How to bring the girl to her grown from a real woman.

How to educate the girl

How to bring up a girl?- A question that haunts the parents of a daughter of the head.Do we nurture it?Can we consider ourselves good parents?For girls in this life are less protected, more fragile and susceptible.As girls grow out of a real woman and a good mother in the future?How to educate a girl, so she felt sure, was smart, lucky, feminine, and most importantly - happy?

Educating girls - a very important process, and taking into account the women's fantasy and subtle mind, which is incorporated in its nature, it is also a very complex and delicate matter.To understand how to educate a girl, psychologists have identified seven golden rules, based on the features of the internal world of the child, the nature and value in the future.It is, in fact, very simple, but also very true rule.Guided by them, the girls education can be made more efficient and easy, and for his daughter, and for her parents, and to the joy of others.

  • first rule: "Incomparable Beauty»

Incomparable Beauty Doubt in their own visual appeal - for any girl heavy cross, and especially for a teenager.It is an endless source of mass complexes and failure later in life, especially personal.So remember, no matter what external data is not awarded your daughter nature, you from the tender age it is necessary to bring in the firm belief that it is - incomparable beauty.

constantly emphasizes its advantages.Do not you dare laugh at disadvantages: freckles and a snub nose, a bulk figure - all the unique features of individual personal charm your daughter.

Do not sneer at feminine constant thrust to the mirror - let yourself studying, getting used to love yourself!In no case do not let the first experiments with cosmetics - let it will test and lipstick and mascara, and shadow.Suppose now watching the beautiful actress and model, she learns to understand that even incredibly beautiful woman always have to take care of themselves.Therefore encourage the girl to work on their own appearance, learn how to do it right and make sure not to hurt yourself such experiments.Hair Care, mask, cleansing, shaping, aerobics, dancing - the sooner the girl develop skills reasonable attention to their appearance, the better.

Give her the mirror, buy children's cosmetics, magazines, about caring for them.And do not use in the characterization of its physical appearance of the word "cute", "nice" - this can be a little, it can hurt - only "beautiful", "charming"!

If you still find in her appearance some nuances that require adjustments - find the words to convey the need for girls to exercise or cosmetic procedures, but without insulting phrases and allusions double.Better not touch the subject of deficiencies in conversation, but simply to encourage her to work on the appearance by example.Get up, turn on the music and enjoy a vigorous gymnastics, even the daughter of a couple of days to watch over you, and then she will join.After a couple of days notice that it has become more beautiful, more slender - just lovely!Mother and daughter - the closest people, so someone just like you or is easiest to understand and encourage your child.

Whatever you say, and sometimes we do not, and our daughters have taught us to care for themselves.Always busy moms, often is not up to the quality of the morning or evening make-up mask.But when your task is to set an example to his daughter - and easily find the energy and time, she unwittingly begins to gaze at himself in the mirror appraising.The daughter in the family - a great incentive to be beautiful and for my mother.

  • second rule: "Always a favorite»

Always a favorite Educating girls imposes deeper austerity and not a positive imprint.Millions of women, nurtured over demanding parents can not get rid of the inner conviction that love must be earned.As a result, excessive diligence, ignoring their own needs and desires, a victim complex, disregard for itself, inability to realize a favorite, worthy of love.

girl, who as a child devoid of overt manifestations of parental affection, love, flies like a butterfly on the first light, which seemed to her love.And conception, it becomes easy prey to rogue who took the trouble to say a couple of words and a gentle pat on the head girl.

Remember: education girl demands that her pampered, and nurtured holili, simply because it is there that she is, not for medals and awards.The girl is vital to know that she is loved.The one love easily learn to recognize dislike, false, instinctively dislike the atmosphere will be avoided.Love in the education of girls - the key to personal happiness in the future.

You have to find a middle ground on the issue of how to raise a girl not too pampered to not grow printsessku capricious, and not be treated with undue severity in order not to grow unhappy notorious personality.Even worse, if you are a daughter with indifference - so you will very quickly lose it, will give themselves into the hands of the first comer, who will show her attention, your daughter fantastically lucky if this attention is at least a little like love andrespect.

Relationship father - daughter, leading to the issue, maturing woman needs the attention of the opposite sex, and what should be the attention it needs to show his father.That father should be put in the standard of her relationship of man to woman.

Lonely same mother should carefully approach the circle of his acquaintances.For men who visit the house, affect the psychological perception of girls between the sexes.Make sure that you and your little girl surrounded only by worthy men.For those men who are close to her mother, she perceives as an example for their own future couples.An excellent option replace a father can serve your brother.Uncle can successfully perform the function of the father in this matter, to be a reliable protector, friend and counselor for your little daughter.Such a reliable friend girl will trust such an attitude to herself she would seek in men in the future.

Our daughters need to be firmly convinced that they are loved.They need to feel our love with all my being, do not have the slightest doubt.Feel that began to doubt - not hesitating prove it, show your love!It is a pledge of her happiness.

  • third rule: "Prudent»

Prudent Remember: the woman is the guardian of life.It is therefore necessary to convince your daughter the basic rules of safety.The girl must be prudent.Teach your daughter to understand people, to understand the situation.Do not scare her, but warns against excessive credulity.

Make it so that it absorbed the idea that wise people do not learn on their own and others' mistakes.Talk with her daughter, telling her about the dangerous life cases, you know, talk is written in the press, or well-known from television.Educating girls must teach her to avoid what could be life-threatening, reputation, health.

girl from an early age to learn to deal with what she has to do, what to expect from this man, whether you can trust him, he is good or bad.It is important to allow it to assess the developing situation, and to draw correct conclusions.This is especially useful to her when you are not around, and the girls happen to decide for itself how to proceed.

And, of course, itself is to be wise and do not get caught in the ugly situation.Of course, it will be informative and useful to learn from your mistakes.But far more important that she saw in your life all right, I understand that you are perfectly able to analyze the behavior of people and situations competently.Then she will trust your interpretation, your recommendations right conduct.In a complex and delicate situation, it will come to you for advice rather than to her friend, who knew nothing about life.Over time, the girl has learned to distinguish the good from the bad deed, a man worthy of trust and from whom better to stay away.Learn to avoid what could somehow threaten the life, health, peace, and his reputation of his family.

  • fourth rule: "angel-keeper»

Guardian angel woman who can not take care of the family, hardly a woman at all, not that of the present.Proper education of girls must teach her to ignore the pain of others, not to pass by, to empathize with other people's sorrows.

Let the girl as his best to help the sick and weak.Do not be afraid to pull up sharply and categorically, if the daughter when you start making fun of someone's shortcomings or injury.It is ironic, but the girls can be cruel, and far more boys.Cruelty girls often can simply amaze and shock.

First of all, let the girl will learn to care for their loved ones, even helping them to support them in every way.In particular, you - and only beloved mom.Let this be more clumsy, and sometimes even ridiculous, as long as sincere.When you, for example, the sick, of course, the education of girls is not your primary issue, but try to take patiently to her vain attempts to look behind you.Suppose you make the tea, will give a dinner in bed, adjusted his pillow.Be thankful to her for absolutely any help and support, do not hesitate to show it to her.Let your appreciation encourages in her desire to be helpful.

sure to encourage your daughter's desire to help an elderly neighbor - do not be afraid that the child is overtired.Help the weak - it is the most gracious and noble work, sometimes nothing inspires so much as gratitude in the eyes of the person to whom you helped.

not deny flatly when the girl bring a homeless kitten, puppy or a wounded bird in the apartment.Caring for animals, domestic or not - a great training mercy.Better, of course, to your house were their pets, and the girl alone to care for them: feed, walk, comb ....

And - the most difficult task that you will in this way - a way to try to bring the girl to his mercy she showed to people unworthy.It's incredibly important!Education should teach her girls to channel their kindness and concern for those people who do not take advantage of it kindly, not be obliged to take care of her in the section of its interests and those of her family, or to make unworthy acts.Charity should not hurt, someone else, especially her own.Recipe of true womanhood - the balance of prudence and charity.

  • fifth rule: "Little hostess»

Little Lady actually instill skills girl cleaning and laundry, cooking, and sewing is not so difficult.It is much harder to teach young creature to show these skills obihazhivat house without orders, complaints and hysterical mothers notations.How to educate the girl business?From early childhood taught her to housekeeping.All the little kids tend to help moms and dads.This insatiable desire is explained by their desire to be like you, learn how to do the same thing you are.The girl is well aware that this was born my mother, and therefore should be able to do whatever you can do mom.So give her this opportunity!Allow you to take away from a doormat when you sing the floor, or you drive away from the sink with dirty dishes, with the words: "I myself!".Well, what if she no longer ponalet water than wash that will break a couple of dishes.Do not cry and do not scold her for it.The main thing - keep it this insatiable desire, the desire to be mistress of the house.Teach your daughter

rational methods of farming.Do everything in order that it ruled on the house as usual and easily.Educating girls must approve it the idea that the troubles at home - this is the most common.Teach her not to be ashamed of difficulties.If the execution of some tasks difficult for her, even attracted to help everyone who is able to do it with her.Let learn this from the very early age.

For household chores all of us, women go in very different ways.Some women obihazhivayut his household from early morning to late evening, and even accompany it cries, and sometimes even hysterical.Every day she does all the chores around the house, which seems endless bondage - every day the same thing: how much is not my dish - it is still dirty, how many do not collect dirty socks around the house - they still lay under the bed, asIron-on transfer are not things - mashed never end. ... And most importantly, no understanding or appreciation from any household!

Other women do it without saying, even a single word, not a reproach, not complaining and not asking for help.Because, as a woman, and like it should do.It is women's work - cooking, washing, look after the children, clean up and comfort in your home.Lives imagine such a housewife, a gray mouse, somewhere in the kitchen "bowels" and his endless affairs and forget to think about themselves, and the fact that her husband had not see her as a woman, does not notice ...

And there are womenwho in the house in order and themselves as surfactants.Flutters a woman in the kitchen butterfly and did not have time to finish eating breakfast as kids and husband have all the dishes washed, mummy kissed on the cheek, "spasibochki.Everything was delicious! "And, going to school or work, taking a bag of garbage.And there she needs to throw on a thought, put the bed, because the kids themselves have filled their beds themselves carried the dirty laundry in the basket, clean neatly hanged in his chair.For such women, the household - is a fun, enjoyable hobby, not an exhausting responsibility.And even if it is the end of the day will feel tired, fatigue is the pleasant and not annoying.It was she now received the highest praise households, for what to cook a delicious dinner on the new recipe search is paid a few hours on the internet.She's proud of his son today, I got an excellent score for the essay, which was written with her help.She's now happily enjoying his daughter, for a fee that not a single other girl that my mother sewed their own hands ....

Just so should a girl, girl and woman is treated to the household.But how to bring the girl to learn to love this trouble?Firstly, they love the most.Secondly, to learn and to teach his daughter to attract help others, and not shouting and demands, and affection and unobtrusive, like and need.Third, teach her how to run the economy efficiently, without wasting power in vain.To work at home is easy and familiar, but still enjoyable at the same time.

I know mothers who are to carry out this rule in educating girls have to change ourselves to be the most difficult.But it is even difficult, but very useful change, change for the better in your own life is.

actually instill a girl all of these skills is not difficult.Girls love to cook, knit, sew, direct beauty, order and cleanliness.They are by their nature are attracted to harmony and coziness in your home.But if my daughter did not support her in these endeavors is not to teach allocate their time wisely, while domestic work for any girl can be a burden.Let your daughter grow optimistic homemaker, so she can help her train had his household, and teach his own daughter to do it right and enjoy it.

  • sixth rule: "The activities and optimistic»

Small Leader It is common knowledge that girls in junior leaders take the position in the team.Boys begin to develop later.In the adult society, everything is exactly the opposite, dominant position in the society is for men.Women also have to submit and just admire the men.It explained this pattern is simple enough: the boys are physically much stronger, so with age are beginning to take primacy, in a calm and compliant girls.

As long as your baby have the opportunity to learn the leadership, it does not hinder the initiative.Let her try on the role of leader in on itself.