Reasons for pimples than one species differ from other acne

struggle with acne

As if we are not outraged, but many will sooner or later face the problem of acne.They are worse than unwanted guests - appear when you least expect and always at the most inopportune moment, and in plain view.Jump pimples on the forehead, nose, back ... and fight with them and in many ways.However, the success of this struggle depends on many factors, and that she was alone in the first place, it is necessary to understand the cause of acne.That's about it and talk.


1. What creates acne and acne
2. Testosterone
3. Premenstrual acne
4. Hormonal acne
5. Hyperkeratosis
6. Problems of the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract)
7. microfloraSkin
8. Stress
9. Cosmetics
10. Toxins
11. Climate
12. Excessive cleanliness
13. Squeezing pimples




Our body is completely coveredfine hairs, which grow each of its follicle.This sac is connected to sebaceous glands, which, as it coats the hair, "lubricant".Sometimes, however, the sebaceous glands are clogged, which results in a rather complex disease - acne .

in the pore formed a kind of tube, a mixture of dirt, dead skin particles and sebum - follicular hyperkeratosis.This is how acne are formed or as they are called - comedones .When such a plug formed in the open follicle resembles a black dot - it is an open comedo.Only the white dots visible on the skin - is closed comedones, which has no outlet to the outside, otherwise they are called - whiteheads .

In fact, in the sebaceous glands mass of bacteria that co-exist peacefully with our bodies, provided the health of the skin.But in a sealed pore, continues to stand out sebum, is an ideal medium for fast reproduction of the bacteria.Microorganisms are beginning to produce substances that are highly irritating to the skin.As a result, you may receive a serious inflammation, and even huge festering pimples.

acne cork sometimes appear deep enough under the skin, such subcutaneous pimples on the face and on the body over time to form a so-called wen.However, it is not dangerous, it is not inflamed and does not bother with the proviso that it is not "picked open" and have brought the infection.While the visual appeal and adds wen 'hands, and scratched "get rid of it, doing it yourself is not worth it.

Whatever it was, and acne - the result of a malfunction of the body.Therefore, successful treatment depends on whether it could you cope with this failure, to establish the normal functioning of the processes occurring in the skin.That is why very often the cosmetic procedures, "squeezing", moxibustion and other ways of getting rid of acne are not effective."Dig deep need" - to treat the cause of acne, rather than their own.

Numerous studies have shown that the primary source of acne is hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands.For some reason, they begin to produce excess sebum, many times higher than the normal rate.So what exactly causes the sebaceous glands to work in such an abnormal shock mode?



One of the most common causes of acne is the surge in hormones - to change the hormonal balance associated with aging.Teenage acne, caused by steroid hormones, mainly androgens - male sex hormones.Despite their sexual identity, they are developed, both boys and girls.And the level of these hormones increases dramatically at puberty.

Steroid hormones are often the internal causes of acne.Due to their activity in the skin is a series of complex chemical processes, and most importantly - a sharp increase in the number of sebocytes (secretory cells of the sebaceous glands), because of which there is a development and excess sebum.

usually the result of the sebaceous glands is a liquid fat, which does not cause problems even for owners of oily skin.But the impact of hormones makes it dense and viscous.This complicates its removal and "exit" outward and fat accumulates, along with dead skin cells, blocking time, wherein after and pimples and inflammation.

In such an ideal environment and multiply subcutaneous, propionic acne bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes).Waste products of bacteria by interacting with the surrounding tissues, causing severe irritation.As a result of the red, inflamed, pus pimples, covering not just one but several far.Constantly expanding the hair follicle, sooner or later it will burst, and in this place formed an abscess.

Such a reaction of the skin, as well as increased secretion of testosterone inheriting from their parents.Along with the hormonal, we inherit acne.Moreover, if the disease suffered one of the parents, then the probability of a child is greatly increased, and if the two - the teenager should be prepared for more serious forms of acne.


Premenstrual acne

pimples Most women pimples appear during the month.Their reason, the same steroid hormones.In the last phase of their monthly menstrual cycle, the level increases, sometimes very sharply.

So often in this period, even in healthy women may appear isolated spots.A woman suffering from acne as they occur in large quantities and preferably in the chin area.Once the hormones are "off raging" spots are, and sebaceous glands adjusted to their normal rhythm.


Hormonal acne

In adolescence and increased production of testosterone, and the appearance of blackheads and pimples are the norm, though bleak.But their existence in 30 years - it is a serious problem, the reason to think about their health and conduct a detailed examination.

Usually acne in this case, a symptom of diseases associated with disorders of the sex hormone.For women - this is definitely a gynecological problem.It can also be sharp, stress hormone levels change, for example, after an abortion or pregnancy.

Everything else, the endocrine glands and acne are linked inextricably.And, therefore, acne can occur as a result of pituitary disease, adrenal disease, genital organs, both female and male.Increased production of male hormones in women is also a cause of acne.

Receiving hormone medication, especially corticosteroids, as is often the cause of acne.When acne medication is characterized by the sudden appearance of a sharp purulent rash.Often, they are observed in women who discontinued oral contraceptives.

What you can say for sure is the fact that the problems with acne and acne at that age, only one visit to the dermatologist is not limited.You should always visit an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, to pass a series of laboratory tests, undergo a detailed examination by experts.



gipergeratoz Hyperkeratosis - the increase of the stratum (upper) layer of skin.Because of this skin coarsening product development sebaceous glands and skin bacteria overlaps way out, they are blocked inside the pores, become inflamed and break "the light" through the pus.

reasons for the increase, coarsening of the stratum corneum may be: lack of vitamin A, the impact of external factors, chemical substances, and prolonged friction or pressure on the skin.At the same time as the disease develops due to the effect of hormones.When
hyperkeratosis of the sebaceous glands in the follicle accumulates not only the sebum and dead skin cells, but also slag, dirt, foreign bacteria.Such inflammation must always be treated, otherwise possible dermatological problems with irreparable consequences.


problems GI (gastrointestinal)

Many doctors agree that one of the main causes of acne are the poor nutrition and diseases of the intestine and stomach.The main influencing factor, violating the sebaceous glands, doctors believe the lack of fatty and amino acids, and an overabundance of carbohydrates in the diet.

Acne treatment and prevention of symptoms of acne or pimples in such cases, conducted prolonged carbohydrate-free diet with taking appropriate vitamins and minerals.As long as the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract can get rid of acne forever.Recent studies

direct link between diet and the onset or disappearance of acne is not confirmed.Exception - are allergic to certain foods.As for the relationship with the state of acne gastrointestinal tract, the scientists absolutely agree.About 70% of the body's immunity depends precisely on the intestinal microflora and immune system because it is opposed to infections which cause the occurrence of acne.


skin microflora

causes of acne on healthy skin "freely" and "harmless" inhabits the mass of bacteria and other harmless to our health parasites propionibacterium, mites, fungi.This is normal microflora of the skin.

However, internal and external impacts of changing the usual order of things, because one of the inhabitants of the microflora can almost cease to exist, while others on the contrary - to activate and multiply to dangerous levels.The ability to live acne mites, for example, can cause the formation of demodectic mange - rosacea and bacteria - to promote inflammation in the skin.


Stress Psychological stress and severe depression may interfere with human hormones.He is known to be making a serious contribution to the formation of acne and acne occurrence.In addition, the stress may be subject to serious disruptions and the immune system, which "give up" under the pressure of infection and allow pathogenic bacteria to freely host on our face and body.

our mental state - the guarantor of our health and attractiveness.It is a kind of vicious circle: our appearance and skin problems can cause weight complexes, which in turn, will provoke new problems with health and appearance.Therefore, you should not withdraw into themselves, and to provide treatment, get rid of problems with acne.



cosmetics that we use often contributes to acne.The cause of the rash may be a favorite face cream, cleansing lotion, powder evens or sunblock.Often the rash is for this reason there is hardly noticeable at first, and to identify their relationship with makeup quite difficult.Inspect your money, excluding the possibility of "irritants" and "provocateurs", get rid of the cheap funds and forgery, try changing your makeup, because even the best can not you just fit.

Very often the cause of acne cosmetic is contained in the composition means lanolin and its derivatives squalene, sulfur, C and D, red pigments used to impart red colors.Also, it may vegetable and mineral oils.Very often, these components contain it means that we use for "masking" of acne, skin toning.



Causes of Acne Our work affects our health as much of our diet and lifestyle.Elementary Library dust can cause skin diseases, increased clogging of the pores of the skin and allergic reactions.However, no comparison with that does not go to the skin and chlorine oil.They are considered as the worst instigators of acne.A substance such as tar, and lubricants can provoke hyperkeratosis of the skin and sebaceous glands.



as heat and cold can cause acne recurrence in people who have suffered skin problems during adolescence.Such recent rash often much more complicated manifestations that were in his early youth.

Basically, tropical climate people who suffer symptoms of acne, is not appropriate.By itself, the ultraviolet light is useful, it "disinfects" the skin dries out acne, sunburn and reliably conceals spots remaining from them.However, the ultraviolet rays in large quantities or prolonged exposure to give diametrically opposite result. Firstly , there is a weakening of the immune system, secondly , ultraviolet light increases the production of sebum, and thirdly - impairs peeling the top layer of the skin in the ducts of the sebaceous glands.Humidity of not less than "detrimental" to the person whose skin is prone to problems of inflammation and disorders of the glands.All this often leads to an exacerbation of the disease, and the same is true for the climatic characteristics, and for the solarium.Climatic exposure can trigger acne on the back, acne on the shoulders and not just on the face.

People who have the prerequisites for acne, it is recommended to protect the skin from sun exposure.It should be remembered that many drugs for the treatment of acne, are capable of increasing the skin's sensitivity to UV light.


Excessive cleanliness

sounds, maybe funny, but definitely over-cleanliness can be a cause of skin rash.Black points - that, contrary to popular belief, not dirt, it really is clogged pores fat that is oxidized.

Relations hygiene black spots do not have, and so frequent washing will not help, but harm can completely.Frequent washing, especially with the use of every possible means you break the natural balance of the skin and its microflora.You can it retain moisture, reduce resistance to infection, and only provoke an aggravation of the disease.

to wash twice a day is more than enough to maintain hygiene.But it is desirable to wash your hands often - with dirty hands touching the skin increase acne.


Squeezing pimples

To get rid of acne and inflammation of the squeezing is strictly prohibited.The infection already exists within, it can penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis and the epidermis, so the external precautions - rubbing alcohol places pressure hand disinfection - essentially do not change anything, and unable to protect against complications.As a result, you get increased inflammation and spread it to neighboring areas of the skin.And these traces of acne can be removed only by sophisticated cosmetic, and even plastic procedures.

no less dangerous and frequent, prolonged contact with the person (trying to cover up the defect of his hand and scratching itchy inflammation of the seats).Most pimples arise in areas subject to constant friction.For example, under the collar shirts for men, or on the chin of a woman, under the rigid winter scarf.Also, remember, when inflamed acne use a scrub peeling and other assets is absolutely unacceptable.

Modern cosmetologists and dermatologists know how to treat acne, acne, without causing harm to the skin, effectively and permanently.Therefore you should not try to self-deal with this problem, it is best to contact the experts.