Poems girl - beautiful wishes for a good night sms-mailing

verses girl goodnight

get a nice wish for a good night before going to sleep, I want every girl.It would seem a trifle!And here and there!After a poem from a loved one carries more than just words.He carries the care, tenderness and love - all that plus never for anyone not.



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Gentle beloved poems with a wish of good night

To demonstrate their feelings, so do not even need to write poetryand wishes to invent.Simply choose the most appropriate option or options and send the best of the published in the form of sms.

Verse girl goodnight number 1


In a country of beautiful dreams,
I wish you to be always.
That there is no "ghosts»
And just lovely heart.

Verse girl goodnight number 2

I loved the bedroom to secretly sneak,
invisible shadow slid under the alcove,
curled up on the corner of the blanket,
Murch Murch and no end, no beginning.

I believe that love thy lips,
I believe that you see good dreams,
And all will come to pass, what would you whatever you wish.
In my eyes stars shine opal.I
good magician, who had forgotten about,
What kind kitten with bushy tail.

Verse girl goodnight number 3

Goodnight other concerns,
Off the bustle of day comfort.
And let not touch adversity.
night's sleep should a person.

and talk to the minds of the stars,
month and wrote us a letter.
Let you dream of roses,
Do not close my window.

Verse girl goodnight number 4

sun go to sleep, I'll be there.I
protects your sweet dream
Just sit next to you.
Let him be quiet.
I muted the light of the lamp.
Turn off the recorder.
After resting, we would need.
not worry that would be a dream!

Verse girl goodnight number 5

stars sparkled in the sky already,
plant your inaudible hymn ...
Oh, you just need to see me.
As in a dream - a romantic film ...
Sweet dreams to you just wish,
in mind, I am taking away,
of you as a dream of the stars,
Without you sleep easy!

Verse girl goodnight number 6

For your favorite angel,
Let him come down from heaven,
goodnight Portents,
There are many, many, I do not find it.Here
miracle dreams, then a miracle tales,
Here evil, grim to be seen.You
favorite wish,
Most eyes closed

Verse girl goodnight number 7

Sweet light flickers.
Outside shadows.
we dream about happiness.
Call it soon.

When evening comes,
and with it - the darkness of night,
You remember that in the world
You're not alone.

dreamed of fog,
filled with dreams.
Good night, you know,
What am I in the shower with you.

Verse girl goodnight number 8


favorite, you sleep or even doze,
characters' compassion?
you my wishes not vnemlesh,
I want to embrace you, my dear.

hug and whisper in the ear of the curl,
to sleep more you touch,
And good night, I wish you, my flower,
And that month farewell smile.

Verse girl goodnight number 9

Good morning, I would like to wish!
ear to whisper to you about love.
now far pity not near me!
smartphone answer: "I do not sleep, dear!»
happens that night go without sleep.
Love and separation, winter and spring ...
calm and quiet, pleasant and gentle,
I wish I loved the serene dreams!

Verse girl goodnight number 10

gray coverlet spreading darkness,
Silent tread evening bypasses possessions,
Go to sleep as soon as possible, the threshold of winter,
Snow and blizzard, the silence of dreams.
Sleep love to meet again
We are with you in the kingdom of Morpheus.

I will send to you on a date love,
door open beautiful fairy.
door open and, together again.Shall we
spite of distance.Sleep
favorite, as if time moves backwards
our desires.

Verse girl goodnight number 11

Let's decorate the clear sky with stars.
imagine that each star - us.
Let's terrible and strange thunderstorms.
we will win, and give each other flowers.
Let's imagine that we have.We
- it is love that everyone wants to have.
In general, you understood: the poet was played.
Go to sleep, my dear, good night.

Verse girl goodnight number 12

The city was dark.
But so far before dawn.
I know we will meet again in the afternoon.
I dream about it.
And while I wish sweet dreams.
I do not need extra words.
Sleep peacefully and serenely,
My angel, my love

Verse girl goodnight number 13

I send you, my beloved,
Gentle, sweet kiss,
Good night, be happy,
Moon dispel the darkness.

Good night, sleep well,
I wish the good, heat up again,
You need me for a long time all-powerful,
I love you without words.

Verse girl goodnight number 14


Sleep favorite, close your eyes,
I come to you tonight.
Only you fall asleep faster,
If you meet with me, you want faster.

I will hide from any adversity,
will rejoice as a child,
What's wrong with me, you and the sky.
Sleep well, sweet my kitty!

Verse girl goodnight number 15

Good night, dear,
I love you, my dear.
And I want so much to me
see you in the moonlight.

Goodnight, my kitten,
In my heart quite a child.
Good night, sleep, baby,
My love in a dream hear.

Verse girl goodnight number 16

Blade night, almost like a razor.
without sleep I wander beneath the window.
and silent prayer, I give ear,
world to be alone in the night.

That was fast asleep favorite,
That happiness lightened soul,
Serenity indelible.
That is night was good.

Verse girl goodnight number 17

Dreams wonderful fly to you,
To make a sweet night.
Go to sleep, love, rather,
I'll sleep can help.
let all the bad go away forever,
Dream will let your calm.
To me you are a native people,
Eyes you will soon close its.