Forgiveness Sunday poems, sms - various options for loved ones

Forgiveness Sunday poems sms

The seventh Sunday before Easter is a day of Forgiveness .This day is connected not only with the beginning of a long Lent , but the custom of the people to ask each other's forgiveness.It should ask for all the sins - envy, anger , bad deeds , hidden and visible .According to custom, the person should try to forgive and make peace with the enemy .

At the present time , many used to ask forgiveness , not only in words, looking into each other's eyes .For some reason it is easier to do this with the help of text messages , while others would like to express his feelings in verse.



  1. Option 1: Poems, SMS mom
  2. Option 2: Poems, SMS Pope
  3. Option 3: Verses, sms to friends
  4. Option 4: Poems, SMS favorite
  5. Option 5: Poems, SMS favorite
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Option 1: Poems, SMS mom

My mother - this is the man who loves her child against all odds and in spite of everything .Mother's heart is able to forgive the wrongs done to the child regardless of whether it is requested .But why break it even stronger and thereby upset the mother of the man on the ground.Forgiveness Sunday - one of those days when you can and need to fix it.

Verse 1.


In the forgiveness Sunday afternoon
I want all my soul for forgiveness
My mother asked me,
To be the most peaceful.

I'm sorry for the bad word -
Believe me, I do not wish bad.
The forgiveness of your time!
With the imminent salvation of your soul!

Verse 2.

Forgiveness is Sunday,
It is time it was the joy of giving.
Today I want to heartily pardon
I have loved my mother to ask!

For every bad, evil word
Ready to answer to you!
Understanding the basis of -
A friend of a friend to believe you!

Verse 3.

There is one person - a mother,
Capable of all infinitely forgiving.
It is, of course, immediately scold -
But at the same moment he forgets about it.

We are so split and break,
Losing, ports, confused toss.
Thanks to our mothers.
In Forgiveness Sunday wish!

SMS messages 1.

Mom, you are God's blessing,
And you're my inspiration for living,
At the Forgiveness Sunday
I beg - you to give me the soul of forgiveness!

2 SMS messages.

Let's just resentment
Forget all the doubts
Hug and kiss
Forgiveness is Sunday!

3 SMS messages.

I beg your pardon today I
At the best on earth,
A favorite of my mom
Forgive me, my dear
For all the hurt and sadness
Happy Shrove Sunday!

Helpful hints:it is important not to forget to ask for forgiveness not only his mother but also from other relatives.For example, in-law , grandmother.The older generation is rarely able to understand young people , so they should just ask for it and not in response to conceal resentment.


Option 2: Poems, SMS Pope

For many people, the pope - is the same relatives and friends of people , like my mother .He - the defender , strong shoulder , wonderful counselor and student .Dad deserves the kind words of forgiveness and being forgiven.


Verse 1.

I want you to forgive me
Mistakes ask
After all, today - Sunday,
And it is time to forget

On grievances, disputes.
Remember the talk about good!
Let the storm goes away,
Will peace in all the earth!

Verse 2.

Forgiveness is Sunday,
For all my father, I forgive,
And frankly, sincerely for forgiveness,
How fabulous gift to give.

And I forgive you for everything, too,
That we did not have hard feelings,
Let nothing disturb you,
You be healthy, rich and famous!

Verse 3.

Forgive me, if by chance
I offended a word,
Although angry, but also
I adored you.

I'm sorry I failed
Once support.
For the fact that I tried
Put pressure on the pity.

I'm sorry for the carelessness,
In times of oblivion.
Forgiveness today
Now is the time!

SMS messages 1.

In this Sunday morning,
I beg your pardon - for the offense,
Beyond doubt and misunderstanding!
On Forgiveness Sunday you!

2 SMS messages.

I forgive you today,
I beg you, forgive me!
And on that day you wish
Reassured get!

3 SMS messages.

I ask you to forgive
My odds
During grief, resentment -
And always live in harmony!

Helpful hints:should be able to forgive offenses which have caused loved ones , especially Dad.Whatever the man, he does not deserve lurking malice and all the more simple - it's so easy.


Option 3: Verses, sms to friends

Friends - these are people with whom you can laugh together and grieve , to keep silent and speak sincerely .Good friends always come to the rescue , albeit sometimes not the case , but a word .


Verse 1. Girlfriend

On Forgiveness Sunday congratulations,
And today I want to forgive everyone,
Forgiveness is the Transfiguration,
And for the better, of course, the desire.

You all forgive me, forgive me, my friend,
So as not to go in circles,
To always to you all luck,
That your heart has found happiness!

Verse 1. Other

You, my friend, I'm always glad to see,
But there are moments in life
When the offense is strewed as hail,
And negativity around, instead of compliments.

Today Forgiveness Sunday
For all forgive me,
Words flew out instantly,
And I have offended you, my friend, not out of malice.

Verse 2. Friends

Today we have grace fun
Take on the happiness you our greetings,
Ask forgiveness for all that day,
Forgiveness request that was not lazy,

We wish all the love and kindness,
To welcome your dreams come true,
Luck let this day will bring,
Pardon, good luck to you in this day.

Verse 3. Total

Today is a special day,
Not only is the output.
Soul we cajole
Great triumph.
Ask us for forgiveness
In all: young and old who.
Should we start the post.
Leaves heart-shaped stone
Heavy grievances.
And become a fiery speech
Two words - God will forgive.

SMS messages 1.

I wish you a seat at the table,
Pancakes with ikorochkoy eat.
Burn a woman, spend the winter!
I beg pardon for all!

2 SMS messages.

I ask you for forgiveness,
If you did something wrong
If I offended in word or deed
Let me make you a meeting step.
On Shrove Sunday!

3 SMS messages.

On Shrove Sunday, I congratulate each other,
All grievances as quickly as possible, I want to forget it,
On this holiday we all need to forgive all,
Phrases acute insults to forget.

Helpful hints:on Forgiveness Sunday - poems , sms for friends you can certainly pick up in comic format.However, this still is not worth doing , if friends have accumulated grievances .The jokes do not make them forget .


Option 4: Poems, SMS favorite

The wife or girlfriend - did not matter , each of them deserves to have asked for forgiveness and they were forgiven.There is a saying : " You can forgive, but not forget" , so why not take this opportunity to pray for forgiveness for their sins , and sent them out another ?


Verse 1.

The wife, on Forgiveness Sunday, I,
I want to ask forgiveness with all my soul,
When the rude word to hurt you,
When you, my dear, did not help.

Health and happiness, I wish,
And always avoid any bad weather.
You're smart, brave, irreplaceable,
And the most gentle, the sweetest!

Verse 2.

In girlfriend forgiveness
Today I want to ask,
To you, my love, oblivion
All grievances could give.

And you, kid, ever forgive
And I want you to promise
To live, you are not hurting,
That it was nothing to forgive!

Verse 3.

I'm sorry, my dear, all my resentment,
Insanely happy in this life, I'm with you,
On Shrove Sunday, I congratulate you,
We will be united now and in body and soul!

Let us always love inspires,
World, kindness, warmth in the soul reigns,
Lord because we always forgives sins,
And by us to do so, he always tells!

SMS messages 1.

We are all sinners - and everyone knows it -
Prior to others and ourselves.
Forgive me for everything, my dear!
I promise to always be with you!

2 SMS messages.

On Sunday Forgiveness cute I want to say,
What's in this holiday we must forgive all wrongs.
Forgive me, darling, if offended with hot,
Your health is worth the candle in the church.

3 SMS messages.

I ask You to me
I sincerely forgiven,
And keeping in mind the love,
On the bad forgotten.

Helpful hints:even if the favorite was something wrong, she still deserves forgiveness and requests forget all grudges .In either case, ask for forgiveness - a way to cleanse themselves from sin , remove the load and see the world with different eyes .


Option 5: Poems, SMS favorite

In the hectic days, many of us simply can not see how hurt a loved one.Lack of attention , small everyday disputes and quarrels, inadvertently spoken word - all this is often the case among married couples and people who are in a relationship.

Understanding people try to understand and forgive the second halves .However, it is worth remembering that the fortress of marriage and relations is based on the ability to talk to each other and to forgive .


Verse 1.

Forgive me, please, I'm sorry for everything.
And I forgive you for everything.
Today, all mine - yours,
Today, we are moving closer soul.
Let Sunday will bring
We are all in the heart of relief,
No wonder the people we call
His Forgiveness Sunday!

Verse 2.

In Forgiveness Sunday I
Today, I want to ask
My husband native forgiveness,
Learn to see me, my dear, forgive.

I know, believe me, my favorite,
Worthy of a better you
My very lovely and cute,
You're just a dream man!

Verse 3.

I want my beloved
Good and plenty of joy to wish,
To come true, dear, managed everything,
What did you think of once.

I also want to ask for forgiveness,
His purify the soul from the offense.
Let us rest Sunday presents!
Let no one be forgotten!

SMS messages 1.

On the day of Forgiveness Sunday
Forgive me, one heart.
Repentance with drippings spring
Our friendship will make stronger.

2 SMS messages.

I'll ask, my dear, you have
In the Lord's day to forgive me.
And I forgive you, you Well my soul!
Let us love one another, that there is strength!

3 SMS messages.

If suddenly I sinned against you,
Forgive me!
Forgive you strictly do not judge!
Let there be a lot of happy days in my life!

Helpful hints:to ask for forgiveness from a loved one , you must choose the most sincere words .They should go to the heart and then not so important poems or prose is .Let it be two simple words " I'm sorry " thing to heart.