A beautiful poem about my mother for children and adults

a poem about my mother

mom - the most important person for children and adults already.She gives a piece of themselves to each his child: enough sleep at night, worried about the health of going through all the ups and downs, as its own.Mother mom wants to give all the most beautiful and precious thing on earth.But it may seem a small fraction compared with what it is doing.

For mom always wants to make a gift - whether it is a normal day or a big celebration.Everyone wants to please her and show your love.It might seem that material gift - the best.However, the material never did hook thin strings of the human soul, how can it make the pretty words, folded into a poem about my mother.



  1. Option 1: Poems for children
  2. Option 2: Poems for adults
  3. Option 3: Congratulatory poem
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Option 1: Poems for children Poems about

mother of children should be selected for the study according to age.Children can be very upset if forgotten difficult verse.For example, pre-school children is recommended to study the small stanza, and students already can easily remember verses 2-3.It should also pay attention to rhyme.Easy to explore the memory verse one that rhymes the first row and the third, second and fourth.

first option: Poems for preschool

Verse 1.


Mom, love you so much,
I do not know right!I
large ship
Dame name "Mama."

Verse 2.

rosy apple
There's one I'm not going,
apple halves
Dame mom loved me.

Verse 3.

Here snowdrop in a clearing,
I found it.
'll take snowdrop mother,
Though not bloomed.And
me with a flower so gently
Mom hugged,
What opened my snowdrop
Her warmth

Verse 4.

Mom - an important person in the world,
know that adults and children.
For me it is like air, without which it is impossible,
I love her like the sun foliage.
love her laughter,
When the arm hug, prigolubit.
No, her family,
loved, loving doves.

Verse 5.

My mom - the best in the world.
ready for her to collect all the colors of the earth.Give a bouquet made
to always please his mother.

second option: Poems for school

Verse 1.

You know, I feel sorry for my mother even
Because eternal suffering my "want".
It's like the sun rises from the wound posture
to me to get another "moon»
I want to say "thank you" Mom,
hands gentle and beautiful soul
For all I ask my dear,
Forgive me.

Verse 2.

How many stars in the sky!All
not counted.These stars
'll give again.
And one morning,
Looking at me,
Mom smile:
"asterisk mine!"


Verse 3.

day of fun and
mimozny -
This Mother's Day!
cloudless day,
not snow,
day and gently agitated
This Mother's Day!
Day spacious,
not capricious,
Day gift,
Surpriznii -
This Mother's Day!

Verse 4.

Mom, really, really
I love you!
So like that night in the dark
not sleep.
peered into the darkness,
Zorka hurry.
I love you all the time,
Mommy, I love!
That Dawn shines.For
anybody else
better mom, no!

Verse 5.

mother - the first word of the child.
mother - the first steps in life.
Mom - the world's most sacred.
Mom, my mother - beware!
Often, we bring mom - the mountain.
and tells her - mere words ...
mother - forgive us,
Mom - forget ...
And not remember Mommy evil!
Mom - bored when we are not around.
Crying stealth, not sleeping at night,
Waiting mom is waiting for the baby to come.

Or at least call her ...

Option 2: Poems for adults

Touching has a poem about my mother adults.They are able to evoke the most wonderful feelings for a loved one myself.Not all the feelings can be expressed in words, but they are beautifully presented in verse.These verses should be re-read when there is resentment against the mother.It will take place and be silent shame if you read even a few lines, which displayed the most sincere feeling - love for my mother.


Verse 1.

Mothers holy position in the world -
pray for granted by children.
And day and night in the invisible air
There have prayers of our mothers.One
silenced, echoes another.
day turns to night, and night falls again.
But mothers do not cease praying for expensive
son or daughter.
Lord hears the prayers of mothers,
He loves them harder than we like.

mother never get tired of praying
about children that have not been saved.
everything there is time, but as long as we are alive,
should pray to God cry.In prayer
hidden unearthly force,
When their mother tearfully whispers.
How quiet.In the courtyard of the birds fell silent,
long since gone to sleep all.
front of the window bent to pray
My own loving mother.

Verse 2.

You're not getting old, dear,
You have become a hundred times more beautiful.
Your wrinkles - a flock of
rays flying in the summer garden.
your eyes warmed by heat, -
They lit the fire of youth.
Can I sing all my life sonnets
and gloomy night, clear day.You do not
getting old, dear,
you always like love itself.
I love you, giving,
your love your love.

Verse 3.

No words in the world more than the mother.
The one that lives us his dedicated.
As soon as she can understand us,
As soon as she treats us nicely.
When we are in sorrow and heart aches.That
mother grieves together with us, suffer.
entertain us kindly not get nasty.
And all at once in the soul longing disappears.

When you're sad, then think about it.After
from childhood you raised.
And remember always, until the end of his days.
About the one who nourished his love.
When you're happily - with her share.
As she shares with us until the end.
her kind words to say do not be lazy.
It protects us, like a bird - chick.

Verse 4.

their warmth and affection of the parent
You warms our family life,
Whether we bow low
for the good work that we have not forgotten.
A cute wrinkles, not a hindrance,
Soul you will always young.
Let your eyes cheerful laughter
Sparkle for many years.
Thank you that you live in the land
My dear mother.

Thank you for the bread on your table
Can I take without asking.
Thank you for kindness, thanks for the shelter,
What are you patient, kind.By
great achievements inspired
Only you again wish us happy in the morning.
Thank you believe,
Thank you for waiting,
's hands tired,
you I filed.
Thank you for the marked path,
Can l at least a particle of heat I return?

Verse 5.

Mom ... just seems to be the word,
And how much of it tenderness, affection, warmth,
child babbles incoherently it,
little arms outstretched, swollen from sleep.
in sorrow and in joy we say,
timidly, "Mother", the dramatic "Mother."
times in exile heart suddenly ask
quite unfamiliar, my mother called.
A house so often it hurts
acts, looks, gestures, we,

Then away involuntarily recall
That has added to her gray hair.
and write at school sheets quickly
belated admission of guilt.
She reads them, blushing shyly,
And bitter teardrops visible wrinkles.
a long time without a letter to forgive all wrongs,
And here she is painfully nice to read:
"Thank you, my dear, for having raised,
For what you love, For what you are!


Option 3: Congratulatory poem

no better, probably a gift for mom than a confirmation of her love for her own children.Confirm love - it does not mean to present an expensive gift, calculated several hundreds of banknotes.Love should be presented and beautifully turned out, to put it in verse.

Option One: Poems for children

1. Verse on March 8


Gift mommy ready -
Big-big bouquet of flowers.
I drew it half ...
Well, kiss me soon!

2. Verse 8 March

I once wanted to sing much,
looked out the window and saw that the street is a beautiful day.
sun is shining, birds are singing, scatters them trill.
had gone somewhere blizzard and cold blizzard.
came up to the calendar and noticed the date,
It circled in red on March 8.
Here I remembered that today is a holiday in all women, mothers.
this day so lovely I want to congratulate all
girls and women and their favorite mom!

3. Verse mother's day

You are the most beautiful,
you the most good.On

tender sun or the moon-like.
I give you a smile,
Daru large flower:
I want you to always
fluttered like a butterfly.

Option Two: Poems for adults

1. Verse on March 8

Mom's favorite,
most dear!
On Women's Day, beautiful!
Be always such -
kind and gentle,
closest in the world!
remain the same!
We are proud of this.

2. Verse birthday

you in my life - a special man,
own mother, love you so much!And I want to wish
, native to
fate of your stay young.To
you always remained cheerful,
not only on holidays, but every moment,
To most carefree smile -
Smile illuminates the face of my mother!

3. Verse for mothers day

For mom has so many beautiful names
Mommy, Mamusia, my dear
She has a lot of proud title,
Worthy to say "I love you."
love for the kindness and warmth,
What do you give me.
love for tenderness that you light
Because you are my path in life alight,
And you give an infinite good.

Any mother would be pleased if she always speak words of love, regardless of the date on the calendar.My mother - a man who will always understand, support in difficult times, no matter what.Let her angry, cursing, but it does not cease to love.And we must not cease to love her, to tell her about his feelings more often and possibly spoiling surprises.