What sweet words for a guy you can pick up

tender words for a guy

No wonder many say that our thoughts are material.The same applies to the words that we say.In the right situation, words can encourage a person to give him strength and inspiration.Good words can lift a person mood to give confidence and to inspire hope.Harsh words are not only able to spoil the mood or anger, and destroy his good feelings for you.

very important to talk to each other affectionate and tender words to the mood has always been on top.In these words need not only girls but also boys, which is important praise and approval.



  1. Option 1: Words are like
  2. Option 2: Conventional endearments
  3. Option 3: Funny sweet words
  4. Option 4: General endearments
  5. Video

Option 1: Words are like

men like it when you say compliments and nice words about his good figure, hands or voices, for example:

  1. Speaking about the figure, you can say whathe is muscular, sporty, perfect, and that you are behind him, like a stone wall.About
  2. hands you can tell what they are gentle, strong, native, strong, warm, and as you like, when he hugs you.
  3. Tell my man, what a sexy, beautiful and pumped his chest.
  4. admire his plump, sweet, soft lips.Tell him how you feel relaxed when he kisses you.
  5. Mark what his deep, beautiful eyes, which read Ambitious and confident look.

Helpful Hints: tell my boyfriend that he courageously, native, gentle, purposeful, ingenious, and it will be so.


Option 2: Conventional endearments

usual affectionate words Statistics say to the guy many girls:

  • favorite,
  • expensive,
  • cat,
  • kitten
  • kid,
  • sun,
  • bunny,
  • lapusik,
  • Prince,
  • ray,
  • sweet,
  • tiger,
  • handsome,
  • Musik,
  • native rodnenky,
  • angelok,
  • pupsik,
  • bear,
  • sweetheart,
  • invaluable,
  • hero,
  • hedgehog,
  • coveted,
  • animal,
  • fox,
  • chick,
  • owlet,
  • pussy,
  • priest,
  • goat.

Helpful Hints: speak kind words to his beloved from the heart, a false compliment felt far and does not bring happiness.


Option 3: Funny sweet words

If you have a good sense of humor, you can call the guy an extraordinary kind word.The main thing that you were sure that he will like it.

  • busechka,
  • swallow,
  • Medvedik,
  • Karasik,
  • barabasik,
  • Apollo,
  • elephant,
  • drakoshechka,
  • musipusik,
  • hair-worm,
  • zaychonysh,
  • shalunishka,
  • kashelotik,
  • cat murkot,
  • iris,
  • kazyavochka,
  • merzavchik,
  • apelsinchik,
  • seksbomb,
  • zlyushka,
  • caramel,
  • pusechka,
  • pryanichek,
  • dandelion,
  • Pukhlikov,
  • beetles,
  • deer,
  • donut,
  • splyushechka.

Helpful Hints: if you want to tell your boyfriend the original word, use a gentle tone, especially if it can be interpreted in different ways.


Option 4: General endearments

kind word for a guy are universal, that we can say, as he and the girl.Often, couples call each other the same way.

  • my joy,
  • my love,
  • my happiness,
  • my welcome,
  • my heart,
  • my destiny,
  • my only,
  • my dear,
  • my sweet,
  • my favorite,
  • sweetheart,
  • my angel.

Helpful Hints: remember that the kind words spoken at the right time can prevent the looming scandal and defuse the situation.Do not be lazy, once again a pleasant word to say beloved, so he will try to be the best for you and worthy.