and useless life;
  • 3. intermittent connecting points line - hilarious journey;
  • 4. pure circles or just spotless - money, with spots - the children;
  • 5. triangle - a new occupation, work;
  • 6. many triangles - discovery, profit;
  • 7. mittens or one - a close encounter with the heart of another, with the old love;
  • 8. bike - a difficult journey;
  • 9. utensils, vase - regret, tears;
  • 10. plug - award financial interest;
  • 11. wreath - the success of the case;
  • 12. flies, fly - the death of a loved one, another disappointment;
  • 13. camel - unexpected gains, inheritance, reward;
  • 14. dove - a marriage proposal, engagement, when a lot of pigeons - family celebrations, weddings;
  • 15. crow - illness or death of a loved one, a relative;
  • 16. Swan - separation if one if the two - a happy event in the family, joyful meeting;
  • 17. animal (not a horse or a dog) - foe;
  • 18. hare - new pal, secret rendezvous, the threat of dishonor;
  • 19. snake - treason, disease and other troubles;
  • 20. cow - wealth, prosperity, skinny - hunger, mental anguish;
  • 21. horse - road;
  • 22. fox - a possible meeting with the dishonest man, caution;
  • 23. donkey - warning of problems if to annoy the neighbors;
  • 24. elephant - prosperity, wealth;
  • 25. owl - loneliness;
  • 26. cock - meeting a rival;
  • 27. bird - hopeless love;
  • 28. dog - a true friend;
  • 29. small fish - profit, large - gossip, envy;
  • coffee

  • 30. frog - passion, unrequited love;
  • 31. ants and or one - Honorary troublesome labor income;
  • 32. monkey - warning about the false friend;
  • 33. deer - good luck in business, wise decisions, honesty;
  • 34. eagle - serious efforts, hard struggle, with a happy ending;
  • 35. Bears, bear - meeting with the boor, unsafe collision;
  • 36. seat - the journey;
  • 37. Castle - gossip, slander, mistrust, trouble;
  • 38. cross - serious trouble with relatives or in the family;
  • 39. brick - betrayal of a spouse, loss of happiness;
  • 40. shovel - the loss of something, work, friend, mourning;
  • 41. living tree - well-being, joy, withered - change of personal life;
  • 42. bush - work news, unplanned trip;
  • 43. forest - trouble at work, loss of a friend, betrayal;
  • 44. flower - love;
  • 45. flower circle - money, getting money;
  • 46. flower with cross - marriage;
  • 47. cucumbers - bad luck, trouble, disappointment in friendship;
  • 48. rose - betrothal, love;
  • 49. heart - great passion;
  • 50. eyes - expected change in life;
  • 51. people - warning of danger precaution in cases;
  • 52. rider - help a strong man;
  • 53. father, who had died - disease, remember, put a candle in the church;
  • 54. windmill - the decline of cases, anxiety, senseless vanity;
  • 55. machine - carefree, relaxed, fun;
  • 56. stove - wealth, contentment in the house;
  • 57. house - cost waste of money troubles that will bring friends if you see dotted around the house - it is change for the better, security, prosperity;
  • 58. ruins - broken desires, grief;
  • 59. grille - a desperate situation or arrest;
  • 60. horns - danger, beware of enmity;
  • 61. candle - charges, trouble;
  • 62. chair - success, a quiet life;
  • 63. table - wealth;
  • 64. cushion - the care, custody good people;
  • 65. blanket - love or money interest for the realization of which will require determination.


the numbers on the bottom of the cup

figures in the predictions of the tea leaves (Arabic or Roman):

  • 1. unit - next to you in love with a man;
  • 2. two - health problems, bad luck;
  • 3. three - a good deal;
  • 4. four - conceived in a favorable outcome is possible;
  • 5. five - gossip, backbiting in your address;
  • 6. six - frivolous desire in his personal life;
  • 7. seven - the threat of personal happiness of evil people;
  • 8. eight - a warning about a possible quarrel with the dear man;
  • 9. nine - unexpected love, romantic acquaintance;
  • 10. ten - luck, wit;
  • 11. hundred - if you try, happy life is possible.