A woman in a man's life

A woman in a man

woman occupies a place in the lives of men.Relations between men and women in many cases are a priority, particularly in the case of a serious relationship leading to the creation of a family.Since the main purpose of women in the life of love is often such relations are also a priority in A woman.However, from the man she loved a woman can not always take first place in your life.Let's try to solve this.

It often happens that a woman unhappy with her partner.This also applies to men - they all occur almost as well.However, dissatisfaction on the part of women is the lack of a partner may be manifestations of love, even in cases where it does exist.

worth noting that for the love of men is less important, as priority objectives for it is a self-development.This means that a man must have a clear idea of ​​what is going on, and the woman is immersed in the ratio of the head, rarely thinking about the consequences.Women, however, do not require the man what she wants, that is romance, halftones, since part of the requirements included in men a psychological defense, which manifests itself in the form of aggression towards women.

relationship between a man and a woman is very difficult, and to judge them in the general scale is practically impossible in view of not only the individual person in a couple, but also because of the variety of different situations that arise in the way of formation and development of relations.