Different ways to come into contact to your page and edit the profile

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VK - one of the most popular social networks at this time.VK can not only communicate with your friends , and watch videos and movies , listen to , and add music to play.If you are not registered in the social network - follow the instructions below.If you are a confident user in contact - you will be interested to know how you can edit your profile and get to the page in different ways.



  1. Method 1: Register
  2. Method 2: Log in Profile
  3. Method 3: Edit Profile
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Method 1: Register

Without registration, go to a social network can not .If earlier it was possible to register only at the invitation of one of his friends , today , this condition is canceled.

Sign up on the website you can read it is easy to process:

  1. Go to the home page of the official site.
  2. For you to open a site in another window of your browser, which should be registered.
  3. On the left side of the site there is a window where you need to enter a username and password if you are already registered in the system.
  4. Under the button "input" is a button "Register", which you need to click.
  5. Here appears a window with instant registration , which you must enter your name and sex .After their introduction, you click " create ."
  6. Next you'll be prompted to enter the phone number to which you have a verification code .This is done in order to secure your page , which will be assigned to this phone number.
  7. After entering the code , you need to come up with a password to access the page.Password is better to come up with a reliable , in which there will be numbers and letters .

Your page is now created , you will be offered immediately to find classmates and friends that you can skip and do it later .


Method 2: Log in Profile

Log in to your page VK several ways:

  • Method 1:very simple - visit the website and enter through the window with his left hand your login and password .The same can be done to enter the site from your phone or tablet.
  • Method 2:come into contact on a page can be from another computer .To do this, you must enter your username and password , and under the bottom of the mold put a tick where it says " someone else's computer ."
  • Method 3:with the help of certain actions you can go to a social network under the status of " incognito" .This status will allow to perform any actions on the Internet without experience leave in the cache , cookies and browsing history any trace .For example:
    1. In Chrome - in the upper right corner of the press with three horizontal stripes or a wrench .In the popup menu, select "New incognito window ."It can be opened with hotkeys - «ctrl + shift + n», clamped at the same time .
    2. In Mozilla Firefox - in the menu bar click " Tools " and " Start Private Browsing " or holding the hotkey «ctrl + shift + p».
    3. The Opera - on the panel in the top left corner , press the browser icon , selecting " tabs and windows " .In the list, select " Create a private tab " or " Create a private window » («ctrl + shift + n»).If you choose the first option , while private mode will work only on this tab if the second - all of the tabs will be private.
    4. In the internet Explorer - from the menu bar , the left upper corner click " Tools " - " View InPrivate» or «ctrl + shift + p».
  • Method 4:If you can not log on to your page because you forgot your password , you must press the appropriate button just below the entrance.You will be prompted to enter your e -mail, to which you send a message with the access code recovery.After that you need to think of myself a new password to access the page.
  • METHOD 5:if you can not visit the site VKontakte , you need to contact those .support that will help you do it.If your page hacked, or is still having difficulty - the contact .site support .
  • Method 6:if you are trying to enter the profile and the page is locked, you need to carefully read the cause and seek help from those .support.After that you will offer no easy way to restore the page , proving that you are the true owner of it and your data is entered, it is true passport .


Method 3: Edit Profile

To edit your profile information in the contact, you can resort to the following ways:

  • Option 1:Next to the button " My Page " you must press the " ed. ", In which you 'll be in the edit section .You will see a lot of windows in which you can change the basic information :
    1. contacts;
    2. interests;
    3. education;
    4. career;

    All fill in its sole discretion, and then press the bottom button "Save".

  • Variant 2:If you want to change your profile picture , you have to hover over it and click your mouse in the screen that appears " Upload a new picture ."Next you need to select a file on your computer or make an instant photo of a Web camera.Once you have selected a photo , you are prompted to select its region, which will be shown on the page , select and click "Save and continue ."You then select a thumbnail of your photo and you're done .
  • Option 3:You can edit your photo by clicking on it and then under Actions click the " Editor " .You can add text to photos or choose Auto Color .In the " filters " can change the hue of photographs.In the " Options " to select a different contract , exposure , saturation , sharpen and sepia .

There is also a clever way by which page will be visible only to users of the social network .It can not be found through a search engine .To do this, go to your page , click " Settings ", " Privacy " go below "Other" and choose the "Who in the Internet visible to my home " - "Only users VKontakte" .