What if the child has an ear ache?

What if the child has an ear ache?

earache in children usually occur in the same "wrong time": on vacation, on weekends, at night looking ....And this "shooting" a sharp pain in the ear just does not allow "to suffer" until Monday, until the morning, before returning home.The child is in urgent need of help.But what if the earache, how to treat, what to use: medicines or folk remedies?What to do if your child has an ear ache and fever, if the ear ache after swimming?Why do I get these pains, and that generally is first aid for pain in the ears?

• Causes pain in the ears of children

a child

Often, a child's ear pain as a result of being hit by an alien body - and curious kids themselves can inadvertently cause yourself harm.On holiday it often happens that a child's earache after bathing - it just may get water.Ears children also hurt at the first sign of colds.Poor ear infections a child can begin at absolutely any colds.Moreover, the ears of children aged three to four years, most vulnerable to infection.

What to do if your child complains that it hurts the ear?The most important thing that parents need to take in this case - as soon as possible to show the child's doctor, because such pain in the ears themselves do not pass.But what to do if it is to do right now is impossible, if you're out of town, if that weekend, but just a night in the yard and see a doctor is not possible?How to help your baby, make this sharp, "shooting" pain in the ear?

• The child has a sore ear:
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What if the pain in the ear there was "no time"?Just "be patient" until Monday morning, or even a child just will not work, since the sharp "shooting" pain causes severe suffering.How to treat a sore ear?In order to alleviate the suffering of the child, parents often try to drip into the sore ear boric alcohol.However, it is wrong and should not do this, as parents can not independently determine whether there are violations of the tympanic membrane or not.If such a violation occurs, the burying of boric alcohol can lead to complications and even more aggravate the condition of the baby.

Emergency first aid for pain in the ears of children - is a hot compress.Make it easily from the "improvised".

  • hot compress for pain in the ear of the child

what to do if a child

Take a thick cloth or 5 layers of gauze and soak in a slightly warmed solution of water with vodka: a solution is prepared at the rate of 1: 1.Lubricate the skin around the ear baby baby cream or Vaseline, and then apply a cloth wrung out in his ear so that remained open ear canal and the pinna itself.Will cut out a circle of paper compress, making the inside of the cut and put on top of the ear and compress.Top with a layer of cotton wool and bandage fix everything.Keep a hot compress is necessary for an hour.

If there is no possibility to make a compress, then try to somehow warm sore ear - just attach it to a large piece of cotton wool, covering the entire ear, and tie up a warm scarf on top.

  • WARNING!If your child has a sore ear, and body temperature increased, or observed purulent discharge from the ear, then the procedure can not be carried out warming categorically!

• First aid for sore ears and temperature

When the baby fever when the pain in the ear, it will be better in this case moisten boric alcohol swab and insert it into the sore ear.Then you need to put cotton wool on top.Do not heat the boric alcohol, since all of its components evaporate when heated and no tangible benefits from it will not be simple.In order not to put the swab into the cold sore ear, just hold a bottle of boric alcohol in his hands, so he was a little warm up.The pain subsided, and you can wait until morning, but then be sure to go to the doctor, even if the baby calmed down and did not complain!

  • WARNING!Never without a prescription is not buried in the ear drops baby alcohol-based - they can burn mucous membranes!The consequences of this can be very serious - from inflammation and complications to hearing loss.

If a child suddenly appeared cold, try to get rid of him as quickly as possible, since it was he who in most cases is a cause of ear pain in children.

• If a sore ear after swimming

ear pain in children

Quite often in children, pain in the ears after bathing.Therefore, while on a sailing vacation, and just after a bath tub at home makes prevention of problems with the child's ears.To avoid ear pain immediately after bathing should be dry ears.This can be done using a tampon ordinary cotton swab or hair dryer to dry the hair.Using a hair dryer, make sure that the air was scorching, and do not point it directly into the ear, so as not to "cheat."Direct a stream of warm air towards the ear of the child holding dryer at approximately 50 cm and posushite ear for 20 seconds.It is very good to help prevent the onset of pain in the ears after bathing.

  • WARNING!Do not remove ear wax frequently a child or to clean it very carefully.First, the wax feeds the beneficial bacteria - the natural inhabitants of the body, which play an important role in the health of the ears as well.And secondly, it protects from moisture the ear canal, without allowing it to penetrate to the eardrum.

But if you still, it appeared, and after bathing the child's earache, than to treat it, how to treat such pain?This ear pain can calm the heat again: wrap in a towel or cloth bottle filled with hot water and attach to the patient's ear.You can also warm up the eye with a warm towel or use a heating pad, but not too hot!

Another way to relieve ear pain after swimming are tamponchiki cotton soaked in alcohol beforehand.It is necessary to moisten the cotton wool in alcohol (vodka will not do), wring it well, and do not insert deep into the sore ear.

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