White, small, small pimples on the face of the child, the reasons for the appearance, the methods of treatment

[Pimple on the face of the children]

emergence of even a small blemish on the face of a child gives many mothers much trouble.And what will be an unpleasant news when they suddenly turn into pimples.Reasons for children's delicate skin is covered with such defects are very diverse.However, some tumors are not dangerous, and others require immediate treatment.


1. Why are there pimples on the face of the child?
2. pimple on the face of the child: the types and signs
3. pimple on the face of a child - Dr. Komarovsky
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Why are there pimples on the face of the child?

Sometimes before the occurrence of acne can manifest certain symptoms.However, this is not always so, if you are unable to determine the cause of the rash, you should consult a specialist.After children's health - is the main concern of responsible parents.

Pimples in children usually occur as a result of:

  • Unstable hormonal.
  • Excess of the sebaceous glands.
  • allergic reactions.
pimples on the face of the child
  • infection.
  • Defeats pathogens.
  • Improper skin care.
  • Cosmetics poor quality.

Depending on the cause of acne may have a particular color, accompanied by itching, swelling and redness of the skin. In some cases, may increase body temperature, manifested malaise. It is undesirable to lose sight of, as a children's health not to be trifled.Top

pimple on the face of the child: the types and signs

In most cases, find out the cause of acne in a child can be in their mind, color and location.An important factor is the age .This is due to the fact that in different periods of a child's life can arise a certain type of acne, uncharacteristic for a different age.

Windmill at the child on the face

Children are most often found on the face of pimples such species:
not infectious:

  • Miliaria. are small rash of vials filled with liquid.In place of their occurrence may be a slight reddening.As a result, infection can turn into a festering rash.There are such small pimples on the face - forehead, nose and under the lower lip.Often, localized behind the ears.
  • Hormonal acne newborn occur due to the high content of hormones in the mother's body estrola.In most cases of this type are located pimples on the nose.Pass it on their own for the first 10-14 days after birth.
  • white pimples on the face gathered in small groups and rarely appear alone because of a violation of the sebaceous glands, they do not mature.Characterized by yellowish papules or pearlescent content.Mainly found in infants and can accompany them up to 6 months.
  • allergic rashes in children are represented as red spots, which may form small scars.They are almost always accompanied by itching and less swelling.
allergic rash on the face of the child


  • scarlet rash that affect not only the face but also the throat and other parts of the body most often signal the scarlet fever. skin while feeling reminiscent of sandpaper, it becomes very dry.Disease begins with a sharp increase in body temperature to 39 degrees.
  • Small pimples on the face with a slightly reddish rim, watery contents may be a manifestation of the chicken pox. begins with the appearance of redness in the place where they will be located.Just a few hours they turn into itchy blisters.The disease is accompanied by a refusal to eat, fever, nausea and weakness in the body as a whole.
  • accumulation of bubbles on reddened skin may be herpes. Before their appearance may increase body temperature, weakness and soreness of the skin.Toddlers often enhanced secretion of saliva.Basically herpes settles on the lips.
  • In children older than 2 years can occur folliculitis. It is a festering rash, no larger than a grain.After a while they are covered with a crust and require treatment with antibacterial ointments.


pimple on the face of the child - treatment

All kinds of acne in addition to white and hormonal acne in newborns should be treated. However, those methods of treating certain types differ.In some cases, acceptable and desirable to be domestic procedures, in others they can do harm.For example:

Acne on the face of the child
  • Infectious pimples can be treated only by means that are prescribed by a doctor. without consulting a specialist can not do as they are accompanied by a deterioration in the health of the baby as a whole.And these diseases - contagious, which obliges to take timely action, and not to delay treatment.
  • For the treatment of prickly heat in babies is necessary to take care to choose the right makeup. It should be a baby powder or cream containing zinc.It can be like an ordinary baby cream, and, for example desitin, Bepanten.It is also recommended to wipe damaged skin decoction of chamomile and calendula.
  • hives treated change the diet of the mother or the child. So over time dating kid with a new product, it is desirable to keep a special diary.It should mark the response that appears to be eaten by one or another product.As a result, my mother would know - whether there is an allergy to the food, or the need to look for it in something else.

When acne in children should never try to squeeze them.It is not recommended to lubricate their "adult" creams , let whatever "good" would not be their composition.Children's skin - a very delicate and sensitive to any chemicals.Especially for caring for her and produced cosmetics for children.Top

Dr. Komarovsky about acne on the face of the child