Protective Face Cream : indications and features.How to prepare a protective cream at home - simple and effective recipes

[Protective Face Cream]

The primary function of all protective emulsions is complete preservation of the upper layers during aggressive weather conditions , so they all create a barrier between the external environment , and skin irritants .The film acts as a barrier , creating a cosmetic effect .Any protective cream should be applied in the daytime and often it is applied before going out .


1.Protective Face Cream: indications and features
2.Protective cream for the face with his own hands: simple and effective recipes
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Protective Face Cream: indications and features

Any sunscreen of good quality is guaranteed:

  • Protect skin from frost and wind in cold weather
  • Protect even the most delicate and sensitive dermis, if you live in a cold climate

In case of violation of the epidermal barrier cream protects the skin completely .Consistency is usually different from the composition of typical and classic emulsions.Besides,Protective face cream is good and is quickly absorbed and applied 20 minutes before going home.

Protective Face Cream

In return it is better to wash and clean the face special tonic.This is to ensure that does not clog the pores and skin to "breathe".Leave overnight protective face cream in the winter or at any other time of the year is not recommended because of its long-term presence on the skin will not help the natural processes of nature and the natural cell regeneration.

What is a protective cream to choose - it's up to you , but try to pay attention to the preparations of natural ingredients .If you find it difficult to prepare a cream yourself, you can entrust your face trusted manufacturers .Treat your skin with natural compositions : it can be broths herbs ( chamomile, sage or peppermint ) , natural peeling based on honey , milk, aloe juice or fruit.Well, if the protective mask for the face will also be made with these ingredients.

Best of all - ask for help to your beautician , who will recommend one or the other structure and help you choose sunscreen for your skin type .Consider this fact it is necessary not to harm the epidermis .


Protective cream for the face with his own hands: simple and effective recipes

Make-up, which will help to protect the upper layers of the external stimuli, is not difficult.Most importantly, properly observe the recipe and follow the simple rules.

Cleopatra Cream
For its preparation is required:

  • Aloe Powder - 5g
  • Distilled water - 40 ml
  • Honey - 10 gr

All the ingredients are mixed together and then introduced into the mass of 200g of melted lard.Ready cream left in the jar and store in the refrigerator better .Such an emulsion will have a calming and healing effect .

Protective Face Cream

Protective cream for dry skin
To prepare emulsions need:

  • 50g melted butter
  • yolk
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp of any fruit pulp fruit
  • 30 ml of alcohol camphor

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed , after which the finished cream was placed in a jar and refrigerated .

Cream for oily dermis
For a given composition of the need to take:

  • Currant juice or strawberries
  • 1 dess.
  • 1 dess.

It is necessary to melt the lanolin (preferably in a water bath) and then add the juice and the oat flour.Gruel mix thoroughly until smooth and put in an opaque jar.

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