Yule divination.

Yule divination

Yule divination has always been considered the most fun and intriguing.At the same time the most accurate divination Christmas and Christmas holidays - the best time for it."Narrowing, masked people, dressed up come to me" - like guessing on a loved one, I think, are familiar to all, they are still used for divination and that during the Christmas holidays.

time for divination at Christmastime abound - a whole two weeks of winter New Year holidays starting with Christmas Eve - January 6 , ending with Baptism - January 19.



1. What is the yuletide?
2. Why divination at Christmas the most accurate?
3. What can be found on the divination at Christmas?

4. Guessing with a mirror image on the groom.
5. Christmas divination on the mirror with a rooster.
6. Yule divination on wax.
7. Divination by the wax for the future.
8. Divination by the favorite in the bath.
9. Divination at Christmas by the book.
10. Guessing before Christmas by barking dogs.
11. Christmas divination with a ring on the sex of the baby.
12. Guessing on the ring on the floor and the number of future children.
13. Guessing on the ring, hook and bread.
14. Guessing on the ring of marriage.
15. Divination by the favorite for dinner.
16. Divination at Christmas of marriage.
17. Christmas divination "yes no".
18. Book divination "yes no".
19. Guessing on yuletide with threads.
20. The method of divination for Christmas on matches.
21. Guessing Before Christmas: which way to be married?
22. Guessing on paper.
23. Divination by the favorite.




What yuletide?

Dates Yuletide period determined in accordance with the church calendar, and devoted evangelical landmark events - the birth of Christ and his baptism in the Jordan River.In popular tradition during the holy date includes New Year celebration, just in the middle of the Christmas holidays.A distinctive feature of this period is the prohibition to work (especially with the onset of the dark time of day), which was the interpretation of the definition of national titles holiday period - the "holy evening."


Why divination at Christmas the most accurate?

Yule divination, magic rites, prognostic signs, fortune telling of love, plenty of customs and prohibitions governing the behavior of people - all that yuletide especially highlights of the calendar year.This magical richness explained by two beliefs.First, before the holidays fell on the winter solstice, and therefore perceived as a frontier period boundary that separates the old and the new financial year.

At the turn of the time between the old and new year people particularly keen interest in the future, what awaits him and close in the coming year.And secondly, this is due to a profound notion that the first day of the Christmas holidays are coming from the other world to earth souls remain from Christmas to Epiphany.In addition, the earth devil walks - various frights, Bannikov (an evil spirit, a special breed of house living in the bath), goblins, demons and other trash.And since they are most active, available for contact, so you can ask for them the truth.

pagan festival was accompanied by guessing at Christmastime, which eventually turned into a real ritual, and now mostly just a game.The main objective of divination at Christmastime has always been to learn about the girl's fate.Divination girls had their specific place of (often bath), and unique rituals abdication member divination crucifix, all available amulets and blooming hair.

presence among the living supernatural spirits, according to popular views, provided a glimpse into his own future, which explains the numerous methods of divination at Christmas and Yule entire period.

as sacred guests and ambassadors from the sky and the participants perceived the Christmas kolyadnyh rounds.In the evening and night Kolyada specially went to their homes to get food from the ceremonial masters and give them appropriate good wishes in the form of sentences and kolyadnyh songs.It was believed that the welfare of the family in the coming year depends on the "bestowing" Kolyada, so sacred hosts guests would expect, they rejoiced and more generously treated.


What can be found on the divination at Christmas?

It is believed that the Christmas divination let you know for sure whether the girl will marry next year, who will be its restriction, he will be rich or not, whether she finds happiness with him.Methods of divination in the yuletide numerous in every corner of the Slavic states have their own original ways of telling fortunes.Some of divination at Christmas preserved intact until now, some little "transformed" under modern conditions of life.

Yule divination may be performed at any time, but is considered to be the most favorable Christmas divination on the night of 6 January 7, that is divination before Christmas.So you can "try" to find out the fate that awaits you and your family in the coming year.And so, the methods of divination at Christmas.


Guessing with a mirror image on the groom.

divination to hold such a mirror, take two large mirrors and an equal quantity desired.They need to be set against each other and illuminate one, two candles.This divination with mirror requires proper placement.The second mirror is better positioned so candles in front flashed a mirror to it formed a long corridor illuminated by lights.

This Christmas divination for girls should be carried out in complete peace and quiet.It is necessary to remove from the room dogs, cats, birds, in general, all animals and bystanders.You can leave a couple of very modest witnesses, if you stay in a dark room scary.But the audience is strictly forbidden to look in the mirror, talking, moving around the room, or to approach the reptile.

The girl need to look deeper into the corridor formed, waiting for the reflection of the image of the narrowed.Sometimes it is necessary to look for a long time, and you can notice in the fortune-telling on the mirror is not only her spouse ....Sometimes at the end of the corridor the mirror you can see any evil spirits that great scares.But the game is still worth it!


Christmas divination on the mirror with a rooster.

For such divination favorite require two plates, a mirror, a rooster, and sometimes chicken.One plate sprinkled corn or put the money into another - poured water, put a mirror next, followed by chicken thrown if the reptile has decided to use it.The room start cock and watch its behavior.If the cock come to the mirror, then, the future groom is a real handsome if a rooster moves to the plate with a grain or money - he will be rich, is able to earn, to water - will be inclined to drink, if he is interested in the chicken - it means,the groom is "womanizer."


Yule divination on wax.

for divination on wax in the circle need to melt the wax, pour the milk into a saucer and put at the threshold of the house or apartment, these containers.Spend divination before Christmas.Out on the threshold, uttered the following ritual phrase: "Brownie, my master, come under the threshold of milk to drink, eat the wax."During the last words of pronunciation have to pour the melted wax into the milk.Then, carefully inspect what form took the wax in milk.Often the value of the figures is interpreted literally, assuming what it looks like.But there is a "standard", the generally accepted values ​​of figures:

  • • If the wax is frozen in the form of a cross - it foretells some kind of disease in the new year.
  • • If it just seemed cross, but the shape of fuzzy - that your financial affairs in the coming year will not go very well, and the personal life will result in trouble, but the benefit is not too serious.
  • • If divination on wax flower shows - get married or find a favorite.
  • • If divination on wax show the beast, beware: you will have the foe, and, worse than an animal, the more dangerous foe.
  • • If the wax drip strips - in the coming year you are coming road crossings, the length and the number of bands also will tell you the duration and amount of these roads.
  • • If the wax went asterisks - expect good luck in the service, academic excellence.
  • • If divination on wax forms a human figure - you're lucky, you will find a true friend.


Divination on wax for the future.

for divination on wax need two wax candles and a glass of better blessed with clean, cold water.One need to light a candle, and on the other to cut the pieces and put them in a spoon.Spoon with pieces of wax bring to a burning candle, and heating the spoon, melt the wax.After that the molten wax is poured into a rapid movement of water glass.About the future, judged by the resulting figure in the glass and always by candlelight.


Divination by the favorite in the bath.

Such divination at Christmas involve some self-indulgence, and work best in the cheerful company of girlfriends.Opening the door to the bath, the girl was exposed parts of the body, often it was the priest.Before that, in the twilight of bath speaks the words, offering his hand to touch the exposed parts of the body.Further, in the silence and darkness waiting for what sensations attend reptile.

If she felt shaggy hand, it was assumed that the groom will be rich if bare hand and cold - the groom will be poor, and if she felt the touch of a rough hand - then betrothed to be a tough character.


Divination at Christmas by the book.

This belief not only divination for girls, it is suitable for everybody.With it you can get an answer to any question, any predictions on the topic of interest (welfare, travel, health, marriage, work, etc.).

To do this, take the book, holy better, such as the Bible, but if divination before Christmas can be any other.Next, you need to formulate a question or revealing book, make a page number and line number of the top or bottom.Then book opens, find the hidden location and get the answer.Read it interpreted to the effect that most interested the specific reptile.Generally, if the question is formulated clearly, the answer is also clear.


Guessing before Christmas by barking dogs.

As you may have guessed, for this fortune-telling girls need a dog.It does not belong to the owner, or should guard her house, come down any, even a street dog.When she met with, say a phrase, referring to her "room, the room, the dog, have searched, doznatsya, betrothed."If the girl is heard in response to the raucous barking dog - betrothed to the age, sonorous barking - a young bride, muffled - betrothed to a widower or divorced.


Christmas divination with a ring on the sex of the baby.

For such divination at Christmas can be used not only a ring, but also the needle.If you prefer to guessing the ring, it should be pre-dipped in a glass of water if - with a needle, then it is necessary to pierce the wool fabric.Further divination ring continues: it hung in the balance reptile girl, and slowly lowered to her hands, and come with a needle.If the object starts to make a circular motion - to be expected birth of a girl, if pendulum motion - a boy, if the ring or the needle does not move - this year children will not.

As they say eyewitnesses and interviews confirm the accuracy of this method is very high, inconsistencies are extremely rare.Although, as you know, the result of any fortune-telling is more dependent on your faith in them.If you believe - you yourself are setting yourself on the right way themselves unconsciously embody conceived in life.


Guessing on the ring on the floor and the number of future children.

Spend divination at Christmas, it is in the Christmas night.The clean, clear water poured into a glass, dipped in the ring and put it on the cold glass.In the morning take a glass from the cold and are judged on the future of the children formed ice surface.The number of bumps on it indicates the number of boys who are in the family, and the number of pits - the number of girls.


Guessing on the ring, hook and bread.

This divination for girls.Three girls put the hook on the floor, woven wire or straw, slice of bread, and of course the ring.All these items are covered with a handkerchief, hold hands, close their eyes, held dances around a scarf, then circled around him 5 times, and quickly removed his handkerchief and begin dragging the objects themselves, who gets what.Guessing on the ring - the most favorable as the one which it will get - will soon marry, and well and love.One that will get bread - too lucky, she will marry a rich man.But the hook - a bad omen, the girl will have to live in poverty, the groom will be a lifetime hunching like a hook, trying to earn a living.


Guessing on the ring of marriage.

girls are in the room with a door to the street and turn the ring rolled towards the exit.The girl whose ring roll right to the door - will marry in the near future.


Divination by the favorite for dinner.

For such divination at Christmas need a good imagination and a profound faith.Girl on Christmas night tablecloth covers a table in an empty room, puts on his instrument, just outside of fork and knife - it is impossible to put them.Left alone in the room, she locks the doors and windows, sits down on the opposite seat at the table, says: "narrowing-disguised, come to me for dinner," and waits.Perform the ritual of inviting her spouse for dinner need a room with a semi-darkness or in the light of candles (before kindling).

signs of approaching her spouse are: howling wind, blows on the door and windows.Then he appears and "narrowing", or rather the house or an evil spirit in the guise of the future bridegroom.The girl must sit in its place, not moving, not talking, not responding to questions, and carefully examine the facial features, clothing, and other features, which will be available this narrowing in the future."Bridegroom" sits down and tries to talk girl to get her to answer questions.

But she does not have to respond, and when it sufficient inspection, suddenly and at point blank ask guests "What's your name?".The unexpectedness of "narrowing" refers to the name, and then reaches into his pocket, trying to pull something out of it.Can not linger to look at what it will take out the dangerous and take a gift - even deadly, according to popular belief, the evil spirit can take the girl with him.At this point the girl to say: "Keep off me!" And if he will not disappear immediately, the sign of the cross.


Divination at Christmas of marriage.

Spend divination before Christmas.On Christmas Eve, the girls go to the crossroads, and each thinks of her future groom.Then outline the circle around him, standing in the middle and "listen to the District."The answer to the wishes are sounds.The girl, who is heard laughing and singing - will soon marry, she heard crying, wailing, cursing, - will be a long time to sit in a maiden, so distressed shed tears.


Christmas divination "yes no".

Guessing on "yes no" means to obtain a short answer to a specific question.To this end, over the banks, which fill any cereal or grain, holding his left hand palm down.Then you need to focus clearly ask questions aloud.After that, take a handful of cereal banks and pour it on the table, the number of grains on the table must be recalculated.If their numbers - even, Gad, received a positive response - ie, "yes", if an odd number of grains, then the answer is no - "no."


Book divination "yes no".

To get the answer to your question can be used for divination "yes no" with a book.Take any book, but rather holy, thinks of a question, and then the page number and the line in it, specifying the beginning or from the end, top or bottom, is counting.Then opened the book is Zagadai page and recalculated the number of letters and punctuation marks in the right line.If their numbers - even, Gad, received a positive response - ie, "yes", if the number is odd, then the answer is no - "no."


Divination at Christmas with threads.

Each of the girls Gad cuts itself the thread with all of the same length.All participating take their yarns and simultaneously bring to a candle to light the way of their time.That girl, the thread in which the burn out to the end the fastest, get married first.If the thread from someone goes out, do not burn out until the middle, which means that this girl never destined to marry.


method of divination for Christmas on matches.

On each side of a matchbox, into the gaps between the inner and outer portions thereof, are inserted two matches, one opposite the other.These matches identify with any particular man and a real woman, then set fire to a match.