Holy Week before Easter - the tradition of every day

Holy Week

Last week before Easter is different to the strictest fasting, it is called Passion Week.This name was given in memory of the last days of Jesus Christ spent on earth.In addition, last week before Easter symbolizes the purity of spiritual and physical, so it is also called the Pure White or weeks.This week come the longest church services that display instruction of the Savior and his suffering.



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all week before Easter can not eat dairy foods,fish, eggs, meat and even used vegetable oil.On this day, according to church canons, dry diet should be followed, using only black bread, water, fruit, fruit and vegetables.

Monday the church recalls the patriarch Joseph, who envy the brothers sold to Egypt.His suffering is compared with the prototype of the Savior.In addition, on Monday recalled the curse a barren fig tree that bears the symbol of the soul, which does not do good deeds, do not repent and pray.

The Great Monday need to do all the work that needed to your home - cleaning, painting and finish repairs.




In Great Tuesday recall Jesus' parable of the Last Judgment, on the Resurrection from the dead, and his tribute to Caesar, of the ten virgins and the talents.I remember the Savior rebuke the Pharisees and scribes, who hid callousness and coldness of piety.

Tuesday must complete all the required work clothing - sew, to iron, to wash.


Wednesday On Holy Wednesday, remember the legend of Jesus Christ.On this day, Judas decided to betray his Master for 30 pieces of silver by the most spiritual death.On Wednesday the recall of the sinner and Mary, who repented, pay a visit to the house of Simon the leper, where Jesus rested.Mary anointed Jesus' head with myrrh, and washed his feet with her tears, prepare it for burial.

Wednesday you must make all the trash out of the house and cook eggs for them to prepare materials for painting.In the evening it is best to visit the temple.




On Holy Thursday the Church and people remember the Last Supper, in which Jesus instituted the sacrament of Communion, washing the feet of his disciples as a sign of love for them.Beginning Thursday, all the services in the church dedicated to the memories of the sufferings of Jesus Christ on Earth.

Holy Thursday also called pure.On this day, in the morning you need to clean up, it is believed that the water on Thursday brings healing and cleansing from sin and bustle.Girls who want to get married, it is recommended to perform the ritual.

necessary in this day dry off with a towel and give it for Easter with Easter cakes and colored eggs to those who ask for alms.

Thursday begin all preparations for the Easter:

  • spend cleaning the house (then six days should not be removed);
  • color and boiled eggs;
  • baked cheese and Easter cakes.

before kneading definitely need to pray.On Thursday evening to visit the temple - communion and pray.A lighted candle in the church must be brought to the house, it will protect the home from fire during the year.



Great Friday - the strictest day of the week, it is a day of mourning.On this day, no one eats food until the removal of the Shroud, which makes the evening.On the Shroud shows the Saviour to his full height, which lies at the hump.Set in the heart of the Shroud of the temple, the congregation it is decorated with flowers and anoint the spices.Church Friday recalls the torment, punishment and death of Jesus Christ.

On Good Friday is forbidden to do anything around the house , can not sing, go out and have fun, because then people all year proplachet.In memory of the suffering of Jesus Christ on this day to refrain from taking food.



On Holy Saturday remembered the burial of the Savior, and his victory over death, hell and the introduction to paradise.Saturday - a day of rest.

this day still bake cakes and Easter and begin to cook Easter basket, which should be:

  • Easter;
  • Easter eggs;
  • hell;
  • sausage;
  • garlic;
  • fat;
  • salt;
  • candles;
  • piece of butter.

All products covered embroidered towels.Up in the morning no one sleeps, people go to the vigil service.It is believed that those who ignored this custom and sleep will be unhappy.Happiness goes to visit only those who are asleep.




Great Easter holiday in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.The service in the temples usually begins at midnight.In the church, you need to open the basket, get into it a lighted candle, and the priest will consecrate meat in Lent.After the service, the believers greet each other with the words: «Christ is Risen» , what answer: «Truly He is risen."

House served delicious and large Easter table, which should cover the light or a white tablecloth.On the table must be present traditional dishes - krashanki, cottage cheese and Easter cakes.According to tradition, people are beginning to break the fast with the consecrated cake.The board can also be fed meats, sweet pastries in the form of animals.The remains of the consecrated food can not throw, you can distribute it to the poor, and the shells of the eggs buried in the ground.