Epiphany evening.

Epiphany signs, rituals and divination

Whatever you say, and so people arranged: want to know their own destiny, to understand what to expect tomorrow, eager to lift the veil of the future.And if you believe the national signs and legends, the best for this day - January 18, that is, the evening before the baptism.Divination by Baptism are considered the most reliable, dreams - prophetic, and signs of the Epiphany - the ability to tell a lot about the coming year.In them you can see in detail their future.Some secrets of folk wisdom, which has long been used in the Epiphany night and is dedicated to this article.



1. Baptism: omens and superstitions
2. Epiphany divination at narrowing:




Baptism: signsand beliefs.

According to folk beliefs, the night before Epiphany, the famous "Twelfth evening" on January 18 - the time of rampant evil forces of the world.Otherworldly spirits and werewolves, and strive at this time to enter the house, taking different guises.To protect your own home from the penetration of evil forces, all the window frames and door of the house put chalk marks of the cross, who was considered by all the devils protected.Do not put a cross on the door in the Epiphany Eve - know to be trouble, it was believed in ancient times.

Epiphany signs warn of extreme caution in the evening, so this is the last day that otherworldly forces are free to roam among the living.After coming to the first day of the Christmas holidays from the dead to the earth, the souls of the dead and the devils are here for two weeks from Christmas to Epiphany.Therefore, they are in a hurry to finish their "unclean things" gather more innocent souls.

If time does not protect your home and the devil penetrate, get rid of the devilish pranks, according Epiphany marks, as follows.It is necessary to find a speck on the floor at home, and it is not obliged to act on the floor, it could simply be labeled in the floorboard.This should be a knot circle triangle, using the ring finger of his right hand, then his left foot come and recite: "Christ is risen, and not you, the devil.Amen. "

especially in the Epiphany night dangerous werewolf, called "fiery serpent", which is a young girl in a beautiful guy.There is a belief that love "fiery serpent" doomed to eternal girl heartache, if he love, this love forever incurable.Old women warned about the appearance of a werewolf-handsome young girls: "Love is not love, praise, no praise.Knows how this villain, omorochit soul, the speech can speak, sparkle, ruthless girl's heart, in the hot embrace zatomit maiden.Lights dawn golden girl kisses him.Without it, she sits in anguish, dries herself without him, and can not forget. "Save from visiting the handsome werewolf can be by drawing, the same cross on the door or by pouring Epiphany Zagnetko snow on the stove.

But in modern apartments, with no furnace zagnetok as advised Epiphany marks, it is necessary to wash the snow water in the morning on the day of baptism: it is strongly recommended to clear.Epiphany water "does not whitewash white, without blush rosy."In addition, it is recommended not to be limited by washing, and try to completely take a dip in an ice hole.The custom at Epiphany bathe in the hole has long been strong and popular, despite the fact that frosts and is now considered the most violent.

Those who are in the New Year's Eve, at Christmas time, Christmas and Epiphany wondered must bathe himself with water, or holy water: these are sins washed away because of divination - it's always kind of collusion with the evil spirit.

baptism involves a lot of beliefs about human destiny.For example, if a person is baptized on that day - the whole life he was destined to be a happy man.Just this day is considered a good omen if the future wedding of collusion."Epiphany Handshake - they say - to a happy family."

On Baptism, sings too diverse.According to custom in a festive evening porridge, then, how it is cooked, it may tell us about the coming year.How to tell Epiphany marks if the pot was just a complete mess and it - Succulent and crumbly, it predicts a happy year and a rich harvest - a porridge eaten in the morning.If the porridge pot get out, or burn - is the owners house does not bode well for this year, but did not eat a mess, it was discarded.

Learn what the new year will bring help and other signs of the Epiphany.On the night of the yard took out a bowl of water, and in the morning looked at the ice if he reared up - to be a good year if frozen exactly - the year will be calm if the waves - will, and happiness and sorrow.And if the water in the tank vymerzli the hole - should be prepared for a bad year.

Another omen, performed domestic cat.She was called to the room and watched as it will go.If the first through the door will be right paw, then the year will be good, if there will be left paw - you need to be prepared for difficulties.
Divination by Baptism.

presence among the living supernatural spirits, according to popular views, providing a glimpse into their future, learn what to expect.This explains the numerous methods of divination at Baptism.

However, participants must abide by the rules of divination, to avoid self-fulfilling prophecy.They should relieve itself necessarily crucifix during divination Baptism, all the charms and talismans, and dissolve the hair.In order not to perish, we must beware of communicating with spirits, and at the time of divination only to ask questions, but do not respond to them, and in any case not to make a deal with the evil spirit.On the last day of the Christmas holidays, they are ready for any tricks to achieve their "impure thoughts," and because of assurances and generous gifts.And so they will tell you the truth, if you call them.Just do not hesitate to get rid of them as soon as know what they wanted.According to popular belief, it can be done like this: saying the phrase "Chur me" sign of the cross three times and read the prayer "Our Father."

If interpreted Epiphany divination concepts of modernity, to tell fortunes in the festive night - the most it!And not just because the occupation is fascinating - a great pastime for the cheerful company.The fact that the rainbow, elated at this, you see, an unusual time, capable of creating a special psychological effect - in those days we are particularly sensitive, and the ability to hear your inner voice.If you believe the opinion of psychologists and psychics, the essence of divination is just the same in the fact that one finds answers in his subconscious.And it is not cheating, it is always better to tell than rational reasoning, feeling invisible causal relationships between events accomplished, reaching and future.


Epiphany divination at narrowing

  • • Undoubtedly, Epiphany divination betrothed are the most common among unmarried women.After sunset, the girls took a shoe or boot and thrown out of the gate, or simply for any other obstacle.In what direction pointed toe boot, on the side, and should wait betrothed.
  • • Learn the girl who was to be its restriction, can be prophetic dream to see him there.To prophetic dream I had a need for a night of pure comb to comb her hair, saying: "narrowing my masquerades have come forth to me dressed, comb my hair."The phrase was repeated 3 times.Through a guessing on Baptism, on the crest of the night put under the pillow.Betrothed to appear in a dream, and his bride pricheshet hair.
  • • Another guessing on Baptism: zagadyvaya groom girl took a deep bowl, pour the water and slowly poured into her molten wax.Guessing is necessary after sunset, always in the light of wax candles.The wax is poured in a thin stream of water, and when it hardens, the resulting form of learning about future husband.If the form is flat, like a circle, then the restriction will be prosperous, but, unfortunately, not too smart.If the form is uniformly stretched - the bride of the military or the scientists, not rich and not stupid.If the form is rounded and has a long, thin tail - the restriction is with a beard, love is strong, however, have to be careful - and is jealous of scary.
  • • This divination can determine whether the girl will get married this year.The participants sit in a circle in the middle of the room.Matron, takes off her wedding ring finger, hang it on the woolen thread and bypasses women from the back, while pronouncing their names aloud.If the pronunciation of a name on the ring starts to spin thread, then this girl to be a marriage this year.
  • • Girls with strong nerves recommend trying the following Divination by Baptism.At midnight, in a secluded dark room girl needs a new set the table with a white tablecloth, or at least a sheet and put the two units, just outside of fork and knife - it is impossible to put them.Arrange on plates berries, fruit, candy, and cookies.Left alone in the room, she locks the doors and windows, sits down on the opposite seat at the table, says: "narrowing-disguised, come to me for dinner," and waits.Perform the ritual of inviting her spouse for dinner need a room with a semi-darkness or in the light of candles (before kindling).

signs of approaching her spouse are: howling wind, blows on the door and windows.Then he appears and "narrowing", or rather the house or an evil spirit in the guise of the future bridegroom.The girl must sit in its place, not moving, not talking, not responding to questions, and carefully examine the facial features, clothing, and other features, which will be available this narrowing in the future."Bridegroom" sits down and tries to talk girl to get her to answer questions.But she does not have to respond, and when it sufficient inspection, suddenly and at close range to ask a guest: "What's your name?".The unexpectedness of "narrowing" refers to the name, and then reaches into his pocket, trying to pull something out of it.Not delay, to bring mischief did not, at that moment the girl to say: "Keep off me!Chur my desk! "And if he will not disappear immediately, the sign of the cross.

  • • You can also tell fortunes on the water and golden rings.To do this you need to take an ordinary glass, without any drawings, with a flat bottom, and fill it with water by three-quarters.In the middle of the bottom of the need to carefully lower a smooth wedding ring.After this light is extinguished and lit a candle.A reptile should be a long look in the middle of the ring dropped through the water, saying, "narrowing-disguised, has appeared."
  • • There is another, perhaps the most classic way of guessing on Baptism in the mirror - is not for the faint of heart.We need to put a mirror in front, put a napkin in front of him, and at the edges of the fork and knife, and in the middle of the cloth - a lighted candle.When all is ready, you need to pay off all the lights except the candles and say the sacred words: "narrowing-disguised, come to dine."And now need to carefully look into the mirror to see the image of the groom.

Another experiment with mirrors able to tickle your nerves and tell about narrowing.It will take two large mirrors, of equal size, it is desirable.They need to be set against each other and illuminate one, two candles.The second mirror must be positioned so that the displayed candles in front of mirror, so that it formed a long corridor illuminated by lights.This divination Baptism should be carried out in complete peace and quiet.It is necessary to remove from the room dogs, cats, birds, in general, all animals and bystanders.You can leave a couple of very modest witnesses, if you stay in a dark room scary.But the audience is strictly forbidden to look in the mirror, talking, moving around the room, or to approach the reptile.The girls need to look deeper into the corridor formed, waiting for the reflection of the image of the narrowed.

should be noted that at all times of this kind of divination produced exclusively bravest and courageous girl.Sometimes at the end of the corridor the mirror you can see any evil spirits that great scares.Therefore, do not expose themselves to such a testing and hypochondriacs ladies prone tantrums because fright after seeing actually can seriously shake the delicate and weak psyche.

  • • There is another guessing with a mirror, but it is only good for a night, when the light is bright in the sky a month.We need to take a small mirror, stand up to the window and send the mirror so that it reflected a month.Now we need to focus on the desired start and closely scrutinize the monthly reflection.You can not be distracted, indoors, should be complete silence.After a while you will see that in the mirror appeared a few months.They need to count how many months you count - so many people in the family will be your future husband.
  • • If you sit all night, staring in the mirror, or there is any burning candles, you are lazy, you just feel very sleepy - do not worry, and so you can see her spouse, without much difficulty.It is worth just a little to put under the bed, wide water dish, bowl or large plate, for example.On the edge of the container is put a wooden stick, went to bed, recite: "narrowing, I come across the bridge to translate," and calmly watching prophetic dreams.

can also fill two buckets with water, and combining their granary lock handle, lock it with a key.The very key to put under the pillow.The phrase, this time should be as follows: "narrowing, you see, closed well.You will want to get drunk, come in to me, I'll give you the key. "It is believed that in both cases she sees in a dream of the future bridegroom, who later become her husband.

  • • For the forgetful, for those who hope for his memory can not, and afraid to forget in the morning, who dreamed and the groom looked, there is another guessing on Baptism.We need to go out at midnight from January 18 to 19 for the nearest intersection and at the first counter to ask the name - his name, and the future will be to call the faithful.

would like to add that Baptism is usually known for its famous frost, but, despite this, in the still of the night, few people slept - all have fun, enjoy life, ate hard.And as for all kinds of divination, there is no frost at all stop were not able to.Hunting, as they say, more than bondage.Very much like to know what you expect, what lies ahead, who's your narrowed.

So these days the girl went to the windows and listened, although it is not good.However, the essence of divination Baptism is not in the interest of the mysteries of the neighbors.Young girls on the denunciation of the said window and door of another house, or a fun conversation unpleasant predicted his life in the near future: pleasant, or boring, or gentle grouchy husband.And as usual on Baptism was always fun, and the chance to eavesdrop on the conversation was more pleasant.

  • • But, despite all the predictions and divination, it's true - it's come to the Baptism in the church and light a candle, sincerely ask: "Lord, if there is my half, you please, let it be with me," or by-Other: "Lord, take away from the servants of God (name) all unnecessary and went to who should be."Then your spouse is sure to come, certainly will be in your life.Even if you have to wait a bit for it - sometimes a half, or even three years.The most important thing in this case - believe and sincerely desire it.And then life itself offers its good and some simple tips which can resort every person - believer, and unbeliever.


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