Femininity eyes of men and its main advantage

feminine eyes of men

today define femininity, and masculinity was not so easy.The role of women and men in society has become almost the same level, and their behavior is beginning to look like.If we consider the situation from the equivalent rights and family responsibilities, it may not be so sad.But femininity eyes of men, not associated with its rights.What is the concept of femininity in the eyes of men?



  1. What woman loved by most men
  2. How to become feminine in the eyes of a loved
  3. What are the advantages of femininity
  4. What to choose clothes that to be feminine
  5. Behavior woman who wants to be feminine inthe eyes of men
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What woman loved by most men


Men often prefer soft and fragile woman, because her background, he feels stronger and more courageous.Its main advantage - a kindness and tenderness smiling.

If you have these qualities, it is a huge plus for you and for building relationships with men.

This woman wants, and gifts to give and wear on the hands and even the stars from the sky get.

But of course the main role in the notion of femininity played by your appearance.Very thin or tall women men do not look sexy and feminine.They can be well-regarded outfit, but not anymore.Women with the appearance of mannequins men are perceived only as an accessory.


How to become feminine in the eyes of a loved


concept of "femininity" includes round and slightly plump body shape and still slender waist.In the face of no coarse features, so the person makes a woman very attractive to half of the courageous gentlemen.

large and expressive eyes, puffy lips, small nose - this is the children's facial features, and if they have the fair sex, it will cause a desire to care for and protect it.Therefore, the woman is very important to skillfully use cosmetics to properly increase the lips, eyes and brown cheeks.

very long and braided hair just drives men mad, and the girl with her short haircut very much, and even worse - bald is likely to scare a man than serve excitation.

Who is feminine woman:

  1. feminine woman fully understands his body, soul and myself as anyone else.Such a woman is close to nature more than others;
  2. she loves, and she loved.It is the sun for men around her, and her rays attracts others;
  3. a woman very soft and easy to communicate to compromise;
  4. feminine woman will all comfort;
  5. she always takes care of her appearance and body.Always looks feminine;
  6. ideal woman through the eyes of men are always going to trust him, and he always justifies her trust;
  7. she is able to capture the mood of her husband and picks it up, if there is a need for this, the company comfortable with it;
  8. feminine woman respects and appreciates men;
  9. feminine woman has a good sense of humor and is always on the positive emotions;
  10. she knows how to laugh softly and nicely, it looks like a woman;
  11. offense such women do not give themselves and have a sense of self-esteem;
  12. femininity is defined in the eyes of men is whether it will become the inspiration for him or not.


What are the advantages of femininity


advantage 1.

femininity happy as feel completely harmonious creations.After all, everyone loves them and they themselves radiate love.

advantage 2.

Men love these women and treat them as a present from the macho, even if it is such, and is not.After all, her gentleness, kindness in a man awakens the best quality.She always give way to transport podnesut bags, open the door.

advantage 3.

Other women do not feel in her opponent and will behave in a friendly, for example can be in something to help.Since sexual person and the Restless generate only thoughts "and need you," you deserve it!

advantage 4.

femininity attracted to the person courageous and very successful men, because they just set up and perfect.

advantage 5.

relationship with these women receive favorable than others, since everything is as it should be and where they are not making any effort to do what is necessary to apply not feminine.


What to choose clothes that to be feminine

not last, but we can say, and the important role played by the choice of your clothes.Jacket, pants really very good at your job or business affairs.But the eyes of the woman men - lightness and ease.

bright and colorful sundresses with a predominance of soft and natural shades - is a great option.Your clothes should also not completely hide your body, but neither is it too bare.


Behavior woman who wants to be feminine in the man's eyes


femininity in behavior - something that can not tolerate feminists.A look at how should behave the eyes of men the perfect woman for women and men differ.For men the ideal woman should be graceful and easy to conduct.

When requested assistance from his men, a woman can and grumbled, just know that the most pleasant man to feel it necessary, indispensable and important.The men in the majority of cases involve women who are in need of their protection.

The world is changing, and all the men are also changing.Women - became strong and very confident.It is even possible that the differences with the time between feminine and masculine qualities just will not zametno.Oni gradually split equally and all.Is it good for women or not, time will tell!