Acne in the newborn child on the face , acne on the pope , the body of a child : the causes of and ways of treatment

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Acne can occur in a child for the same reasons as in the adult.The most common causes of rashes - is not excessive hygiene and caring parents.However, the reasons are many more, as well, and species.But this does not mean that parents have to know them all.For this is the appropriate specialists and pediatricians.Parents need to know only the most common types and causes rashes.This will save the child from them, and in the case of the emergence - to take certain measures.



1. cause of acne in children
2. Types of acne in children
3. Treatment and prevention of acne in children
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Causes of acne in children

Causes of rashes in children can be divided into several groups - is:

  • infectious and virus - the herpes virus, chicken pox, scarlet fever.
  • parasitic or fungal - demodicosis, scabies.
  • Hygiene - sudamen.
  • Allergic - atopic dermatitis.
rash in a child

should also highlight hormonal acne in a newborn baby.They appear due to the high content in the blood the baby of the female sex hormone. Acne can appear 3-5 days from birth and go on their own after 5-7 days.In addition to acne may occur in newborns and other signs of hormonal disorders - swelling of breasts, false "menstruation."

rash may appear as a result of diseases and disorders that occur within the body. example, acne on the priest and the child on the genitals can talk about the presence of diabetes. However, their appearance can provoke and improper hygiene.Therefore, in order to take adequate measures to address them, should consult a pediatrician or dermatologist.Top

Types of acne in children

sudamen a child

Acne are open and closed.The first type is characterized by the presence of inflammatory and often pus.Such lesions found on the skin, and the second type is located deep beneath it.An example may make the white spots on the face of the newborn.They are often located on the cheeks, forehead and chin rare.Should not be afraid, because they are on their own and do not require treatment.

important to know that festering pimples on the face of the child may appear as a result of staphylococcal disease. Then they arise in other areas of the body.A red spots on the body of a child with watery contents are signs of streptococcus.

Acne open type - is not only pustules, which are caused by a bacterial infection. They come in the form of bubbles varicella and herpes, scarlet rash of scarlet fever, red - with prickly heat and the same, but with desquamation, atopic dermatitis.However recognize - whether caused by a virus or not acne can be traced body temperature of the baby.If it rises, it is likely to present the virus in the body.Top

Treatment and prevention of acne in children

baby hygiene

When any acne in a child is advisable to consult your pediatrician. Even if it is in the end it would be banal sudamen.After all, if an adult can to risk their health and engage in self, in the case of a child - this is unacceptable.Firstly, any drugs selected depending on the age of the baby.Secondly, the choice of their quite limited, and third, selected at random drugs can cause more harm than the expected benefits.

best prevention of rashes in children is respect for the basic rules of hygiene. These include not only everyday bathrooms and hand-washing procedures.If a child lives literally in the diaper, it is necessary to arrange at least a short break.To this time he could be without such hygiene.This will help to protect the child from the appearance of prickly heat.Especially if a diaper will be selected quality powders, talcs and creams without fragrances and dyes.

It should be treated with special attention to the choice of detergent and soap.They should not contain dyes, perfumes, sulfates. picks they have in accordance with the age of the child, given the sensitivity of the skin.It is equally important that the clothes concerning the body, was the most natural.This will erase it at a high temperature, through which you can eliminate most of the pathogenic microflora.Moreover, before putting on new clothes for a child, it is necessary to wash.It does not depend on where it was purchased.Top

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