Zener acne, reviews the advantages and disadvantages.


One of the most effective drugs for the treatment of acne eruptions - Zinerit: acne existing eliminates and prevents the emergence of new inflammation.
Of what it consists of and how to "work"?

Zener - Erythromycin-zinc complex, which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.Substance called epitromitsinom that is a component of medicines, directs its effect on the microorganisms that cause acne.It acts bacteriostatic, ie suspends harmful effects and the development of bacteria, because of which you are suffering from acne and blackheads.

close relationship of all the components of the drug provides assimilation of relevant substances.All components act only on the epithelium, without penetrating into the body.This means that the side effects and contraindications - minimum number.You certainly appreciate how Zinerit helps acne: reviews of those who have tried it, nearly a 100% positive.



1. How to use Zener acne
2. Zinerit acne: reviews of the benefits
3. Zinerit acne: reviews the shortcomings and contraindications
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How to use Zener acne

in drug packaging Zinerit you will find two bottles (one - with the powder, and the other - with a substance-solvent) and an applicator.To begin treatment, of course, it is necessary to mix the contents of the vials: the liquid is poured into the vessel with the powder and patiently shaken to dissolve the powder until the end.After the bottle is put on the packaging cap attached to the applicator, through which you will apply the resulting emulsion dosage on skin.

applied Zinerit not very dense layer to the affected areas or the entire surface of the skin before applying makeup in the morning and after his removal and subsequent cleansing in the evening.Solution applied to your skin, it becomes colorless and invisible after drying, so that you do not need to invent and apply any additional measures to hide it.Here is a handy tool - Zener acne, reviews of which is once again confirmed.But convincing to try once than to hear a hundred responses from someone else, right?


Zinerit acne: reviews of the benefits

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Most girls who have used zinerita literally sing the praises of this facility.According to them, after consultation with a dermatologist and advice on the use of this particular drug, as if a heavy burden from the shoulders down. Zinerit acne reviews about which you can hear from friends or read in any women's magazine, is recommended to use as a remedy for acne for a period of 10-12 weeks. However, as the experience of others, a perfect result (complete freedom from acne) is achieved after five weeks.Some lucky carries limited even two weeks.

zinerita After treatment, the skin is perfectly smooth and incredibly pleasant to the touch, it is fully cleared from rashes no trace remains. Besides, Zener acne does not have a strong smell, does not stain clothes when inadvertent contact with it;it can be used freely with makeup and not be afraid of what Anyway dire consequences.


Zinerit acne: reviews the shortcomings and contraindications

zinerita have virtually no flaws, except that the cost of not cheap enough.This is not any ordinary popular ointment, which can be purchased for 6-7 hryvnia, but chances are that the effect of this drug will last longer, it is very high.Judging by the reviews of women who dare to try his luck, being treated for acne using zinerita, no one regretted the money spent, because they only paid off.

Many complain that the skin may get too dry and peel off even after you start to use zinerita. But the essence of the problem is that it only be used in very small quantities (a single dose of approximately 0.5 ml).Then your skin will not be affected, and the acne will start to disappear too.

Small drawback zinerita can find a short shelf life.Once you have a solution prepared by mixing a powder and a solvent, the mixture can be stored for more than five weeks.After the medication is no longer fit for use.But as a rule, during which time most of the time to get the desired result.It is only necessary to alternate Zinerit with other means, so that the skin does not get used to it and operate it negate the course of time.

Zinerit acne - means, which reviews different.It is suitable for you or not, you can only guess until isprobuete own experience.Feel free to go to a dermatologist, consult with a specialist and arm zinerita for "war" with acne, if that "good will"!


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