Fortune-telling on the night before Christmas.Different ways of Christmas divination : love divination , fortune telling for the future, in the name of her spouse ...

Fortune-telling on the night before Christmas

Christmas for a long time it was considered and is considered the best time for divination.In the old days, on than just guessing what only way to know the future does not come up: on rice divination, fortune-telling on the candles, paper fortune telling, divination on shadows with a comb divination, fortune-telling in the book ...



1. Divination on the night before Christmas
2. Divination for Christmas from around the world
3. Christmas divination love
4. Divination for Christmas on the nature of the future husband
5. Christmastide: divination wedding
6. Christmas: divination future children
7. Christmastide: divination wish
8. Christmas fortune-telling for the future, for the coming year




Divination the night before Christmas are particularly accuracy, as according to popular belief, at this time, the Earth sent the mysterious forces and the boundary between the living and the dead thins.Using unusually this night, the girls performed divination love divination future, guessing the name of her future husband, guessing the desires of trying to predict their fate.

pagan festival is necessarily accompanied by divination before Christmas, which eventually turned into a real ritual, and now mostly just a fun game.The main objective of divination at Christmas has always been to find out about the girl's fate.These were typical of the Christmas divination their venues (often bath), and unique rituals abdication member divination crucifix, all available amulets and blooming hair.

has long been believed that the best time to lift the veil of the future - this yuletide.Svyatka and divination - integral parts of the winter holidays.The presence among the living supernatural spirits, according to popular views, providing a glimpse into their future.Christmastime, the Holy Supper, called two weeks of winter holidays of Christmas, beginning January 6 - Christmas Eve and ends on January 19 - Epiphany.But divination on the night before Christmas - the most justifiable, it is the most favorable time for all kinds of divination.

Should I trust in modern times such beliefs?Is it, in an age of prosperity science, divination before Christmas have any meaning?How do I know? .. Although, as you know, the result of any fortune-telling is more dependent on your faith in them.Previously, they firmly believed, and the prediction came true exactly.If you believe - you yourself are setting yourself on the right way themselves unconsciously embody conceived in life, and therefore all come true.


Divination for Christmas from around the world

in England performed a divination at Christmas: woman at dusk set off to the woodpile and entered into the house of an armful of wood, taken at random.Morning wood counted, and the whole family knew whether they prepare for the wedding next year: if the number of wood turned out even then had to celebrate a wedding in the coming year, if odd - then the wedding was postponed, at least until the next one.

Russia has a very similar divination at Christmas - at midnight the girl coming to the wooden fence, widely spread out his hands, trying to cover as many boards.They are then counted.If "in the arms" provides an even number of pieces of wood - so the wedding be.

in the Czech Republic to spend Christmas divination on apples.After Christmas dinner, they cut across the apples and slice visiting.If the inside was correct, smooth stones from the star, then the coming year will be happy.

Learn reciprocity heart feelings, let the other old Czech custom.I guess it was necessary to choose the most beautiful and delicious apples, and then treat them the subject of their own passions.If the lover or the beloved eat this apple to the stub - then we can safely count on the reciprocal feelings, if coupled with the core eat - then to be young together.When the choice or fiancee refused treats malnourished apple or worse - to give it to someone else - it meant that reciprocity is not and will not be, he or she does not like and never will like.

is true for Bulgarians means of getting the right answer to any question - divination "yes no".They ask the book back.Guessing on the book - is simple: make a wish, thinks the page number, paragraph number and the line - there is stored an answer, the prediction of the future.When the answer is not straight, Gad, can interpret words according to their understanding, and if such a line, etc., do not exist - exactly the negative response.

But in Greece predict the birth of a child.For this Christmas divination took cheesecake or pie, and laid in the center of the table.Then they tied reptile eyes and handed knife with wooden handle - he had to cut the cake.If the knife touched the middle of the cake - this year could have been expected of conception or birth of a boy, if the knife touches the end - the baby will not soon and is likely to be a girl, in the case of a fortune-teller when he missed and the knife fell on the tablecloth - expected in the coming childrenyears is meaningless.

Ukraine, guessing the future was conducted in the form of frozen ice.To find out what the new year will bring, poured water into a shallow bowl or dish and make it to the porch, leaving there on Christmas night.In the morning I looked at the ice if he reared up - coming year will be good if frozen exactly - the year will be calm if waves - will and happiness and sorrow.And if the water in the tank vymerzli the hole - should be prepared for a bad year.

But the easiest, and most importantly a sure way to find out about their future on Christmas Eve - go to bed early.Dreams of Christmas night - the most that neither is prophetic!The main thing to remember exactly what you dream.


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Christmas divination love divination

Christmas in the name of her future husband at the bow.

To spend guessing the name of her future husband should be a week before to prepare a few bulbs, each of which is written the name (or initials) of the possible contenders to the groom.Then put the onion in a jar with water.Spend Divination on Christmas night, coming to bow, whisper: "Onions, onion, whisper who my fiance?", And measures the length of sprouts.Where feather longer than the other, so will be the name of her spouse.

Guessing the name of her spouse with a gold ring.

to hold such a guessing on the name of her spouse should be spread out on a table of paper with the names of the guys who can qualify for the hand and heart.Then thread the yarn through a gold ring and drive them on paper.A piece of paper on which a ring zakolyshetsya more likely, there is written the name of her future husband.

Christmas guessing the name of the guy: "Hail passer."

At midnight, you need to go out and ask the first comer, his name.It is this name and will be your betrothed.Such guessing the name of the guy in appearance can also define the beauty of a passer and financial status of the future spouse.

Christmas guessing the name of her spouse for dinner.

For this ritual you need a good imagination and a deep faith, and then with the help of divination in the name of her future husband can learn even how it will look in detail.Girl on Christmas night tablecloth covers a table in an empty room, puts on his instrument, just outside of fork and knife - it is impossible to put them.Left alone in the room, she locks the doors and windows, sits down on the opposite seat at the table, says: "narrowing-disguised, come to me for dinner," and waits.Perform the ritual of inviting her spouse for dinner need a room with a semi-darkness or in the light of candles (before kindling).

signs of approaching her spouse are: howling wind, blows on the door and windows.Then he appears and "narrowing", or rather the house or an evil spirit in the guise of the future bridegroom.The girl must sit in its place, not moving, not talking, not responding to questions, and carefully examine the facial features, clothing, and other features, which will be available this narrowing in the future."Bridegroom" sits down and tries to talk girl to get her to answer questions.

But she does not have to respond, and when it sufficient inspection, suddenly and at point blank ask guests "What's your name?".The unexpectedness of "narrowing" refers to the name, and then reaches into his pocket, trying to pull something out of it.Can not linger to look at what it will take out the dangerous and take a gift - even deadly, according to popular belief, the evil spirit can take the girl with him.At this point the girl to say: "Keep off me!" And if he will not disappear immediately, the sign of the cross.

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Guessing with a comb to groom.

Explore the girl who was to be its restriction, it can be prophetic dream to see him there.To prophetic dream I had a need for a night of pure comb to comb her hair, saying: "narrowing my masquerades have come forth to me dressed up."Spending a fortune-telling with a comb on the night she put under her pillow.Betrothed to appear in a dream, and his bride pricheshet hair.

Christmas divination love "overdone."

the night before to go to sleep eat something salty.You can also pour a glass of water and a little salt it well (within reason, of course).Drink the salt water, and ulegshis to bed, say the following sentence: "Who is my fancy dress, who is my betrothed, give me a drink!".At night you have to dream about a future spouse who will give drink.

Divination by the love for the king.

On the Christmas divination, going to bed, put four king card under his pillow and say the following words: "Who is my fancy dress, who is my betrothed, the dream to me!".In the dream, you will be in the image of the king betrothed.

Divination for love: "The Bridge."

principle is the same - to narrow the guess who comes in prophetic dream.For divination love "bridge" make an improvised bridge of sticks and put it under the pillow at night and before going to bed to think that "narrowing-disguised" translated across the bridge.In the dream, the way it should happen, and ever, and will groom.


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Divination for Christmas on the nature of the future husband

Fortune-telling the Christmas with glasses.

take four glasses.The three of them need to pour water.The first to put a teaspoon of honey, in the second - to dissolve a spoonful of salt, in the third - quarter diluted teaspoon citric acid.Quarter cup filled with wine.Prepared glasses cover with napkins and stir.Gad must make your choice "blind" and random take a glass.If she got the honey - my husband is a good character, and life with him - sweet.If she chose a glass of salt - is to tears and sorrow, if the acid - life with him would be dull, but if she chose the wine - husband is drinking.

Divination for Christmas using cat.

Gad need to get married and make a pet cat in the Christmas night.If the cat zaurchit - so tender and my husband will be good.If tsarapnet - means to be pugnacious wife.If the cat myauknet - be talkative wife and a walk.If the cat will run away from the girl - a wedding in the near future will not be.

Christmas divination by a cock.

For such divination need 2 plates, a mirror, a rooster, and sometimes chicken.One plate sprinkled corn or put the money into another - poured water, put a mirror next, followed by chicken thrown if the reptile has decided to use it.The room start cock and watch its behavior.If the cock come to the mirror, then, the future groom is a real handsome if a rooster moves to the plate with a grain or money - he will be rich, is able to earn, to water - will be inclined to drink, if he is interested in the chicken - it means,the groom is "womanizer."

Guessing on the ring, hook and bread.

This divination for girls.Three girls put the hook on the floor, woven wire or straw, slice of bread, and of course the ring.All these items are covered with a handkerchief, hold hands, close their eyes, held dances around a scarf, then circled around him 5 times, and quickly removed his handkerchief and begin dragging the objects themselves, who gets what.Guessing on the ring - the most favorable as the one which it will get - will soon marry, and well and love.One that will get bread - too lucky, she will marry a rich man.But the hook - a bad omen, the girl will have to live in poverty, the groom will be a lifetime hunching like a hook, trying to earn a living.

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Divination at Christmas with a log.

Girls nightfall go into unlit woodpile, and without a choice at random take the first available log.Then this piece of wood carefully inspected, making the appropriate conclusion on the future groom.Its shape and quality of the main tell.

If a smooth piece of wood - it predicts good, good, handsome groom, if it is rough bark - the groom will be ugly, as if in a thick piece of wood and a good crust - then be a rich groom.

log, tattered seats, predicts poor groom.If a thick piece of wood - the restriction will be strong, with knots - predicts big family in the future, the number of branches according to the number of people in the family.When the bride chooses a curved piece of wood - the groom will be aged or have any physical disabilities.

Divination at Christmas with a tree.

If you are a girl or a city at hand was not a log, his perfectly replace any tree in the park, the garden or the forest.For this reptile strikes up his eyes, and asked someone from the familiar "roll" it, and only then - goes in search of his "oracle" - a tree that needs a hug.All the characteristics that are used in divination with a log, apply for a tree.

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Divination for Christmas by barking dogs.

As you may have guessed, for this fortune-telling girls need a dog.It does not belong to the owner, or should guard her house, come down any, even a street dog.When she met with, say a phrase, referring to her "room, the room, the dog, have searched, doznatsya, betrothed."If the girl is heard in response to the raucous barking dog - betrothed to the age, sonorous barking - a young bride, muffled - betrothed to a widower or divorced.


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Christmastide: divination wedding

Divination for Christmas in the balance.

need to add in a bowl with a little water, ash, salt and sugar and mix everything in a bowl and throw two hairs: and your loved one.In the morning to see if the hairs came together - it's a wedding, if they went in different directions - to the separation.

Divination at Christmas for the coming marriage.

This divination to predict marriage involves two or more people.On the table is placed four cups, and one of them put a piece of bread, the second - burnt matches or paper, and the third - a gold ring.The fourth cup is left empty.The plates are covered with cloths to what's inside could not be seen.One participant arbitrarily mixing cup and the other, at this time turns, and then selects one cup.If caught

ring - is a happy marriage of love, if a match or paper - happen to live in poverty, if a piece of bread - is a marriage of convenience and empty cup - is unknown, that participant guessing with his betrothed untilfamiliar.

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Guessing Before Christmas: which way to be married?

Girls "arming" with the left foot slippers or any other shoes and throw them through the gate, and can be over the threshold of the house.Happy New Year!