He popped a pimple on the eye , eye, eyelid , tongue, under the tongue , in the mouth ?What to do , causes and treatment

Pimples in the eye, barley, pimples in the mouth, on the tongue

Acne - one of the most common troubles that occur both in children and in adolescents and adults.

At any age, they bring discomfort.Especially poison the lives and puzzling acne occurring in unusual places: around the eyes or mouth.It requires a special treatment.

If you have a pimple on the eye or in such sensitive areas as language, oral cavity, the information in this article will be helpful.



1. Pimple on the eye: causes
2. Pimple on eye: the treatment
3. Treatment barley
4. What if eye pimple
5. Acne mouth: Causes
Nature and barley on the eye as it is to treat, video

Pimple on the eye: causes

Anyway pimple on the eyelid eyes belongs to one of such species as:

• ordinary pimple;
• barley.

Average pimple on eye or Corn Bunting , as they say - a phenomenon that, like all acne can be caused by any external pollutants, or disease specific organ.Pimples in the eye may be an indication of kidney damage.

A barley - an inflammation of the hair follicle, which arises as a result of being hit by the infection. If left untreated barley, pus follows from it himself.However, it takes a long time, so it's best to speed up the process and make it less painful.Will folk remedies.

main difference pimple on eye on barley - the color .Since the spot on the eye usually white, while the early stage of the barley has a red or reddish color.And then it appears yellowish education.


Pimple on eye: the treatment

pimple on eye Photo

Before acne treatment on the eye is necessary to determine the cause of its occurrence. Be sure to check the condition of your kidneys, and promote the content of vitamins in your diet.

If all is well with the general state of the body - is to contribute to acne removal. Consider tested folk remedies.

• Normal pimple on the eyelid eyes can be treated simply by oiling his zelenkoj 4-5 times a day.Of course, we need very carefully.Eyes should be sure to close and apply a dot on the spot Zelenka with a cotton swab.

• Try warm eyes dry heat. This will help more to get rid of pimples.

No way puncture spot in his eye, as this may cause blood poisoning and infection in the brain.Also, do not do wet lotions.


Treatment barley

If you determine exactly what you barley, immediately proceed to its treatment.If you are not sure - consult an ophthalmologist.

main thing not to do is the attempt to squeeze out any whatsoever inflammation, whether it's barley, or pimple. This can cause even death.

So, consider means of efficiently fighting with barley.

ethyl alcohol Photos

a 70% ethyl alcohol. Wipe them barley should be several times a day at an early stage of its development, the process has slowed down.

Zelenka. As is the case with white spots, it helps to heal the barley, but it is effective only at the beginning, when he was not yet ripe.

Iodine. It dries inflammation and helps get rid of barley.

20-30% solution of sodium sulfatsil. Apply it worth 3-4 times a day.

Calendula tincture. She should wipe the barley in the first four days after its occurrence.

flowers of tansy. They should eat a flower 8 5 times a day with water.

percent solution of penicillin. barley used for the treatment 3-4 times a day.

also need to see a doctor. He appointed a special antibacterial ointment or drops.This should always be done, if within 3 days from the first appearance of the first signs of the beginning of their barley and simple methods of treatment, they will not disappear.


What if eye pimple

Smoking Photos

Pimple eye requires the same careful handling, as well as an eye : it also should not try to squeeze or puncture needle.

also not necessary to apply makeup in place of its occurrence.If you spot under the eye, then it should be treated in the same way as a spot on the eye.

Moreover, a pimple on the eye and below may indicate the presence of disease of any organ.

In particular should pay attention to the genitourinary organs .Since the appearance of acne can talk about the delay in the kidneys of excess fluid.

also pimple on the eye and under the eyes - this is a reason to stop smoking and drinking alcohol .Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables.


Acne mouth: Causes

Roth - is a great place for distribution of various bacteria , even if very often it is to rinse and brush your teeth.Anyway oral mucosa - the dirtiest place.Therefore, there may appear a variety of inflammation, resembling ordinary acne.

pimple mouth Photo

Anyway spots in the mouth - is the result of a mechanical failure, where the infection entered, or - disease.In the first case may be, for example, a pimple on the tongue.It is popularly called pip .

It has a reddish color and is not a disease or how , so the main thing in this case, rinse the mouth with solutions of herbs.Such as:

• daisy;
• St. John's wort;
• celandine;
• oak bark;
• sage.

can also use oil , contributing to the fact that the language of the pimple will heal quickly.Such as:

• peach butter;
• sea buckthorn;
• rosehip oil.

but also anywhere in the mouth, including under your tongue a pimple can result oral diseases. The most common of them - stomatitis and candidiasis .They usually cause a lot of small pimples and plaque in the mouth.

rinse your mouth with photos

In this case, it is necessary to go to the doctor and to his visit - rinse your mouth with water and baking soda and smear green paint spots.

also under the tongue pimple occurs often due malnutrition or any means of oral hygiene , which may be allergic.In medicine, all the pimples on the tongue called glosses.And no one is better than the doctor has determined the exact cause of acne in the mouth.

Thus, the appearance of spots in different areas: in the eyes or mouth, you should find out why they occurred. It can cause disease both local and any other body.

Folk remedies are good, but if for 3-4 days a pimple does not pass, do not tighten with a visit to the doctor.


Nature and barley on the eye as it is to treat, video